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Demonstrate and Explore

Comparing functions - Exploration - Which is larger?
Match My Parabola - Graphing Exploration - A series of 4 sets of matching equations to points.
Parabola - Focus Demonstration
Will it Hit the Hoop - Parabola Exploration - Series of Six Parabola Matching BB Shots
Polynomials - Demonstration and Exploration
Guess my Function - Reveal Demonstration and Exploration
Function Matching - Down the Desmos Rabbit Hole!
Sine/Cosine/Tangent - Exploration or Demonstration
Sine Function - Demonstration
Regression - Exploration - Do we need more schools?

Student Projects

Plotting Points Dot-To-Dot Project
Linear Function Project
Algebra 1 Absolute Value Project
Algebra 2 Absolute Value Project
Exponential Function Project
Conic Sections Project
Rational Function Project

Student work and other examples

White House - Linear, Parabola, Absolute Value Picture
Conic Project with actual sheet music for Row, Row, Row Your Boat
A collection of student work from a conic section unit.
Shading Example
Animation Example
Another Animation Example

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