Date:    June 23, 2003


Location:            Montana State University, Bozeman


Roll Call:            (Present) Jean Howard, Anne Blotkamp, Verne Schelpp, Deb Wickum, Lisa

Scott, Tony Riehl, Peggy Lynn, Linda Simonson,

(Welcome to new directors and president elect) Satinee Lightbourne, Carl

Anderberg, Libby Krussel (not present), Jim Hamling

                        (Visitors) Dick Seitz




Minutes:    Verne moved, Linda 2nd, the minutes from March 28 be accepted as read.

Motion passed.


Membership:    Deb handed out an updated hard copy of the membership list, with 300 paid members. Deb is getting the computer that was used by the previous treasurer so will better be able to manage the data base. Carl still has an MCTM printer. The IMAC previously used by the membership chair may be available for sale (first to directors, then to members). Membership cards will be available on line; confirmation of membership will be emailed. Mailing labels for newsletters will include the expiration date for present members. Deb will get a list of lapsed members' names to regional directors for contacting. A 'new member' spotlight will be published in the newsletter.


NCTM Affiliate Leadership Conference:    Lisa Scott reported that this conference is geared towards presidents and president-elects. NCTM plans to focus this next year on membership, their website, assessment, and public perception. NCTM is looking for names of people for major committees and task forces. Ideas for affiliates: list job openings on state website, as well as board meeting agendas and minutes; give recognition in newsletters for regional 'awards'; develop a new member packet; award prizes for new member sign-ups (i.e. a drawing for a trip to NCTM National Convention).


Regional Events:    Lisa will draft a proposal for doing a drawing. Ideas included: if you are currently a member and you sponsor a new member, your name is entered for each new recruit. If you update your own membership, as well as recruit longer memberships, you get your name entered more often. Smaller prizes will be awarded for regions, a trip to NCTM Conv. for a statewide drawing. Proposal needs to be ready to go for the fall meeting.


Committees:    Jean handed out a list of MCTM committees for 2003-2004. Johnny Lott donated $800 of his SIMMS royalites to the Native American Scholarship. A proposal for a SIMMS board that reports to the MCTM board was presented. Linda moved, Satinee 2nd to accept the proposal. Motion passed.




Policy and Procedures: Very slight changes were proposed for the By-Laws (to be voted upon by the membership at Annual Fall Business Meeting). Jim moved, Verne 2nd to accept changes to the Policy manual from March meeting. Additional changes proposed and accepted. Cliff needs to put together a proposal for Policy 5.1.9 for treasurer's compensation. Peggy needs to contact individuals for suggestions for various sections of the Procedures manual. To help with the nominations process, directors are directed to talk directly to possible nominees, especially for president elect.


Budget: Dick Seitz reported on MCTM investments. A tentative budget for 2003-04 was presented by Carl and Dick (with the help of Cliff). Suggestions for additions, deletions and other changes were made. Discussion included raising the registration for the math contest, looking for outside support for the scholarship dollars, and many questions concerning the audit.




Vision and Reality Conference Projects Update:


            1. Online chat groups - see handout

            2. K-16 Montana Math Network - see handout

            3. M3 (Math in Montana Mountains/Canyon Ferry Institute) - see proposal from Dick. Verne moved, Peggy 2nd that MCTM supports the proposed Montana Learning Center at the Canyon Ferry Institute with up to $10,000/year for 5 yeas in educational programs and/or funds. Motion passed. Ann and Carl will work with Dick at planning meetings.

            4. OPI-Title I - see handout.

            5. Navigating Through Montana/RAMP proposal - see RAMP Project handout

            6. Montana Math Enthusiast/Journal - see handout

            7. MCTM Website - purchased name '' for $100 for ten years. Hosted on the Skyview server for free. So far the website includes: Board of Directors with e-mail, Newsletter, Calendar of Events, Math Contest Tests, Board agenda and minutes, Mission statement, By-Laws, Policy Manual. Tony needs ideas for links.

            8. MCTM/eMASS - see handouts. Verne and Satinee are on the steering committee. Anne will write an article for the newsletter. Lisa moved, Satinee 2nd, that MCTM will award a 1-year membership to Montana mentees during the first year of the eMASS program (at the cost of approx. $200).


MPAW/PDA:     80 people applied, 40 were accepted for the workshop. The publication produced is called "Big Sky STARS" - Student/Teacher Assess. Resources, MCTM. The notebook includes (but is not limited to) assessment items with detailed responses, student sample responses, and clean copies of all grade level items.


MEA/MFT:    The keynote speaker is 9:00 AM Friday. Directors will run mini regional meetings during the 2-hour luncheon business meeting.




"Passing of the notebooks" - saying good-bye to Tony Riehl, Vickie Campbell, and Deb Wickum as directors. Tony will still manage website and Deb is now membership chairman.


Reminder to directors to be writing newsletter articles and recruiting candidates.


All directors are asked to send the names and addresses of superintendents, principles and other administrators to Jean.



Meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM.