Agenda – MCTM Board Meeting – 28 June 2004

Montana Learning Center @ Canyon Ferry Lake



q                   9:00 a.m.: Attendance – Jean Howard, Jim Hamling, Linda Horst, Libby Krussel, Ann Blotcamp, Satinee Lightbourne, Carl Anderberg, Peggy Lynn, Verne Schlepp, Charles Deisher, and Lisa Scott

q                   Welcome new board members: Linda Horst (Region 4, Will James Middle School, Billings) and Charles Deisher (Region 5, Terry High School, Terry)



q                   Minutes: Verne moved and Satinee 2nd to accept minutes as corrected. Motion passed.

q                   Treasurer: Cliff was not present to give a treasurer’s report.

q                   MMASS: David Erickson submitted a letter to declare the dissolution of MMASS. The remaining monies in the treasury will be split between MCTM and MSTA, resulting in an amount of $416.54 to each organization.

q                   Native American Scholarship: Lyle Anderson reported in a letter that there were no qualified applicants for this scholarship for this school year. Lyle also suggested that MCTM solicit donations for this scholarship from other sources. At this time, Johnny Lott is donating his SIMMS royalties for this purpose.

q                   Montana Learning Center: MLC is now incorporated with Dick Seitz as chairman and John Miller as asst. chair of the Board of Directors. MCTM met and exceeded its first year’s commitment of $10,000 in programs or dollars for the MLC.

q                   NCTM Affiliate Leadership Conference: Satinee was disappointed in this year’s conference but testimony from previous year’s attendees led MCTM to continue support for two board members to attend this conference on a bi-yearly basis.

q                   High School Summit Mtg. - Lisa Scott and Tony Riehl attended in Billings. The intent was to get rural schools together to discuss how NCLB was affecting them. Teams of administrators were created from each of the five states in attendance. US Dept. of Education officials presented, stating that NCLB was here to stay and that there are federal funds available for implementation (Title II Funds - somewhere from $28-$53 million for Montana). The DOD and NSA are concerned that good mathematicians and scientists are not getting produced. The focus of NCLB has shifted to develop good teachers ('highly qualified') because then student achievement should improve.

q                   Math Contest - Satinee reported that tests were being written this weekend. See the attached proposal for changes to how the contests will be run. It is felt the new organization will be easier for site directors and better for students. A new design for pins is also being adopted for this year.

q                   PDA: Geometry for Middle School will be presented by Dave and Cynthia Thomas. There are only 17 registrants so MCTM will be required to cover $700 in costs. Two U of M credits will be available or 25 renewal units.

q                   Planning for next year: Proposal needs to be ready by fall MEA so information can be distributed. Charles moved, Peggy 2nd to continue offering support for Academies. Linda Horst amended to include a non-refundable deposit for registration. Motion Passed. Jim and Linda Horst will plan for 2005. Suggestions included: Elementary, Number Sense, NCLB. Location to be arranged (MLC preferred); dates TBA (3-4 days).

q                   STARs: Payment guidelines were developed due to problems in the past (see attached). The STARS workshops are generating some funds for MCTM. The following workshops have been held or are being planned:

2003    December @ MLC

2004    February in Hardin, April in Lewiston, July in Billings, August in Bozeman, TBA for Missoula and Superior

Sites pay for food for participants, lodging and mileage for presenters. Registration of $60/participant goes to MCTM to pay up to $400/presenter.

q                   MEA/MFT conference: “Advisory position” Proposal: Lisa moved, Charles 2nd that the MEA/MFT Program Chair be a 3 year term. The first two years are as acting Program Chair for the conference, with the 3rd year acting as a mentor to the new Program and General Chair. The mentor’s responsibilities include attending the two MEA planning meetings along with the new chairs and being available for questions through out the planning for that year. Motion passed. Linda Horst moved, Satinee 2nd that a coordinated budget be developed with the Program Chair (include this in the Program Chair duties in the MCTM Procedures Manual).

q                   Yahoo Chat Group status and recommendations: There has been little activity in the High School Chat group. It was felt this was due to a lack of knowledge about the group by the general membership. Verne volunteered to develop ‘awareness’ posters for the MEA conference outlining what MCTM has to offer its members. These posters will be displayed at the registration booth, hospitality room and poster session. Directors are to email regional membership about chat groups.

q                   Region reports: All directors are working on developing a workable e-mail list for communicating with members within their regions.

q                   E-Journal: Up and running on the MCTM Website. Over 200 hits on the first day.

q                   T-Shirts: Jim has a source that can supply shirt + printing for $6.50 each. He would like them available for sale at MEA for $10. Charles moved, Libby 2nd to spend a maximum of $1500 on two types of designs. Motion passed.



q                   Policy and Procedures/Joint Membership Fee vote: It was agreed to accept MSTA’s proposal to increase the joint membership fee for MCTM/MSTA to $30.

q                   COMET Grant: See attached Abstract and Budget. Indirect costs included in the grant are funds for a bookkeeper (Carol from MLC), communications director (Jean) and financial coordinator (Dick). Approx. $135,000 is committed to the MLC for facilities costs and equipment (wireless computers). To handle the finances of the grant, an account needs to be opened at an appropriate institution. Satinee moved, Lisa 2nd to resolve that Jean Howard, Richard Seitz and Gary Bauer be named as the authorized signatures on an account at the TriCounty Federal Educators Credit Union for the purpose of the MCTM COMET Grant.

Timeline:           2004 - Design programs for grade bands

                                    2005 - First set of 10 day (two week) workshops

                                    2006 - Five day follow up

q                   Institutional Membership/Donations: MCTM does have nonprofit status so donations are tax deductible. Further discussion will be held at the General Meeting for ideas of how to implement a donation program (if we want to).

q                   Newsletter Advertisements: Jim moved, Charles 2nd that brief announcements relative to course offerings by institutions of higher education and other information that would benefit mathematics educators be accepted for the MCTM newsletter. Other advertising will not be solicited at this time. Motion passed.

q                   SIMMS Board of Trustees: Jim moved, Satinee 2nd that the MCTM Board accept the proposed Extension and Supplemental budgets for the SIMMS-IM Dissemination Project with the addition of an itemized description of the Indirect Costs for MSU-Bozeman ($2,814.35) reflecting payment to Terry Sourhada ($1500) and Peter Fong ($1000) for consulting services to Kendall-Hunt. See attached budget.

q                   Budget proposal: The prepared proposal was reviewed by the Board on a line item basis, with suggestions for changes. Carl moved, Peggy 2nd that the budget be balanced before approval. Motion failed. Satinee moved, Jim 2nd that the budget be accepted with a deficit of $2402. Motion passed. See attached revisions.

q                   Procedures Manual: Treasurer's duties include presenting a line item report and investment update at each Board Mtg.

q                   Policy Manual: Section 5.1.9 - MCTM will pay a substitute teacher for up to 2 days a month for Treasurer release time to fulfill duties, or $2900 in direct compensation to the Treasurer.

q                   Montana Association of Presidential Awardees, MAPA, request additional $500 to make a total of $1000 (which had already been committed by MCTM).

q                   Newsletter Editors: Teachers at Great Falls High are being recruited for a possible new newsletter staff so as to keep the newsletter published by Central Printing (located in Great Falls).

q                   Other: A huge THANK-YOU to Jean Howard for her exceptional leadership and many jobs well done during her term as MCTM President.



q                   “Passing of the Notebooks” from retiring board members to new board members

q                   Newsletter item; September, November, January, March, May

q                   Recruiting candidates

q                   Other