MCTM Annual Meeting

October 21, 2005

Missoula, MT


1.      Welcome

  1. 12:10 Meeting called to order by President Jim Hamling
  2. Introductions and acknowledgements were made of Cole Maxwell for being the general chair of MEA/MFT conference; Deb Johnson for being the program chair of MEA/MFT conference.


2.      Awards:

a.      Outgoing MCTM board member plaques were presented to

    • Peggy Lynn (secretary and director)
    • Lisa Scott (director)
    • Anne Blotkamp (director)
    • Deb Wickum (membership chair)
    • Jean Howard (past president)
  1. Dean Preble Award
    • Gail Surwill introduced Nina Miller as the Elementary Dean Preble award winner.
    • Lisa Wood introduced Jacque McDonald as the High School Dean Preble award winner.
    • Special recognition was give to Karen Longhart, Terry Souhrada & Johnny Lott as the math consultants for the CBS television show “Numbers”.



  • A vote was take to change the fiscal year for the MCTM Board to run from January 1st to December 31st. The motion was passed unanimously.


3.      Reports and Updates:

  1. Budget was handed out to everyone. (See Attachment A – MCTM Profit & Loss)
  2. Investments – Dick Seitz

§          MCTM has $197,367.15 in investments. $29,655.50 was taken out last year to support the start up of MLC

  1. Membership – Lisa Wood

§         Lisa has recently taken over as the Membership chair. The transition from Deb to Lisa is almost complete. Lisa has just received 50 new names, so new members should be receiving confirmation in the next 2 weeks.

§         As of October 15, 2005 MCTM had 429 members

§         Retired teachers receive a free membership from MCTM

§         A random drawing was held by each of the regional directors. 2 people from each region received a 2 year membership to MCTM and 1 person received a certificate for $150 that can be used for any MCTM Professional Development Committee.

d.      MAPA – Larry Kaber

§         Larry presented state finalists for the 2004 Presidential Award. A check for $500 was given to each of the state finalists. Angel Greenley and Joy Javorka were given this money.

§         The 2005 state finalists are Jenny Combs, Charles Deisher and Jacque McDonald.

§         Applications are available at

e.      Win a Trip to Anaheim – Lisa Scott

§         MCTM is giving away a trip to the NCTM National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri this year. Each person that renews their membership, has a 10 year membership or a lifetime membership gets their name in the drawing once. Anyone recruiting new members to MCTM will have 2 entries in the drawing. There will be a random drawing at Leadership Conference on January 14th.

f.        Nominations – Lisa Wood

§         There are 3 outgoing board members.  We need 1 director from Region 1, 1 director from Region 2 and an at-large director.   The top vote getter from Region 1 & Region 2 will become regional directors of their respective region. Out of the remaining 4 people, the top vote getter will become the director at large. The following people have agreed to run for the board this spring.

o        Region 1: David Erickson, Linda Ransford and Cole Maxwell

o        Region 2: Terri Dahl, Marcia Anderson and Mary Wren

o        Region 3: Jodi Ruff

§         Peggy Lynn moved nominations to be closed and Jenny Bland 2nd it.

g.      Math Contest – Jim Hamling for Satinee Lightbourne

§         The Math Contest tests are written by Montana teachers for Montana students. Last year 6500 students participated across the state and $5400 in scholarships was given away. The math contest charges $3 per participant.

§         Site directors were recognized for their efforts. They have all volunteered their time to make the math contest the success that it is.

h.      Web-Site – Tony Riehl

§         The web site has been revised in the past 3 weeks. The web-site is

§         Tony requested that membership helps him out by keeping him informed of math events around Montana and by proofreading the web site.

i.        Leadership Conference – Angel Greenley

§         Leadership Conference is January 13th & 14th in Bozeman at the Comfort Inn.

§         Freta Parkes is the keynote speaker and she will be addressing ways to reach the unmotivated learner.

§         Registration deadline is December 12th.

j.        Teacher Scholarships – Jim Hamling for Mike Pierre

§         MCTM will award up to $2000 per year for members to attend conferences. The scholarships are $100 for in-state conferences and $200 for out of state conferences. The application is available on-line.

k.       Big Sky STARS and COMET grant – Jean Howard

§         STARS is going strong. They are currently working on STARS 2. Watch the website for information on STARS workshops being held around the state.

§         COMET had 3 grade bands meet this year at MLC. There was an elementary group, middle school group and high school group. They will participate in a 5 day workshop during the summer of 2006, too.

l.        Montana Learning Center – Jean Howard

§         The summer of 2005 was a great summer. There is still room for summer workshops if groups are interested in booking.

§         Visit the website at

m.    Professional Development Academies – Linda Horst

§         MCTM is changing to two PDA’s per summer.

§         Jacque McDonald and Tony Riehl are presenting at MLC during the third week of July. The topic is 7-12 Technology.

§         Angel Greenley & Nina Miller are presenting at MLC from June 13-16th in Billings. The topic is K-6 Number Sense.

n.      SIMMS – Terry Souhrada

§         MCTM is the owner of SIMMS. In April 2006 the 3rd edition will be released.

§         Gary Bauer was recognized for his marketing and sales of SIMMS as part of the SIMMS dissemination grant.

§         Recognition was also given to the teachers who helped to work on revisions this past summer.

1:10 Meeting adjourned