Date:    January 8, 2004


Location:          Comfort Inn, Bozeman


Roll Call:          (Present) Jean Howard, Anne Blotkamp, Verne Schelpp, Lisa

Scott, Peggy Lynn, Satinee Lightbourne, Carl

Anderberg, Jim Hamling,

(Visitors) Maurice Burke, Fred Longhart





Minutes:    Jim moved, Satinee 2nd, the minutes from October 15 be accepted as corrected. Motion passed. Jean expressed appreciation for how the meeting's minutes were being managed.


Elections:    Anne has contacted nominees for the upcoming election in order to gather bio information. She has also written a letter and developed a sample ballot to be included in the MCTM Procedures Manual. Nominees are: Sharon Carroll - Ekalaka (HS), Charles Deisher - Terry, Don Hickethier - Kalispell (13+), Linda Horst - Billings (HS), Cole Maxwell - Arlee (MS), Judy McKay - Libby (MS), and Lisa Schlange - Kalispell (HS). We will vote for two, with Region 5 needing a new director.


MEA/MFT Conference:  MEA eventually paid the balance of the submitted budget from MCTM for the 2003 conference (rather than requiring receipts 'after the fact.') For 2004, MCTM is to send all expense receipts to MEA and request a $500 collaboration fee. Curriculum areas will have membership booths. The Math and Science Hospitality rooms will be next door to each other. The keynote speaker will again be Math/Science and is from the California Science Exploratoriam. This group also agreed to present several sectionals. Jenny Combs and Pam Koterba will be Co-Program Chairs and Keri Upham (Helena High) is the General Chair. Lisa will develop a proposal for the next meeting that will outline a format for one person from the convention committee to commit to being an advisor for the following year.


Region Reports:  Region 1 - Libby not present.  Region 2 - Satinee has membership list email addresses stored and will use to keep in touch with members. Region 3 - Anne wants to focus on K-4 for the state. Peggy and Carl have been skiing. Region 4 - Lisa uses email for reminders about deadlines for conferences, ideas for board meetings, applications, etc. She still wants to get prizes for member's activities. Regions 5 - "All is quiet on the eastern front." Verne suggested reinstating Institutional Membership for elementary teachers. He will develop a proposal of how it would work for the next meeting (other board members are to solicit ideas and pass on to Verne).


SIMMS Board of Trustrees:   (see handout from Gary Bauer with most recent updates). Maurice Burke reported that revisions are due to start in March with a proposed budget of $250,000. Peter Fong, Terry Souhrada and Cliff Knighton were recommended as writers. MCTM will no longer contribute monies for revision costs. Gary Bauer's position will be paid through Dec. 2004 for promotion.


NCTM Regional Representative: Fred Longhart reported that NCTM membership is down. MCTM members that join NCTM result in a $5 kickback to MCTM. NCTM is looking for people to be on various working committees and is developing a political action platform to encourage grassroots involvement at local and state levels. The NCTM website is changing to limit some access for members only. Regional meetings are limited to cities that could guarantee a minimum of 3000 attendees and you need 60-100 attendees per grade band for Navigations Academies.





Procedures Manual: Information for the Dean Preble Award was presented and will be added to the manual. Anne will forward a sample election letter and ballot to be included in the elections section. Jim moved, Satinee 2nd, to change "May meeting" to "first meeting following elections." Motion carried. Lisa moved, Anne 2nd, and motion carried for changes to be made under "Board of Directors Duties." (see notes on page 4).


Newsletter Advertisements: Jim will investigate for more information.


Membership fees: A Policy change was proposed by MSTA to increase joint MCTM/MSTA membership to $30. This will be voted upon at next meeting.


Treasurer Report: None (Cliff not present). See attached emails concerning Schudder Investment fund liquidation.


Budget Proposal: Tabled until June meeting. Verne suggested promoting tax deductible contributions and will get more information for next meeting.


Leadership Conference: Much thanks to Allison Mike for getting the conference organized early. Looking for theme ideas for next year. "At Risk Students" was suggested.


Other: The NCTM Trip Contest raised $2899 from 140 renewals or new members. One winner and 2 alternates will be selected. The winner must make their own arrangements for travel (maximum of $1250) and submit receipts for reimbursement. Lisa moved, Verne 2nd that a contest be presented again next year for a trip to the NCTM National Convention. Motion passed.





Montana Learning Center: The Articles of Incorporation were drafted by Jean and Dick Seitz. MCTM has met this year's obligation of $10,000 in programs at the Institute. Dick will report in June on the year's happenings.


STARS Pilot: The items produced during the second summer of MPAW were revised and put together for piloting in February. An outline was developed for weekend training workshops.


STARS Dissemination: Verne reported that the first workshop was a bit rough but everyone learned a lot. Some districts looked into their curriculum and decided they were not able to use the tasks as intended. Attendees learned how to use rubrics for assessment and practiced writing their own items using a context. A summer STARS workshop is being planned by Lisa for Billings.


HQ (Highly Qualified Teacher) Grant Proposal: Dick Seitz developed a budget of approx. $353,000. This would include a two week PDA in the summer for three grade bands. The NCTM Standards would be used as a guide for content, pedagogy, and technology assessment. A couple weekends may be used for follow-up, as well as email mentoring. Still need to get OPI's approval and hope to start in 2005. The monies come from DOE (Title II) state funding.


Summer PDA: Middle School Geometry. See attached flyer.




NCTM Leadership Conference, May 21-23, will be attended by Jim Hamling (Pres.-Elect) and Satinee Lightbourne (new board member).


Reminder to directors to be writing newsletter articles and recruiting board candidates (need an elementary representative and Region 2 for 2005 election).


Recognition needs to be given to Linda Kay for her many years of service as MCTM Membership Chair.


The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 28, at 10:00 AM at the Montana Learning Center at Canyon Ferry.



Meeting adjourned at 4:15 PM.