March 28, 2003

Treasurer's Report: Cliff Bara recommended that the treasurer position be held by a particular person as long as possible - there is a lot to learn. Currently MCTM is spending approx. $20,000/year out of its portfolio (meaning $20,000 beyond receipts). After a final bill to MSU for the SIMMS Dissemination Grant is paid, the MCTM account will have a balance of approx. $8,000.

The Budget Committee (Cliff, Dick Seitz, Carl Anderberg, and Peggy Lynn) was directed to meet before June 24. They are to compose a proposed budget 'in the black.

In this year's Math Contest there was a tie for the top male award of $200. The Board decided to award two scholar- ships of $200 each. A suggestion was made to have 'tie breaker' questions selected at the time tests are written to deal with this situation in the future.

The following board members will be attending the NCTM National Convention: Jean Howard, Anne Blotkamp, Linda Simonsen, and Cliff Bara

Membership:. There are 600 past and present members on the mailing list, but only 300 with dues paid up to date.

Regional Events: Board Members are on a mission to increase membership in their respective regions. Verne Schlepp will be doing his promotion in August, offering some type of drawing that will award a gift certificate to Creative Publications for elementary teachers, TI - 73 calculator for middle school teachers and a TI -83 for high school teachers.

MPAW/PDA - Materials Managers (MM, 9 total, 3 per grade band) will be meeting April 4-6 in Missoula to create a draft document of assessment items. Content Consultants (CC, 12 total, which will include a MM from each grade band) will meet June 6-8 to review the draft and organize materials for the Professional Development Academy. The Assessment Academy will be June 24-27 in Bozeman and include MM and CC participants, as well teachers from around the state.

The MCTM By-Laws, Policy Manual and Procedures Manual are undergoing revisions. Changes to the By-Laws will voted upon at the fall membership meeting, while the Board continues to discuss and vote on changes to the Policy Manual. Various individuals are being contacted for suggestions for updating the Procedures Manual.

Native American Scholarship: Lyle Anderson agreed to chair scholarship committee. (See the letter and application form submitted by Jean). Suggestions for selection panel need to be sent to Jean. Jennie moved, Verne 2nd, to publicize scholarship (with changes to the proposal as made by the Board) and accept criteria as stated by the Board. Motion passed.
Website: The MCTM Board has made having a quality website a priority. Tony Riehl is investigating website names and servers (and has found both as of this publishing date). Linda Simonsen will have a draft plan by next meeting.

Other Business: Jean will be attending the 'Small Schools Summit' in May. Lisa Scott and Jean will be attending the NCTM Affiliate

Leadership Conference in San Diego.. Larry Kaber announced that the Presidential Awards will be offered every other year to elementary and secondary. The $10,000 first prize will be awarded directly to the teacher, but the $750 2nd and 3rd place awards were eliminated.