Agenda – MCTM Board Meeting – 28 June 2003

Minutes – MCTM Board Meeting –  12 January 2006

                             Comfort Inn ~ Bozeman, MT


q       9:03 a.m. – Called to order by President Jim Hamling

q       Members Present:   Jim Hamling (Pres.), Lisa Scott (Pres. Elect), Linda Horst, Angel Greenley, Charles Deisher, Lisa Wood, Jennie Luebeck, Satinee Lightbourne,  Carl Anderberg

Members not present: Cliff Bara (Treasurer)

q       Reimbursements – The best way to donate money back to MCTM is to claim the money and then write a check back to MCTM.  


q       Minutes –

q       Charles Deisher moved, Jennie Luebeck 2nd minutes to be accepted as corrected

q       Follow up on the minutes –

q       St. Louis NCTM Conference – Satinee Lightbourne, Lisa Wood and Jim Hamling will be attending the NCTM Annual Conference in April. Lisa Scott will e-mail the hotel information to each person. The room is reserved for Tuesday – Sunday for MCTM members. Lisa Scott has drafted a letter for the contest winner. (See attachment)

q       Archives – Jean Howard, Cliff Bara and Carl Anderberg have moved all the MCTM records to MLC. MCTM no longer has to rent a storage space.

q       Math Contest – Norm has talked to Jim Hamling again regarding the format of the Math Contest. He would like students to be able to sign up for what they are good at. Lisa Wood complimented the registration process, stating that it works much better than in previous years. Tony Riehl has been instrumental in helping to make the registration process easier.

q       Native American Scholarships Committee – Since Libby resigned, we need another member on the committee. According to procedure, the committee needs to consist of the following:

q       Chair person – Lyle Anderson

q       Native American Educator –

q       Mathematics Educator from a university –

Jennie Luebeck will come up with a name to replace Libby on this committee and report to Jim Hamling.

q       Treasurer – Jim Hamling reported that $40,000 was sent to Kendall Hunt, so the budget is back to where it usually is.

q       Director Notebooks –

q       Linda Horst suggested that anytime a change is made to a page of policy, procedure or by-laws that a footnote be added with a date. This will help to keep everyone’s notebooks the same.  Angel Greenley will email the latest version of Policy and Procedures to all members. Each director is to print them and replace the current version that they have in their notebook.

q       Discussion about the notebook was centered on the fact that everyone’s notebook contains different information. Lisa Scott will either find the notebook requirements that are in the policy or procedure. If she is unable to find them, she will create the procedure for next meeting.

q       Thank You’s –

q       Jim Hamling received a Thank You from Sue Dolzal for her 2-year membership scholarship. Within the thank you, she mentioned that membership was down. In response, Satinee Lightbourne will put a note in the newsletter stating that membership is up.

q       Another thank you was sent from Jacquie McDonald in acknowledgement of receiving the Dean Preble Award and what an honor it was for her.

q       Board Alternates – Each region needs an alternate in case a director is unable to fulfill their obligations.

q       Region 2 Alternate is Troy Voeller

q       Region 3 alternate is Jean Howard until June, 2006; then Carl Anderberg will become the alternate

q       Region 4 alternate is Tony Riehl

q       The other regions will choose an alternate and email it to Jim Hamling.

q       Grant Writing – Cliff Bara checked with Dale Seymour regarding the IMPACT Windows on Graphing material and has gotten nowhere. He is still checking on it. One idea for a grant is to take the information from Windows on Graphing and create a CD version to use with T.I. Interactive. Another idea is to branch from the High School level to other grade levels.

q       Cliff Bara will check with Rick Billstein to see if he has IMPACT on the computer. Cliff Bara and Lisa Scott will continue to look for grant opportunities.

q       Jennie Luebeck suggested being careful about stating that we are trying to revive a 20 year old project.

q       Carl Anderberg suggested putting together a Montana workshop (similar to STARS format) with updated IMPACT materials

q       Linda Horst stated that there was a need at the Middle School level for technology training, especially with graphing calculators

q       Satinee Lightbourne will check through her IMPACT notebooks and give the information to Lisa Scott. Gary Bauer will be helpful, as will Dick Seitz since they went through the IMPACT training.

q       Cliff Bara and Lisa Scott will meet and look for a grant to meet their needs.

q       2006 Budget Committee – Charles Deisher handed out a 3 year compilation of the budget. He took the information from the budget handouts Cliff gave out at a previous meeting. (See attachment)

q       The income is decreasing from year to year, in part due to SIMMS

q       Lisa Scott suggested looking at expenses that we do not have income to offset

q       The expenses on State Leadership was clarified that MCTM pays for Board members to attend the MCTM/MSTA Leadership Conference each year at a reduced rate.

q       Jim Hamling stated that there should be an additional $2000 in income from MLC for the next 4 years. This is not shown on the budget.

q       Carl Anderberg stated that we could go into investments each year to balance the budget or we can trim the budget.

q       Under the category MEA/MFT, there should be a profit of $1000 per year, not $200 as reported. The $1000 is a collaboration fee.

q       Under the category of Board Lodging, this is an expense that is rising. Jim suggested that one of the meetings each year is held at MLC to cut this expense, since we have $2000 in credit there. There was discussion about MLC and the price charged for MCTM to use it as a meeting place. MCTM would like to utilize MLC, but not at our expense.

q       Jim Hamling and Angel Greenley will do some verification of hosting a workshop at the Comfort Inn vs. MLC.

q       Lisa Wood stated that having the June meeting in Billings makes more sense, since there are 4 board members from Billings. We can then put the $2000 credit at MLC towards PDA being held at MLC during summer, 2007.

q       Jim Hamling would like the following 2 items added to income on the budget:  $2000 from MLC as well as $1000 from MEA/MFT. Linda Horst moved to approve the budget with proposed changes to the income. Satinee Lightbourne 2nd the motion. Charles Deisher will find out how much of MCTM investments are being re-invested each year and report back at the next meeting.  Motion carried.

q       Membership Update – Lisa Wood

q       There are 176 people on the past due membership list. This list goes back as far as 2003. Lisa Wood will drop the 2003 people from the list.

q       Lisa will also send out a letter to the 2005 and 2004 past due members. She will be sending emails in February or March and August to remind them that they are past due.

q       It appears that all issues of membership have been taken care of.

q       Currently memberships run from September 1st to August 31st. Jennie Luebeck suggested that it be changed to January 1st to December 31st since a majority of people sign up in October.

q       There was a proposal to change membership policy to read “All unpaid members are dropped from the mailing list if they are not paid up by January 31st. Membership runs from January 1st – December 31st. Any payment made after July 1st goes through the following membership year. Charles Deisher moved to accept the proposal change. Lisa Wood 2nd.

q       There were 297 entries for the NCTM trip. Lisa Scott will randomly generate a number to find a winner at Leadership Conference.

q       Bharath Sriraman requested an honorary membership to MCTM due to the many hours he has put in on behalf of MCTM. The council’s consensus was that MCTM does not give out honorary memberships since there are so many people giving time to Montana education. Lisa Wood will contact him to let him know the decision made.

q       Leadership Conference – Angel Greenley

q       There are 129 people registered for the Leadership Conference with a waiting list of 17 people.

q       The topic is Understanding Poverty again this year. Karen Miller is replacing Freta Parkes, due to family illness.

q       Possible topics for next year include: Reading and Writing in the Content Area; Continuing with the poverty theme;


q       Math Contest – Satinee Lightbourne

q       Currently there are 11 sights for the Math Contest. Sue Moore and Bonnie Spence are working as the Missoula coordinator. Mary Wagner is continuing in Havre. Satinee will be there to help organize it.

q       Bozeman and Great Falls are ready to register on-line this year. is a place to experiment with the on-line registration.

q       On average, 7000 students take the test

q       PDALinda Horst

q       Linda requested that we have topics and suggested presenters by the June meeting.  It is important to have it solidified by the June meeting each year.

q       PDA attachment – Linda will edit it as necessary and send out revised copies.

q       This year’s dates are June 12-15th for the K-6 workshop and July 17th-20th for the 7th – 12th grade workshop.

q       A committee was formed for PDA. Angel Greenley will represent the K-4 grade band; Jim Hamling will represent the 5-8 grade bands and Lisa Wood will represent the 9-12 grade bands. Linda Horst will chair the committee.

q       SIMMS Update – Lisa Scott (see attachment)

q       Lisa Scott passed around a sample of the new SIMMS book set up. She will email the sample to each director, too.

q       The committee is looking for experienced SIMMS teachers to put on sectionals at the MEA/MFT Fall Conference.

q       Lisa Wood suggested having students who went through SIMMS in high school and are now teaching in the math field present a sectional

q       The sectionals should be titled by content rather than as a tie to SIMMS to boost attendance.

q       Kendall Hunt will help by setting up a SIMMS booth at MEA

q       Keynote Speaker – the choices for keynote speaker for next year’s conference include Gaby McMillan has taught SIMMS in the past – she would present on Integrated Math Curriculum. Tom Banchoff could present on 4th dimension and Art. MSTA may also have a contact for the keynote.

q       Lisa Wood suggested having a professional booth with hardbound books and possibly ties it into T.I.’s booth.

q       Sectional possibilities – Terri Dahl; Jacquie McDonald; Longharts; Peggy Lynn; Maurice Burke; Cliff Bara; Dave Campbell.

q       Jean Howard, Gary Bauer, Peggy Lynn, Johnny Lott, Lisa Scott and Terry Souhrada need to meet in Bozeman late March. They have requested travel money from MCTM. Johnny & Terry can travel together and pickup Jean along the way. Lisa Scott would travel from Billings and Peggy would travel from West Yellowstone. There was discussion as to whether the $750 already allocated to the SIMMS blitz should cover this expense or if it should be used strictly for the MEA conference.  Lisa Wood made a motion to fund the SIMMS subcommittee to travel to the March meeting in the form of gas receipts. Satinee 2nd. Motion carried 5-2.


q       Regional Reports

q       Lisa Scott is emailing Region 4 on a regular basis.

q       Charles Deisher put a mailing out once or twice a year.

q       Carl Anderberg has not contacted his region.

q       Satinee Lightbourne has not contacted her region due to a computer crash and she hasn’t set the database back up yet.

q       Newsletter – Satinee Lightbourne

q       The last newsletter was delayed due to printer issues. There has been a lack of communication and understanding of responsibilities. Satinee has developed a new plan and put it into place to avoid delays with future issues. Kathje is the person who receives the articles. She will forward them to Kurt. Kurt has 10 days to format the newsletter. Satinee will proof the newsletter. Mary will take it to the printer with a deadline and mail it out.

q       Lisa Wood will contact the board member nominees to get biographies for the newsletter.

q       Satinee will talk to Tony Riehl regarding software that Kurt needs to get the newsletter into PDF form. This is one reason that the newsletter has not been published onto the website.

q       Tony Riehl has requested that we have a specific format for the lesson plan. Lisa Scott will send out a suggested format to people responsible for submitting the lesson plans.

q       MLC – Jean/Jim

q       Jean sent some brochures of upcoming events at MLC.

q       OPI – Jim Hamling

q       Jim has tried to make connections with OPI, but is not getting a lot of response from them.

q       OPI has reported that they are going to tweak the Math standards, but that there is a stronger emphasis on compiling a list of essential skills.

q       Kathy Hill is working on the Highly Qualified Teacher definition with OPI.

q       PDA was posted on the OPI website.


q       Annual Meeting – see “Conferences – Annual General Chair” handout

q       Jim will request a booth rather than a table outside the hall at the MEA meeting.

q       Jim will check with Cliff Bara regarding the $1000 collaboration check to see if MCTM has received this amount. He will also E-mail Kathy Warner requesting the actual figures spent at MEA last year.

q       MLC – Ex-officio member - Carl Anderberg – see Proposed Change Article III

q       The purpose of having an ex-officio member from MLC is to keep a connection between MLC and MCTM. As it is, any MCTM member is welcome at a board meeting or to request communication.  We currently have this connection with Jennie Luebeck being a member of the MLC board.

q       If this was a new position to the board, MCTM would have financial responsibility. It was decided that there is sufficient communication and connection between MLC and MCTM without having an ex-officio member added.

q       NCTM Membership – Carl Anderberg

q       MCTM has the opportunity to run the MCTM membership through NCTM. NCTM would give MCTM $5 for new members and $3 for already established members.

q       There were some questions as to what all this entails, so Carl will check further with Fred Longhart.

q       Sketchpad – Jim Hamling

q       Key Curriculum Press wanted MCTM to get a state licensure and Jim only received one response from the board.

q       There does not seem to be any interest in pursuing this any further.

q       Presenter List – Lisa Scott  (see Professional Development Letter and criteria)

q       Jim Hamling and Lisa Scott met regarding the presenter list – both felt uncomfortable with charging people to be on the list.  The council agreed with the decision to not charge presenters.

q       Lisa Scott typed a letter for potential presenters and Jim Hamling made an evaluation form (see attachments). Linda Horst is responsible for composing a letter to school districts to promote the presenters list.

q       It was discussed and decided that if a bad evaluation comes through, Lisa Scott will be responsible for contacting that presenter to let them know that their name will be removed from the list.

q       There is still a need for the committee to find a way to compile the information and send it to the schools in the state of Montana. This is something the committee will further discuss.

q       MCTM Scholarships – Charles Deisher – see “Duties and Information” Attachments (2 versions)

q       It was decided that the monetary amount would be changed from $100 to $200 instate and from $250 to $400 out of state.

q       The following criteria were set up for applying for and receiving a scholarship:

·         Applications are due 30 days prior to the conference.

·         Mike Pierre will send out a letter of acceptance.

·         Applicants attend the conference and must write a newsletter article within one month of the conference end date.

·         Once the article has been published, Mike will send a check to the applicant.

·         No more than $2000 in scholarship money can be awarded at any one time.

q       We will eliminate the rubric, as there is no need for this.

q       On the application the following changes will be made:

·         Eliminate “When did you join MCTM?”

·         Eliminate the last 2 questions

·         Add e-mail address

q       Add to committee duties that Mike Pierre is responsible for putting an article into the newsletter announcing awardees.

q       Dean Preble Award – Jim Hamling

q       Rick Billstein was disappointed that Gary Bauer was not awarded the Dean Preble Award this year. He felt that the criteria were not followed on the application.

q       Jennie Luebeck will revise the criteria and nomination procedure. She will also draft a scoring rubric. Nomination forms should include a place for the nominator to check which area they feel the person is qualified to receive the Dean Preble Award.


Meeting was adjourned at 5:29 by President Jim Hamling.



Jim H.

1.      Have Cliff increase credit card limit prior to NCTM Conference

2.      Come up with a workshop budget

3.      Check with MSTA regarding a possible keynote for MEA/MFT Conference

4.      Check with Cliff regarding whether MCTM received the $1000 collaboration fee from MEA/MFT

5.      Check with Kathy Warner regarding actual MEA figures for last year

6.      Have a discussion with Jean – sign on the green house and ex-officio member

7.      Work on Presenters’ List committee

8.      Help with Leadership Conference



1.      Update the policy and procedure and send out to everyone to replace the ones currently in the notebook

2.      Send updated Regional Directors Map to everyone

3.      Get Leadership Conference workshop budget information to Jim

4.      Revise the MCTM committees and send out

5.      Meet with Presenters’ List committee


Lisa S.

1.      Email SIMMS committee people regarding travel

2.      Find or create the Directors’ notebook requirements

3.      Continue looking for grant opportunities with Cliff

4.      Email SIMMS Boxes module to Satinee

5.      Check on getting new SIMMS materials for MEA/MFT conference

6.      Update MEA/MFT General and Annual chair policy

7.      Write an article for newsletter congratulating NCTM conference winners

8.      Confirm hotel information for NCTM conference

9.      Find out copyright information on SIMMS materials

10.  Meet with Presenters’ List committee



1.      Revise proposed budget



1.      Follow up on NCTM membership information

2.      Send budget information to Cliff



1.      Finalize Native American Committee and procedures

2.      Create Dean Preble procedure and scoring rubric

3.      Choose an alternate for region

4.      Locate Windows on Graphing materials



1.      Draft a letter for Presenters’ List Committee

2.      Check on the possibility of Ann Brucker and Tamara Spillum getting professional leave for MEA/MFT workshops

3.      Revise PDA policy and procedure

4.      Contact Tony Riehl regarding being an alternate for Region 4

5.      Re-verify the winners’ name and get information to Lisa Scott

6.      Discuss newsletter software with Tony


Lisa W.

1.      Contact Bari regarding honorary membership

2.      Assist Linda Horst with PDA

3.      Get an insert for the election ballot

4.      Contact nominees

5.      Meet with Presenters’ List committee



1.      Check on investments

2.      Revise scholarship procedures

3.      Check on an alternate for region

4.      Help with Leadership Conference



1.      Reminder about emailing reminders to the correct person for the newsletter

2.      Ask Mike to give scholarship amounts for the newsletter

3.      Check labels on newsletter to ensure all members are on there

4.      Newsletter article on membership

5.      IMPACT notebook to Lisa

6.      Add MEA/MFT website to the newsletter page

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