Minutes – MCTM Board Meeting – 6 January 2005

                     Holiday Inn – Bozeman, MT



q       9:00 a.m. – Called to order by Pres. Jim Hamling

q       Jim Hamling (Pres.), Jean Howard (Past Pres.), Satinee Lightbourne, Linda Horst, Anne Blotkamp, Lisa Scott, Charles Deisher, and Peggy Lynn

q       Reimbursements – Board agreed to keep mileage reimbursement, one night’s lodging and 2 evening meals for travel to the MCTM Board Meeting scheduled in conjunction with the Leadership Conference.


q       Minutes –Charles moved, Linda 2nd to accept minutes as corrected (spelling). Jean moved, Linda 2nd to accept the 2004 Annual Mtg. Minutes with the inclusion of the Regional Break-out session notes. Also see the attached list of MCTM Committees.

q       Treasurer – Cliff was not present to make a treasurer’s report

q       Native American Scholarship – Libby not present to report; Jim will pursue. There was discussion as to whether or not all elementary teachers would be eligible to apply (not just those with a math emphasis). This presented the question of how many universities require a subject emphasis for elementary education majors.

q       SIMMS – Peter Fong and Terry Souhrada are finally under contract for revisions. Cliff will cut them a check from the funds sent to MCTM by Kendall/Hunt ($175,000). The revised materials are due to be ready during the 2006-2007 school year. There will be less discrete math, more drill, the quadratic formula will be introduced by the 2nd year, algebra will be more visible and the series will be condensed to four levels (from the original six). MCTM will continue to get royalty payments @ 10% of sales. The SIMMS Dissemination grant will be done in June for Gary Bauer. See attached description of duties for the SIMMS Board of Trustees.

q       COMET update – Jean reported things are going very well. Of the 83 participants (including alternates), 80 will be attending the introductory meeting on Saturday, Jan. 8. Partnership schools are well represented with approx. 25 high school, 25 middle school and 30 elementary teachers. There is a design team meeting in February to finalize materials for the four content focus areas for each level during the two year grant project. Participants will receive a MCTM one year membership (or a year added for current members). The indirect benefits to MCTM include increased membership, equipment upgrades for the MLC and staffing of the director’s office at MLC.

q       PDA – At the time of this meeting there were zero (0) applicants for the summer PDA. The original deadline of March 1 was extended to April 1. Jean will contact OPI for more publicity. The charges will be lowered for participants who use the RV hook-ups or eat fewer meals or don’t stay at the MLC during the workshop.

q       STARS – The December STARS workshop was cancelled and the February one at the MLC is being offered at a discounted price of $120. The Kalispell workshop was well attended by 33 participants from surrounding middle and elementary schools. A date is to be set for additional middle school and high school teachers in that area. There are plans in the works for workshops in Belgrade, Power and Missoula. Billings will host a STARS II workshop to focus on implementation in classrooms and adapting STARS materials to other assessment tools.

q       Region reports – It was requested that an annual report be made by Mike Pierre pertaining to what MCTM scholarships were awarded. Suggested that a PDA be designed for special education teachers that teach mathematics.

q       Montana Learning Center – Dick S. reported The Montana Science Institute has been dissolved. The MLC assumed approx. $15,000 in debt from MSI and owe Gil & Maryland $24,000 for equipment the former directors purchased. There are approx. $100,000 in distributable (sellable) assets at the Center.

MCTM offered MLC $30,000 (actual amount transferred in investment funds to another DAD account was $29,600 - $20,000 of which will be returned to MCTM, some in facilities for programs). Other stock donations made to MLC totaled $5341, and cash raised from a fund raising letter amounted to $12,000. Volunteer services to repair a damaged floor in flooded house was valued at $2000 and another $5000 worth of services to build handicap access to one dorm and the kitchen is expected.

The COMET program is not contributing indirect costs to MCTM but it is purchasing equipment and paying a communications director located at the MLC. To establish criteria to get indirect payments from grants 'physical plant' costs are needed (i.e. heat, light). MCTM has an indirect rate of 16.9% established from old records with the Fed. govt., but that rate is not accepted by the State of Montana. It was agreed that it is probably better for the MLC to apply for indirects since it has more physical plant costs to claim.

The BITL (Before It's Too Late) project was discussed. Its purpose is to establish regional workshops in Sidney/Havre, Browning, Butte and Hardin to train teachers on what content is important for students to know for post-secondary education.

The MLC is reserved every weekend in February, March is empty and April and May have a few bookings. Starting in mid-June, the summer is pretty full.

Jean and Anne are currently members of the MLC board. It was suggested that in the future at least one member of the MCTM board also belong to the MLC board in order to attend meetings and report.

q       Leadership – Lisa reported there are 141 registered participants for the Leadership Conference. The keynote speaker is Freta Parkes, author of “A Framework for Understanding Poverty.” There are also 5 breakout sessions (see attached agenda). Lisa predicts a net of $8500 after the conference so the committee is considering offering scholarships for next year’s conference. Presenters are paid $50/hour, mileage, room and board. The current organizing committee is willing to continue work for next year.

q       Elections – Anne will get board candidate information to the Newsletter for the March deadline.

q       Membership Drive – Current membership count is 511. The membership drive for winning the trip to Anaheim generated 37 new members, 52 renewals and 5 life members ($2180 compared to $2900 last year). Next year life members and 10 year memberships will automatically be entered in the drawing. Lisa also made a good point that the Board needs to make an effort to welcome new members at MCTM functions.

q       MEA – MCTM was asked to collaborate with MEA to promote a social/dance after the Teacher of the Year announcement (same location). It was suggested the cost be $5 prepaid with MEA registration. MCTM would not contribute any money (it would be included as a line item on our budget that MEA would then reimburse).

MCTM Luncheon – members will be asked to sign in at the MCTM booth to pick up a ticket in order to attend the luncheon. This would limit the congestion at the door and eliminate questions as to who is a current member. It is also important to have the room available 1/2 hour prior for set-up.

MCTM Booth and Hospitality Room – the booth can be in conjunction with the MLC on exhibitor floor. Linda will research getting a MCTM banner. The Hospitality room will be in conjunction with MSTA with a membership table in that room.

q       NCTM – A good website. They are working on how to get research results into a usable tool for teachers.

q       Newsletter editors - Kathje Dalton, Kurt Sheppard, and Mary Aspinwall of Great Falls will be working on their first edition of the newsletter to be published in January.  The following recommendations for change were made:

1) MCTM meeting update from secretary be submitted listing major ideas discussed (not actual minutes)

2) Treasurer submit a brief report

3) Ask members what they want to see in newsletter

4) Notice to members to update their email addresses for membership chair and regional directors

5) Include an announcement encouraging membership in MCTM for all those teachers attending the Math Contest. Linda and Tony will write a letter to be included along with membership forms in the contest information packet.

6) Change submittal deadlines in order for an earlier first mailing: The 10th for all months August, November, January, March and May.

7) Don't publish home address and phone no. for board candidates in newsletter.

8) The file of 'never been used' items be forwarded to new editors.

9) Get history information from Kimberly Girard



q       NCTM annual meeting Anaheim – Three rooms have been reserved (one for membership drive winner, one for Jim, one for Jean)

q       Budget for mileage – Charles moved, Linda 2nd that Policy change 5.3.4 be accepted. The new policy will read: Board and committee members traveling on MCTM business will be paid mileage and per diem at state rates. Members will be reimbursed for lodging at the cost of the room. Substitute costs, if necessary, will also be covered. (Sec. 5.3.5 will be omitted and 5.3.6 renumbered).

Note: Reimbursement will be at state rates (currently 37.5¢/mile). Carl estimated that mileage reimbursement for Board members to Missoula for MEA will be $1800. The average reimbursement for attending Board meetings has been $1500 (Helena is the cheapest @$1200). Carl suggested board members take a tax deduction for mileage in lieu of payment. Another suggestion was to change the MCTM expense voucher to include the following options: 1) Accept state rate for mileage, 2) Accept a lower rate per mile, or 3) “Donate” mileage reimbursement back to MCTM.

q       MLC – Accept Founder’s Fund Contract (see attached)

q       Computer purchases – Linda moved, Satinee 2nd Policy 5.4.3 be changed as proposed at last meeting. New policy will read: MCTM will purchase a computer, a printer, and appropriate software to complete the assigned tasks for the following duties:

a.  President

b.  Treasurer

c.  Up to three additional board related duties


q       K-16 Network Conference – Discussion as to whether we continue with this conference or not. Lisa reviewed 2004 conference change in focus. There was also discussion about the Montana State Standards being revised in the near future. Further discussion and decision tabled until June meeting.

q       Visions & Reality – Retreat scheduled for June 13-14 at the MLC, following next MCTM Board Mtg. Sunday, June 12, starting at 1:00 pm.

q       NCTM Leadership Conference – Jim will check with Fred Longhart on topic and format to see if we want to send any MCTM board members to Denver for the next conference in June. Linda moved, Jean 2nd to propose a policy change in 5.3.3 to state “MCTM pays travel expenses for up to two (2) MCTM board members selected by the President to attend the NCTM Western Regional Leadership Conference.” This policy change will be voted on at the June meeting.

q       Other – Billing for conferences: P.O.’s from districts do not guarantee payment. Some districts need a bill to render payment. Jean will work with Cliff to review payment guidelines and get wording to include in minutes for next meeting.



q       Newsletter item for March

q       Boards members responsibilities -


Jim H:

1. Contact Mike Pierre for a list of who has received what scholarship.

2. Have Cole Maxwell or Lee Brown get a “hotel” with rates for the fall conference.

3. Write an “Ask Barney” – 1) explain about the ticketed lunch. 2) Have members with qtns. get in touch with their regional reps.

4. Check with Libby about the Native American Scholarship.

5. Have all of the board regional reps send another app for the PDA.

6. Write an article about the regional meeting for the newsletter – what has been accomplished.


Cliff B:

1. Make sure there is an app in the newsletter for the Dean Preble Award

2. Check on changing the fiscal year.

3. Write up a new expense voucher for MCTM with the current state rates.

4. Pay the 1/05 MCTM meeting with 37 ½ cent/mile rates.


Linda H.

1. Write up (with Tony) a form to go out to the site directors (to be forwarded to the schools) encouraging their math teachers who take their students to the MCTM math contest to join MCTM.

2. Help organize – if MEA is going that way – a social/dance.

3. Compile and mail out to the board a list of the regional notes and thoughts from the annual  meeting.

4. Check on the NCTM Leadership costs to go to Denver.


Jean H:

1. Check on the MEA social and dance.

2. Check with OPI about advertising the PDA. Get the info out to schools.

3. Find the info about when we will be arriving and how long we are staying for the MCTM Board’s Visions and Reality Conference in June.

4. Write an article for the newsletter about MLC.


Satinee L

1. Check with her husband about the indirect rates for MLC and MCTM.

2. Write an article for the newsletter about the math contest.

3. Schedule a time at MLC for the math contest writers.

4. Talk to Kim G about a history article for the newsletter.


Anne B

1. Email the candidate’s bios to Kathje.

2. Write an article for the newsletter concerning the elections – who (what regions, what grade bands ) we need to elect.


Peggy L:

1. Update the policy manual.

2. Small summary in newsletter of the minutes of the 1/05 meeting

3. This meetings’ minutes.

4. Corrected minutes and policy to Tony for website


Lisa S:

1. Email region members and remind them to renew if needed.

2. Email region members and ask for ideas for the newsletter.

3. Write an article on Leadership for newsletter.

4. Write an article on the NCTM contest winner for newsletter.

5. Edit contest rules for NCTM give away to include an entry for lifetime and 10 year members.

6. Email members and ask for math links, lessons, activities, jokes, etc. for newsletter and website.


Carl A.

1. Work with the budget finance committee (BFC) to review 2004-2005 expenditures and a new budget for 2005-2006.


q       Meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm