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Aunt Sally

Please Ask My Dear Aunt Sally

Dear Aunt Sally,

Yesterday I wrote a check and I wrote "One hundred and fifty-seven and 29 cents" on the check. The clerk had the nerve to tell me that the amount written that way was $100.57 + 29 cents. She said something about "and" means a decimal point. What are the odds that a clerk at a store knows more than I do (I have a 4.0 GPA)?

Four Point Zero GPA

Dear Four Point Zero GPA,

Odds are such a funny thing. They don't have much meaning after the event already occurred. Sometimes the best people put the word "and" in the wrong place when saying a number but that doesn't make it right (remember two ands don't make it right). The word "and" should be reserved for the decimal point.

Your Dear Aunt Sally

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