MCTM Annual Meeting

Thursday October 21, 2004


1. Welcome - Meeting called to order at 12:20 pm by Jim Hamling.


2. Awards and thank you's - 


            a) Keri Uppham, General Chair, and Pam Koterba and Jenny Coombs, Program Chairs for the 2004 MEA/MFT Conference.

            b) Outgoing MCTM Board Members - Verne Schlepp and Linda Simonsen

            c) Newsletter Editors - Marcia Anderson, Teri Dahl and Joyce Miller

            d) Membership Chair - Linda Kay Johnson

            e) Dean Preble Award - Terry Souhrada and Johnny Lott

            f) NSF Presidential Awards - Judith McKay and Tony Riehl received recognition for being runner-ups


3. Reports and updates


            a) Budget - Cliff Bara presented budget summary and profit & loss statements


            b) Investments - Dick Seitz reported that MCTM's investment balance is approx. $208,000


            c) Membership - Deb Wickum reported last year's membership drive a success with the total membership before MEA being approx. 415


            d) Win a trip to Anaheim, CA - the membership drive this year is worth up to$1500 towards a trip to the NEA National Convention; those eligible to win are new members, membership renewals and anyone that recruits a new member


            e) Nominations - nominations from the floor for MCTM board were Kathy Lane (Reg. 3 - K-8) and Lisa Wood (Reg. 4 - HS)


            f) Math Contest - Satinee Lightbourne announced that it is the 25th anniversary for the MCTM Math Contest. Last year the contest was held at 11 sites with approx. 7500 students in attendance. Changes for this coming year's contest include 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th graders competing at grade level with no school class distinctions; grades 11 and 12 will being divided into levels a, b, and c; team tests will be optional per site director; and teams will be able to register by e-mail using an Excel spreadsheet.


            g) Web-Site - Tony Reihl encouraged everyone to submit items to be posted


            h) Leadership  Conference - Angel Greenley handed out registration forms for the Jan. 7-8 Conference in Bozeman with the theme "At Risk Students"


            i) Teacher Scholarships - Mike Pierre encouraged everyone to apply for MCTM scholarships to attend national conferences ($250) and state conferences ($100). In return, the awardees must write an article for the MCTM newsletter


            j) Big Sky STARS and COMET grants - Jean Howard reported that the STARS workshops in Billings, Bozeman and Plevna went well last year with plans for Kalispell and the MLC coming up. The COMET grant planning is well under way with the goal of increasing the content knowledge for K-12 teachers through summer institutes and school year activities.


            k) Montana Learning Center - the MLC now has its own website and will be hosting a T^3 Conference and grant writing workshop.


            l) PDA - Number Sense for K-6 Teachers will be held July 5-8 at the MLC


            m) Newsletter - MCTM is looking for new editors for its newsletter


4. Regional Break-out Meetings


            a) Region 3 - Members were pleased with MCTM's efforts towards our website (thanks Tony), the PDA's, the Math Contest and the opportunities being provided for teachers (i.e. dealing with assessment). For future professional development they would like to see links from our website for online courses and a focus on the middle school. They would also like to see more email updates. The Bozeman Math Contest is scheduled for Thursday, March 31 at Sacajawea Middle School.

                        Rex Sonsteng from Harrison would like to get more involved.