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MCTM members wishing to attend a conference may be eligible for financial assistance from MCTM in the form of $400 scholarships for out of state and $200 for in state meetings.

The application for a scholarship must be submitted thirty calendar days prior to the starting date of the conference. An individual is only eligiable to receive one scholarship per year.  The recipient(s) must also write an article for the MCTM newsletter on a useful idea acquired at the conference.  This article should be mailed to the Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee within thirty calendar days of the end of the conference.  The chair will then submit the article to the newsletter and authorize the issuance of a check to the scholarship recipient.  Scholarships will be limited to the applicants each calendar year that:

1. Submit a completed application that is approved by the Chairperson.
2.  Attend the conference.
3.  Submit an article for the newsletter

Send application and newsletter article upon completion of conference to:

David Erickson
MCTM Scholarship
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
The University of Montana
32 Campus Drive
Missoula MT 59812
[email protected]

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