Agenda – MCTM Board Meeting – 28 June 2003

Minutes – MCTM Board Meeting – 6 May 2006

                             Horst House Billings, MT


q       9:37 a.m. – Called to order by President Jim Hamling

q       Members Present:   Jim Hamling (Pres.), Lisa Scott (Pres. Elect), Linda Horst, Angel Greenley, Charles Deisher, Lisa Wood, Satinee Lightbourne,  Carl Anderberg, Terri Dahl, David Erickson, Jodi Ruff, Cliff Bara (Treasurer)

Members not present: Jennie Luebeck

q       Reimbursements – The best way to donate money back to MCTM is to claim the money and then write a check back to MCTM.  

q       New members were introduced and given name tags.

q       A president’s plaque was presented to Cliff Bara for his work on the board in previous years.

q       Thank you notes were read from the following people:

1.      Professional Teaching Foundation for $100 donation in support of their recent decision to take over the MAPAW duties.

2.      Jacquie McDonald for allowing her to stay in the MCTM room and the recent NCTM Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.


q       Minutes –

q       Charles Deisher moved, Satinee Lightbourne 2nd minutes to be accepted as corrected

q       Follow up on the duties for each board member –

q       Jim Hamling: still needs to contact Jennie Luebeck regarding the Native American committee.

q       Angel Greenley: all okay

q       Lisa Scott: Still needs to seek new grant opportunities. She will also send a lesson plan format to Tony Riehl to post on the website.

q       Cliff Bara: Will revise the budget

q       Carl Anderberg: all okay

q       Linda Horst: all okay

q       Lisa Wood: Will assist with the Billings PDA

q       Charles Deisher: all okay

q       Satinee Lightbourne: attempted to find the IMPACT information and send it to Lisa Scott, but was unable to. Barry Pollington, from MSU-B, may have the IMPACT information

q       Lesson Plans on the website: Elementary lesson plans were al there, the only Middle School lesson plans that had been submitted were from Lisa S. and Jim and the only High School lesson plans that had been submitted were both from Lisa Wood.


q       Regional Reports: There was discussion about whether each region needed to comprise a monthly region report, or whether one person could do it. It was decided that since this cuts the work down and that it provides personal contact with each member from their director, it was worth the effort. Therefore, each region is to develop an E-mail or mailing list and send out information periodically. This information can be upcoming MCTM sponsored events, NCTM opportunities, state-wide math opportunities, etc. The following directors are signed up to take care of this in their respective regions:

q       Region 1: David Erickson

q       Region 2: Terri Dahl

q       Region 3: Jodi Ruff

q       Region 4: Linda Horst will now do this

q       Region 5: Charles Deisher has committed to continuing to contact his region through regular mailings.

Lisa Wood will send an updated membership list to everyone, so that the directors have the most recent information for their databases.

q       Treasurer Report– Profit and Loss statements were handed out for 2005 and for January-May, 2006. On the 2005 statement, there is still SIMMS dissemination as part of the income. That will not be in the 2006 statement. Last year we had a profit of $3055.31. So far this year we have about $5400 in profit. Cliff also pointed out that the Professional Fees and Accounting category had an increase of approximately $600. This is because the accountant also does the taxes for the COMET grant, since it is an MCTM affiliated grant.

q       2006 Budget Report – Cliff will make the following changes to the MCTM Draft Budget, 2006:

q       MLC income should be $2000

q       MEA/MFT should have $6200 in income, $5200 in expense

q       Investment income should be $5400

Cliff also suggested the following guidelines for the budget committee in the future: The proposed budget needs to be presented at the October meeting and voted on in January. Cliff will provide numbers as needed to the committee, but doesn’t feel that he should set the parameters of the following years’ budget.  The budget committee now consists of Lisa Wood, David Erickson, Charles Deisher and Cliff Bara. Cliff will type up Budget Committee duties for the Procedures Manual.

q       Montana Learning Center – Dick Seitz – Glen Allinger has just joined the MLC Board. The goal for MLC is to end up with a permanent place and a permanent program. They are starting a new program this summer called Innovations in Math and Science. It is a program for students entering 7th – 9th grade. The hope is to help students to stay connected to Montana after graduation. It is currently a one week program, with the hopes that it can become two weeks in the future.

MLC would like to be partners with MCTM and not in competition with them. The question “What would the MCTM board like MLC to do?”

·         Carl suggested that one issue is cost. He has had a discussion with Jean in regards to this and she suggested that the prices were negotiable at times. Dick agreed with this and said that if MCTM is billed for something that we don’t agree with, to talk to Jean or Dick.

·         Lisa S. also stated that the cost of the “per person” is not the big issue; it is the cost of the meeting rooms. The fact that we are charged $200 for a conference room when we are housing people at MLC is not what common practice at a motel or conference center is.

·         Satinee told Dick that the reason that the math writing contest is not being held at MLC is not an issue of price, but more a matter of convenience for Satinee.

·         Linda also spoke that when we are hosting PDA’s at MLC. It cost $7500 last summer and when MCTM is looking at balancing a budget, the extra $200 for a conference room is hard to budget.

·         Carl and Lisa S. both stated that the MCTM board has agreed in the past to be supportive of MLC and it is important for the 2 organizations to have a positive relationship. There has been a lack of communication and it is important to keep open lines of communication to prevent hard feelings and misinformation.

Dick also talked about the fact that Cathy Seeley, past president of NCTM would like to come to Montana for a visit. She would be willing to come speak with teachers or administrators or both, for her expenses only. No consulting fee.

NCTM also has a Leadership Circle program. If 65% of the state’s members are also NCTM members, NCTM will give special recognition to your organization. They will pay for one person to attend the Leader Conference. So far one state has met this goal, but Dick would like Montana to also work towards this goal.

Cliff received 8 of the new SIMMS Level I books. They will be given to the universities to be housed in their resource library.

q       MembershipLisa Wood – We currently have about 600 members. Lisa has E-mailed all members whose membership expired in 2005 to remind them that they are past due. She will drop the members whose membership expired in 2003 and 2004 at the end of this summer if they haven’t renewed by then. Lisa stated the current system of writing a letter to inform people that they are past due is working sufficiently. If this becomes a frustration in the future, it was suggested that a fluorescent sticker could be added to the newsletter for those members that are past due. Although some members have expressed a desire to have membership cards, this is an added expense. Members will know when their membership expires based on their mailing label.

q       Math Contest – Satinee Lightbourne – There were 5,140 students who participated in the math contest this year. That number is down about 400. Satinee received a letter from Denise Harvey requesting that the math contest be moved to the fall. Satinee then asked the site directors their feelings on this and the consensus was that most people did not want to move the contest. The discussion centered on having to change the grade levels of the tests and other obstacles. The math contest will continue to be held during the spring.


Currently there are 6 proofers and 3 writers for the Math Writing session. It is June 11th and 12th in Great Falls and 14 tests need to be written. Satinee is going to advertise it again in the newsletter. If she doesn’t get enough writers she may do 1 of 2 options:

q       Ask people to write the questions and send it to her, but still receive the stipend

q       Ask people to submit a couple of questions for the tests and have the writers compile the questions and put the tests together.

Tony Riehl has agreed to take care of the technology/software portion of the Math Contest, but someone is still needed to do the P.R. piece. This would include ordering materials, setting up meetings, troubleshooting and helping site directors. Linda will visit with Satinee about possibly taking over this part of the math contest.

Sandy Johnson is retiring as a site director, but Sue Moore has agreed to take it over and move the contest to either Kalispell or Polson, since Missoula does not have a high turnout. Also, the Miles City contest will most likely move to Broadus next year.

It was stated that Satinee has done an exceptional job of running the math contest during her tenure and she will be missed as the director.

ð        PDA – Linda Horst – Currently there are 8 people signed up for TNT and 18 people for Number Sense PDA with 6 more signed up.  Linda suggested revisiting the deadline. The current deadline is May 1st, and people are still registering. Since MCTM has committed to putting on PDA, regardless of the number of participants, it was decided that the due date would be moved to May 20th each year. Regional directors need to re-send the PDA information to their membership, letting them know that the deadline has been extended and that there is still room. Linda will put an advertisement in the May newsletter, also.

Tony Riehl and Jacquie McDonald would like everyone attending the T-N-T PDA to have access to the members’ only portion of the NCTM website. They have requested that MCTM make a purchase of on-line registration for each participant. The cost would be $43.00 per person. It was discussed that “Online Math” is now available to everyone through the NCTM website for free. Linda and Lisa W. will talk to Jacquie to see if this would satisfy the needs of the PDA. They will E-mail the results to the board.

Sue Harding and Kathy Hill were discussed as possible presenters for the K-6 Number Sense workshop for the summers of 2007 & 2008. Kathy Wilkinson, a special education teacher from Billings, may also be a possibility on the topic of “Differentiation.” Linda will contact these people and report back to the board about possible topics and their willingness to present for PDA.

Linda presented the policy for PDA. (See attachment)  Satinee moved to accept the MCTM Professional Development Academy policy as edited to “Duties of MCTM Professional Development Academy Committee.”  Charles seconded. Motion passed.

q       SIMMS Committee – Lisa Scott – Gabby McMillan will be the keynote speaker at the MEA/MFT Conference. She will present a K-12 sectional titled, “How to Get an Integrated Program into the Schools”. She will also present at 2 other sectionals. There will be 2 presentations per level plus 2 History of SIMMS presentations throughout the conference. Former students of the SIMMS program, who have chosen a field in mathematics, will be at the History sectionals. There is an extra $500 in the MEA budget this year, so it was suggested that the money be used to help these people with travel expenses to attend the conference.  The sectionals will be titled: Content Topic: An Integrated Approach with Models. All presenters will receive some prepared answers to general questions they may be asked regarding SIMMS. This will be done by Terry Souhrada. Terry is also going to write an article for the newsletter.

Terry has sent everyone presenting the new materials, and they are able to copy them as needed for their presentations. Gary is in charge of getting Kendall Hunt to set up a booth in the Exhibitors Hall. There will be a trivia hunt to encourage people to attend the sectionals. There will be prizes awarded for this.

All SIMMS presenters will be wearing a SIMMS t-shirt to publicize the blitz. There will also be plastic wristbands, which will be MCTM’s tickets to the luncheon. One will be marked and that person receives an iPod shuffle.

Jim spoke to the people at the Kendall-Hunt booth in St. Louis and he felt that they were making a strong push to disseminate the SIMMS materials nationwide. MCTM receives 10% of each textbook sold.

q       Montana High School InitiativeLisa Scott – see attachment

Lisa, Tony Riehl and Jennifer Riehl attended a Regional Summit recently, which OPI invited them to. OPI then invited all curriculum groups to attend a meeting, which Lisa attended. The main focus of the initiative is to answer the question, “Are we preparing our students to succeed in the future workplace?”  The job place has changed, but our teaching model has not changed in several decades. The role of the initiative is for the educational community to critique their current delivery method of curriculum and find new ways to teach the students.

Kalispell is currently working on career clusters with the building of a new high school. This is part of the Small Learning Community grant monies. Terri reported that Great Falls has implemented some changes in their high school, using the guidelines of the grant. They found that the way that CMR implemented it was not a favorable situation. They took the middle school team concept and implemented it into the high school. This has caused frustration for both teachers and students. Great Falls High has made changes, but not in the same way. Billings has implemented freshman academies at 2 of the 3 high schools, with the grant money.

Bill Daggett has information regarding how science has changed in recent years and how it will continue to change. He is a proponent of changing our curriculum and how we deliver it. OPI’s website has more information regarding this.

Lisa S. will give out more information regarding the initiative at the general meeting in October. She is also planning a presentation for COMET teachers this summer.

There was some discussion regarding the “Back to the Basics” movement that has been affecting states recently. For example, in California, teachers can no longer use any materials that are affiliated with the NCTM Standards. Our organization needs to be vigilant with new projects and ideas, to assure that they are in support of the standards.

q       MEA/MFT Conference – Jim Hamling – see attachment

The MEA/MFT conference budget is a flow through account, meaning that if a receipt is submitted, it will be reimbursed from MEA/MFT.

The collaboration fee was put into effect during Jean Howard’s tenure as president of MCTM. In order for the council to collect this fee, they must submit a receipt to MEA/MFT. It was suggested that the receipt could include a standard fee for the board time, general and program chairs’ time, etc. There was also discussion that Cliff could submit an invoice for “collaboration fee” without justification. Jim will check with Eric Feaver regarding what MEA/MFT needs to see on the receipt and let Cliff know.

Annual luncheon is on Thursday again this year. It was decided to increase the number of lunches to 125, since there is money in the budget.  The general chairs may also increase the amount of food they purchase for the Hospitality Room to ensure that there is food and drink available all day both days.  Angel will notify the general chairs of these changes.

There will be a Montana Board of Public Education Mathematics Forum: From Policy to Practice at the MEA/MFT conference from 2:00-4:00 on Thursday. This board will consist of the following people:  Eric Burke, Lisa Scott (5-8 representative), Cliff Bara (9-12 representative), and Angel Greenley (K-4 representative). Jim will check with Jennie Luebeck to see if she would be willing to be the 12-16 representative.

q       MONTI Grant Lisa Scott – see attachment

Johnny Lott wrote a grant for MLC and asked MCTM to write a letter of support for this grant. Lisa S. supplied the letter of support. The grant will train 10 teachers that are currently in a math or science field that would like to become certified teachers. David said that this would replace a current program that is a year-long program at the University of Montana.

Discussion centered on whether this was a good idea, given the success of the current OPI program that attempts to do the same thing. There has been some unfavorable feedback regarding the OPI program that is in place.



q       MCTM Teacher Scholarships – Charles Deisher – see attachment

The Teacher Scholarships will be advertised in the August and October newsletter. Applications should also be made available at the MEA/MFT conference in the hospitality room and at the booth.  Charles will make the suggested revisions to the policy and submit it to Angel to be put into procedure.

q       MEA Program and General Chair Duties – Lisa Scott – see attachment

Angel created a checklist for the general chair duties. She will email this checklist to the board, to see if there are any corrections to be made. Angel will also create a checklist for the Program Chairs.

It was suggested that a set of instructions should be made available for people assigned to working the booth. Lisa S. will see if she can find the instructions that were used in the past. Jenny Combs may possibly have the instructions. Lisa will then make the changes and send them to Angel, so that they can be passed on to the General Chairs and put into our procedure manual.

The luncheon and annual meeting is scheduled for Thursday from 12-2. The Board of Ed. Panel is from 2:00-4:00 on Thursday. Board members that are also presenting need to send a request to Kathie Daviau requesting that there sectionals not be scheduled during this time, so as to avoid a conflict.

q       History of MCTM  - Jim Hamling

Johnny Lott would like to get all of the MCTM past presidents to meet at MLC and give an oral history of their tenure as president. The cost will be approximately $2000. Jim will get more information regarding this and we will re-visit it at the October meeting.

q       P.D. Presenters’ ListLisa Scott

The committee has met several times and they are ready to disseminate the information to our members. The information will be sent to the May newsletter and will be posted on the MCTM website.

The committee has requested that a $50 donation be made to MCTM for each presentation that was obtained from the list.

Directors should be sharing the application and information with their members, so that we can get the list ready to be published by fall, 2007.

q       Indirect Rates for Grants – Jim Hamling – see attachments

MCTM’s name is on the COMET grant. The accountant we are currently using is not capable of obtaining indirect rates; it is beyond the scope of his expertise. David reported that MLC has recently acquired an indirect rate, as it was necessary for the MONTI grant. Cliff suggested that we put an indirect rate on any grant that has our name attached to it. A lot of indirect rates from grants are in the 10% range, but OPI does not typically allow an indirect rate of over 8%.

Carl suggested that if we are unable to obtain an indirect rate, we can be creative with grants and build in a collaboration fee instead.

David will check with MLC regarding their indirect rate and how they obtained it and what the rate is. He will E-mail this information to the board and we can vote on it via E-mail. This is something that we have been talking about doing for a long time and it would be in MCTM’s best interest to finalize it as soon as possible.

q       Newsletter – Jim Hamling

Feature Articles:

·          August, 2006: Montana Learning Center – Jean Howard (David will E-mail Jean to remind her)

·          November, 2006: SIMMS – 3rd Edition – Gary Bauer (Terri will contact Gary regarding this)

·          January, 2007: P.D. Presenter’s List – Jim Hamling

·          March, 2007: P.D.A. – one of the elementary presenters will write an article about the research behind the ideas presented at PDA (Linda will let the presenter know when they are finalized)

·          May, 2007: SEC: How Schools are Implementing It – Jodi

·          August, 2007: High School Initiative – Lisa Scott

Lesson Plans:

Newsletter                        K-6                         Middle School                  High School

August, 2006                    Angel                    Linda Horst                       Cliff Bara

November, 2006             Angel                    Jim Hamling                     Lisa Wood

January, 2007                  Angel                    Lisa Scott                          Terri Dahl

March, 2007                     Angel                    Jim Hamling                     Jodi Ruff

May, 2007                          Angel                    Linda Horst                       Charles Deisher

August, 2007                    Angel                    Lisa Scott                          Satinee Lightbourne


        MMO – Satinee                                                                Jokes & Quotes: Charles

        Barney – Jim                                                     MLC – Jean

        Vocabulary – Angel                                       Blues Brothers –

q       Notebooks – Lisa Scott – see attachmentIt was decided that all directors will keep a notebook using the guidelines on the attachment. Lisa will edit this as necessary and type it up for procedure.

q       Annual MeetingLisa Scott – At the annual meeting each region gives away two 2-year memberships as well as a $150 stipend to PDA. Each region’s director needs to have 3 winners chosen. Lisa W. will send out a current membership list on October 1st. Directors will randomly choose their 3 winners and E-mail them to Lisa Scott by October 10th. Lisa will be responsible for getting the certificates ready to be presented at the annual meeting. Jim will be responsible for seeing if this is already in procedure, and if not, he will write it up for procedure.  The following directors are in charge of their region: David (1), Terri (2), Jodi (3), Angel (4), Charles (5).

q       Other: - Cliff Bara

·          Trifold: Cliff will update the trifold for the MEA/MFT conference. He asked the directors to look at it and give him any changes within the next week.

·          Computer Inventory: (see attached): The newsletter computer is no longer in use. Linda Horst moved that we declare the newsletter computer obsolete. Lisa Wood seconded it. Motion passed.

·          Joan Dolan Scholarship: Dan Dolan sent $1500 to the Joan Dolan Scholarship fund in honor of Rose M. Drier. Cliff will write up a newsletter article regarding Rose and acknowledging the receipt of the money.

·          Dean Preble Award: Cliff suggested the following changes to the Dean Preble award. Give 2 awards per year and eliminate the grade bands. This would allow us to increase the stipend to $150.00 per winner. We will discuss this more at the October meeting. The committee will now consist of Cliff Bara, Lisa Wood and Jodi Ruff. Cliff will also check with Jennie regarding a rubric for the application.

§         Conferences Policy: See attachment. This will go into policy immediately.

§         Affiliate Leaders Conference: - Lisa Wood and Jodi Ruff will be attending this conference August 11-13th, 2006.

Jim thanked the board for their hard work during his tenure on the board. He is looking forward to being past-president and doing the president’s bidding, according to procedure.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:20 by President Jim Hamling.


Page 1


Jim H.

1.      Contact Jennie regarding Native American Scholarship Committee

2.      Change David’s E-mail on the Board of Directors handout

3.      Work on getting Cathy Seeley to Montana

4.      Apply to be a writer for state math contest

5.      Check on MEA presentations and be sure that they are registered

6.      Discuss the collaboration fee with Eric Feaver as to what is needed for the receipt

7.      Talk to Erik Burke regarding the Board of Ed Panel

8.      Write the Feature article in January, 2007 for newsletter

9.      Write lesson plan blurbs for November and March newsletter

10.  Submit lesson plans to website for November and March



1.      Type up May minutes and send to board

2.      Revise committee list and send to board

3.      Choose 3 winners for the October general meeting

4.      Edit January minutes and send to Tony to be posted on the website

5.      Communicate with general chairs regarding luncheon tickets, increased amount and having copies of teacher scholarship available

6.      Create a checklist for the program chair

7.      Update the policy manual and send out to board

8.      Update the procedure manual and send out to board

9.      Send last years’ minutes to anyone requesting them for their notebooks (Linda H.)


Lisa S.

1.      Update notebook requirements and send to Angel to get into procedures manual

2.      Send a standardized lesson plan format to Tony for the website

3.      Send E-mail list to Linda

4.      Talk to Terry regarding SIMMS T-shirts – order enough for the board to wear, too

5.      Establish open communications with MLC

6.      Work with Jim on getting Cathy Seeley to Montana

7.      Begin membership drive in August

8.      Ask the Program Chair and General Chair to log their time spent on MEA/MFT conference

9.      Send Program and General Chair procedure to Angel

10.  Find/type the instructions for manning the MCTM Booth at the MEA/MFT conference

11.  Let Kathy Daviau know the names of people presenting on the Board of Ed to avoid conflicts

12.  Submit Feature article and lesson plans to newsletter as needed

13.  Set budget in October



1.      Revise proposed budget

2.      Type up budget committee duties for procedures

3.      Get the signature card changed

4.      Talk to Sue re: IMPACT

5.      Send Lisa Wood $200 for PDA

6.      Get instructions for MCTM Booth

7.      Submit lesson plan blurb for August newsletter to Kathje

8.      Submit actual lesson plan to Tony Riehl to be posted on the website

9.      Talk to Jennie regarding the Preble Award rubric

10.  Update the trifold

11.  Debit card



1.      Discuss math contest with Satinee

2.      Check with Jacquie regarding Online Math needs

3.      Talk to Kathy Hill, Sue Harding or Kathy Wilkinson regarding PDA 2007 and let them know about the newsletter feature article, once confirmed

4.      Revise PDA procedure and send to Angel

5.      Check on website lesson plans that were to be submitted

6.      Meet with Lisa Wood regarding PDA

7.      Submit lesson plan blurb for August newsletter to Kathje

8.      Submit actual lesson plan to Tony Riehl to be posted on the website

9.      Get E-mail addresses from Lisa S. and begin sending out information to members


Lisa W.

1.      Send out a new, cleaned up membership list to board

2.      Contact the budget committee as a new member

3.      Update notebook

4.      E-mail 2003 and 2004 past due members

5.      Facilitate PDA in June

6.      Buy a flash drive and battery for the laptop

7.      Check with Stacy and Andy regarding the MEA SIMMS panel

8.      Check with Jacquie regarding members only portion of PDA

9.      Add a SIMMS sectional to MEA presentations

10.  E-mail October 1st membership

11.  Change board list



1.      Send a letter out to members in his region

2.      Revise Teacher’s Scholarship procedure and send to Angel

3.      Submit lesson plan blurb for May, 2007 newsletter to Kathje

4.      Submit actual lesson plan to Tony Riehl to be posted on the website

5.      Choose 3 winners for the October general meeting



1.      Talk to Linda regarding state math contest

2.      Get newsletter information to Kathje for next year

3.      Add Illuminations and On Math link to the MMO

4.      Submit lesson plan blurb for August, 2007 newsletter to Kathje

5.      Submit actual lesson plan to Tony Riehl to be posted on the website



1.      Apply to be on the P.D. Presenter’s List

2.      View the 9-12 Sampler from NCTM

3.      Encourage people to nominate other teachers for the Dean Preble Award

4.      Advertise PDA at Belgrade

5.      Choose 3 winners for the October general meeting

6.      Submit lesson plan blurb for March, 2007 newsletter to Kathje

7.      Submit actual lesson plan to Tony Riehl to be posted on the website

8.      Write Feature Article for May, 2007 newsletter



1.      Choose 3 winners for the October general meeting

2.      E-mail Region 1 with information

3.      Get indirect rate information from MLC

4.      Contact Lyle and Jennie regarding the Native American Scholarship Committee

5.      Contact Jean to remind her to write the Feature Article for MLC, August 2006



1.      Regional E-mail list

2.      Send out information regarding math contest and PDA to members

3.      Contact Gary Bauer regarding writing the Feature Article for the November, 2006 newsletter

4.      Submit lesson plan blurb for January, 2007 newsletter to Kathje

5.      Submit actual lesson plan to Tony Riehl to be posted on the website

6.      Choose 3 winners for the October general meeting

7.      Contact Barry Pollington regarding IMPACT information