Agenda – MCTM Board Meeting – 28 June 2003

Agenda – MCTM Board Meeting –  10 June  2005

                        Canyon Ferry – Montana Learning Center



q       1:20 p.m. – Called to order by President Jim Hamling

q       Members Present:   Jim Hamling (Pres.), Jean Howard (Past Pres.) Linda Horst, Anne Blotkamp, Charles Deisher, Lisa Scott, Peggy Lynn and Carl Anderberg

Members Absent: Satinee Lightbourne, Libby Krussel

q       Reimbursements – Cliff Bara reported that there are 2 options for board members wishing to donate the mileage, lodging or food back to MCTM organization. Option 1 is to fill the form out completely and write a personal check back to MLC or MCTM. Option 2 is to fill out the reimbursement form partially and then keep your own personal records for an IRS claim of charitable contribution. The IRS will accept notebook with notes.

q       Comments – Jim introduced new members to the board and thanked board members that are leaving for their service. He also updated contact information for each board member.


q       Minutes – Charles moved, Linda 2nd to accept minutes.

q       Treasurer – Cliff reported that MCTM currently has $40,000 in the checking account. (See attachments A, B and C)

o        The SIMMS Dissemination money is ending, which will result in a $1250 per month decrease in income.

o        Cliff was also able to have the accountants change the fiscal year to match the calendar year.

o        Cliff requested copies of investments from the Investment firms to be sent directly to him. Jim will request this from the investment firms.

o         Cliff reported that the money was taken out of the general fund and to the present date the Math Contest is losing money each year. Some members discussed having corporate sponsorships for the Math Contest. This is an item to be discussed at the Visions & Reality Conference.

o        There have been some problems with checks being mailed to MLC for MCTM events. A few checks were accidentally cashed, but MCTM has been credited towards their bill at MLC for these checks that were cashed. Jean suggested that the presenters of an MCTM sponsored event needs to clarify who the check is to be made out to several times.

o        Board expenses are a minimal expense.

o        One of MCTM’s larger expenses is the NCTM Annual Conference. In 2004, $4500 was spent and in 2005 $3864 was spent.

o        During the June 2004 board meeting, the line item of Board Email was voted to be removed from the budget. This has not been done. Cliff will remove the line item from the budget.

o        Carl moved, Peggy 2nd that Policy change V J be accepted. The new policy will read: The Budget Finance Committee, made up of the Treasurer, Investment Chair and at least one board member will present a preliminary budget at the annual spring meeting, to be voted on during the annual fall meeting.

q       Membership – Jim reported that in July, 2004 there were 366 members. At present there are 301 members.  There was a request to get an updated membership list to the board members. Jim will request this be e-mailed to the board members from Deb Wickum. Cliff also suggested that to help members know when their membership is due, a fluorescent label could be used to indicate the need for renewal.

o        Lisa S. reported that the NCTM contest generated 52 renewals and 37 new members for a total of $2200. That money, as well as regional money was used to pay for the winner’s trip. There were some misunderstandings as to what was reimbursed and what was not reimbursed. Lisa will generate a form/contract that states what the winner of the contest can expect to be reimbursed.

q       Native American Scholarship – Libby was not present; Jim reported that there were no applicants for the scholarship at this time. There was some discussion about opening the scholarship up to elementary education majors with a math concentration. Jim will contact the new members added to this committee and advise them to research the above suggestion.

q       MCTM Scholarships – Jim reported that there is a budget of $2000 per year for teacher scholarships. Teachers may apply for $100 for in state conferences and $250 for out of state conferences. Evelyn Roundstone was awarded a $250 scholarship for the Connected Math Conference in Connecticut. That is the only awardee. It was suggested that every workshop sponsored by MCTM advertises that there are “Scholarships Available”.

q       COMET update – Jean reported that through the COMET grant there are now 4 hardwired computers, 3 wireless computers and 10 computers in the basement of the staff house.  There was discussion as to which group takes ownership of the equipment after the grant ends. No decision was made. There are 28 high schools teachers, 28 middle school teachers and 34 elementary teachers signed up for the COMET grant. COMET will pay for 75 memberships through this grant.

q       Math Contest – Satinee was not present; Jim reported that Sherry Horyna has agreed to run the contest from Grass Range for one more year. Linda had certificates printed through Billings Public Schools print shop at a significant savings from the previous years. The pins were also much less expensive than previous years.  Charles received a letter from a Winnet teacher unhappy about the new format of the contest. The teacher chose not to send his students to the contest. It was decided that Charles will send a copy of each test to the teacher and let him know that the issue was discussed at the Spring meeting.

q       PDA – Linda reported there were 35 participants signed up. There was discussion about the deadline issue and it was decided that there will not be a deadline for canceling PDA. This year there are two (2) credits offered through MSU. The presenters will help to get paperwork completed at the beginning of the workshop. According to the roster, only two (2) teachers are currently MCTM members, so it will increase the MCTM membership.

q       SIMMS – Lisa S. reported that Peter & Terry are under contract for revisions. There are 7 or 8 teams of teachers (2 teachers per team) that are currently going through the SIMMS modules and revising the Teacher’s Edition. The new modules will be unveiled at NCTM Annual Conference in April. There is no profit from the SIMMS publications to MCTM.

q       SEC – Lisa S. reported on the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum. It is a survey instrument that will be used for every Title grant in the state from here on it. The Montana Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (MSEC) is based out of OPI. It is used to align curriculum, assessment and instruction to the Montana Standards through Professional Development. There is the capability to map what is actually taught in the curriculum to the state standards and/or to the CRT.  The SEC’s main purpose is to create dialogue between teachers and administers. Districts can access MSEC through Al McMilin @ OPI ([email protected]). More information is available through

o        Concerns regarding SEC: Math teachers are not the only teachers coding the math standards around the United States. OPI has stated that they are planning on revising the Montana standards this summer, yet no one from OPI has contacted MCTM in regards to this. Another concern is whether the state CRTs is aligned to the state standards.

q       STARS – Jean reported that they have put workshops on recently in Power. And have workshops planned for Great Falls and Billings this summer. Edith Roos, Linda Ransford and Jenny Combs are the primary presenters at this time. They are working on getting more STARS II workshops around the state. There are no binders set up fro STARS II, so it is more expensive. Cliff would like a roster from each of the STARS workshops to correlate payments coming in.

q       Region reports – each director will report during the Vision & Reality Conference

q       Elections – Anne reported that 82 votes were returned versus 64 returned the previous year. Cliff suggested that MCTM might decide to prepay the ballots to help to increase the turnout. Anne would like the ballots to be colored to help in the sorting process. Lisa Wood has volunteered to serve as Nominations Chair.

q       Newsletter - Jim reported that the first deadline for the newsletter is August 10th. There is a need for the reminder e-mail list to be updated, so that all potential contributors receive a reminder. Jim will be sure that the Newsletter committee receives this list.

q       MEA – Jean reported that she has been in contact with Kathy Warner and there will be a silent auction and social at MEA/MFT Conference immediately following the Teacher of the Year Banquet. The money received will be split evenly between MLC and the Karen Cox Memorial Grant. Each curriculum group has been asked to donate an item to the silent auction. Lisa S. and Lisa W. will work on this. Some possible suggestions include a wine & cheese basket, a donation from T.I. or a gift certificate from Applebee’s.

o        The number of sectionals are down from last year.

o        Charles moved, Anne 2nd to put $300 in the budget for a banner for the registration table. The motion passed unanimously.  The banner will have MCTM as well as Montana Council of Teacher’s of Mathematics on it. Linda will take care of ordering the banner.

o        There will be a ticket taker at the door for this year’s lunch and meeting. The tickets must be acquired ahead of time at the MCTM booth. There will be posters needed to advertise the lunch and meeting. Linda will be sure that the posters are ready; Jim will let Linda know the total number of posters or signs needed.

q       NCTM Leadership in Denver – There were no members interested in attending the conference this year. The conference has been limited to 40 people. During the summer of 2007 Lisa S. and another member can go if there is interest.

q       MLC – Jean reported that MCTM has received $2925 from MLC through various sales, binders, memberships. etc. Jean handed out financial reports (attachments D-H). MLC is not billing MCTM for using the facilities during the board meeting, Vision and Reality Conference and math contest writers. There usual charge is $35/night lodging and $28/day for food. MLC is making money off of lodging and meals at this time. They are working on getting MLC handicapped accessible so that OPI and other groups will be able to book it for their meetings. Grant writing is a major part of their income right now. There will be an open house during MASCD Conference, June 14th.


q       Appointments – The MCTM Committee members were revised to reflect the change in board members. See attached “MCTM Committee” list.

o        Lisa S. requested that the board get updated electronic membership lists every 2 months.

o        In October, 2004, a line item of $1200 was placed in the budget to replace or update equipment as needed. If the money is not used, it rolls over to the next year. The expenditures need to be approved by the equipment committee only. As a courtesy, the committee has agreed to keep the board posted in regards to upcoming purchases.

q       Plaques – Cliff requested that the plaque for President be distinguished from a director plaque.  Linda moved and Jean 2nd that Angel is responsible for updating the president plaque, keeping in mind fiscal responsibility. Carried 4-3.


q       History of MCTM archives – Cliff will bring the archives to MLC by August so that the storage shed rental will be eliminated. Jean will call Cliff when the area is cleaned and ready at MLC. He will also bring SIMMS material.



q       Newsletter item for :    Sept  -  due August 10th

q       Boards members

Jim H.

1.  Request copies of investments be sent to Cliff Bara quarterly

2.  Speak to Deb Wickum regarding updated membership list

3.  Contact new committee members regarding serving on committees

4.  Update Newsletter reminder list and give information to Kathje


Cliff B.

1.  Remove “Board Email” line item

2.  Proposed budget to be presented at October meeting

3.  Look for corporate sponsorship for Math Contest scholarships

4.  Straighten out Billings STARS invoice

5.  Select Dean Preble award by end of July

6.  Contact equipment committee



1.  Recruit new members

2.  Research a new President plaque

3.  Type up and email minutes to board



1. Proposed budget to be presented at October meeting

2. Letter and 7-12 MCTM tests to Winnett teacher

3. Mailing to constituents

4. Recruit new members



1. Proposed budget to be presented at October meeting

2. Nominations



1.  STARS rosters/workshop list to Cliff

2.  Communicate MEA information to Deb Johnson (tickets, luncheon, table, etc.)


Lisa S.

1. Silent auction item for MEA/MFT

2. Get MCTM membership forms for Billings STARS workshops

3. Check with Kathy Gonzales regarding STARS invoice

4. Find a replacement for Leadership Committee




Lisa W.

1. Silent auction item for MEA/MFT

2. Recruit new members

3. Promote MCTM scholarships

4.  Select Dean Preble Award by end of July



1.  Banner for MEA

2.  PDA



1.  Email approved minutes to Tony

2.  Electronically send by-laws, policies and procedures to all members

MCTM Committees

Budget Committee:

        Cliff Bara – Treasurer                                          Carl Anderberg – Past Treasurer

Dick Seitz – Investments chair                           Charles Deisher – Board Member


History of MCTM Committee:

Kim Girard – Past President                                Larry Kaber – Past President


Leadership Conference:

        Alyson Mike – MSTA                                        Lisa Scott – President Elect

        Angel Greenley – Board Member                      Ellen Rose – MCTM

        Walt Woolbaugh - MSTA


Math Contest:

            Satinee Lightbourne – Contest Director

    Site directors:        Dawn Rowling, Tony Riehl, Linda Horst,  Michelle Flanagan, Lee Brown, Sue Moore, LeAnne Wright,  Sandy Johnson, Charles Deisher, Sharon Carroll, Sherry Horyna, LeAnn Yenny, Anne Keith,  Yvonne Gebhardt, Mary Wagner and Marie Mavencamp


MEA/MFT Conference:

        Cole Maxwell (Lee Brown) – Site director        Deb Johnson – Program Chair


Montana Mathematics Newsletter editors:

        Kathje Dalton (articles)       Kurt Shepherd (format)       Mary Aspinwall (copying & mailing)


Student Teacher Assessment ResourceS (STARS):

        Jean Howard – Past President                           Linda Ransford – Elementary Level MCTM

        Edith Roos – Middle School Level MCTM     Jenny Combs – High School Level MCTM


Native American Scholarship Committee:

        Lyle Anderson – Chair                                        Libby Krussel – U of M

        Wayne Stein – Native American Educator      Karma Nelson


Nominations Committee:

        Lisa Wood – Chair – Region 4 – HS Sue Harding – Region 1 – Elementary

        Char Bunker – Region 2 – Elementary              Tony Riehl – Region 4 – HS

        Yvonne Gebhardt – Region 5 – HS                   Carl Anderberg – Region 3 – HS


Simms Board of Trustees: (to be revised)

        Jean Howard – past President                           Lisa Scott – (vision) – President Elect

        Peggy Lynn – (financial)                                    Terry Souhrada – Chair

        Johnny Lott


Teacher Scholarship Committee:

        Mike Pierre – Monforton School


Web Site Committee:                                                 MLC Representative:

        Tony Riehl – Billings                                           Jenny Leubeck


NCTM Rep:                                                                  PDA Chair:  

        Cliff Bara – Treasurer                                          Linda Horst – Board member


Membership Chair:                                                    Dean Preble Award:

        Lisa Wood – Board member                               Cliff Bara, Lisa Wood, Deb Wickum


Equipment Committee:

        Cliff Bara – Treasurer,         Jim Hamling – President      Lisa Wood – Board Member