Date:             October 15, 2003


Location:            Lincoln Center, Billings


Roll Call:            (Present) Jean Howard, Anne Blotkamp, Verne Schelpp, Lisa

Scott, Peggy Lynn, Linda Simonson, Satinee Lightbourne, Carl

Anderberg, Libby Krussel, Jim Hamling, Cliff Bara

(Visitor) Maurice Burke, Jenny Combs and Pam Koterba





Minutes:    Satinee moved, Lisa 2nd, the minutes from June 23 be accepted as read.

Motion passed.


Treasurer:    This summer cash flow problems resulted when claims on Dissemination Grant through MSU took longer than before (now approx. 3 months). Budget summaries from last fiscal year (June '02 - May '03) and June '03 to present were handed out. An investment update from Dick Seitz was also presented


SIMMS Board of Trustrees:    (see handout from Gary Bauer with most recent updates). MCTM proposed a budget and requirements for revisions to KH; decision should be made within a month (November). Some royalty money is being put in escrow to cover advancement on future royalties. Jean asked the SIMMS Board to look into legal boundaries and future royalty payments to original writers (develop a structure). Lisa asked the Board to discuss a possible name change. We also want Gary to gather feedback from experienced teachers for suggestions to give the three writers for revisions.





Budget Proposal:    (see handout). The proposal was discussed by line item.

            SIMMS Royalties - MCTM receives 5% of royalties from SIMMS (low this past year due to change over process to Kendall Hunt). Expected to net only $500-1000.


SIMMS IM - MCTM receives approx. $1500/month from the Dissemination Grant (finished in Aug. 2004).


Math Contest - Scholarship money comes from investment funds. Income and expenses adjusted. Carl moved, Peggy 2nd, that participant cost be raised from $2.50 to $3.00 (of which state's portion would increase from $1.00 to $1.25). This would be on a one year trial basis to see if it affects participant numbers.


Scholarships - Need to add Dean Preble ($300) and Teacher Scholarships ($2000).


Membership - Last year each region was granted $500 for regional events; of which $250 was reappropriated for NCTM Nat. Conference Promotion. Lisa shared her idea about email contact with her region members. She sends out reminders about conferences, workshops and passes on classroom ideas. Verne suggested putting an open letter of invitation in Math Contest packets for coaches.


Website - Internet Montana is hosting site for free; $100 is for name (good for 10 years)


Publications/Journal - (see handout from Bharath Sriraman). Cliff reminded us of the history of our previous Journal - which became a very contentious issue due to costs and difficulty in getting article contributions.


NCTM - Every 2 years the President-elect and one board member will be sent to the NCTM Leadership Conference. In the 'off' years, board members will be sent to NCSM.


Conferences and Workshops - Carl suggested that conferences are not only for professional development, but also a source of funds for MCTM.


The budget committee was given the task to align the budget line items with the treasurer's bookkeeping structure, make adjustments and report with a final proposal at the next Board meeting.


Dean Preble Award - There were no nominees made for this award for this year. A list of criteria and guidelines for nominations was handed out.


By-Laws, Policy and Procedures - By-Laws changes will be voted upon at the general meeting. Updated Procedures Manual was handed out, additions discussed and minor corrections made.


Nominations - Ann Blotcamp is chairman of committee. By Sept. 30 regional directors should be talking to people, getting commitments for at least two people for each position. Next year the following need to be replaced: Pres.-Elect (Jim), Region 4 (Lisa), Grade 5-8 (Peggy), and Elementary K-4 (Ann).


REPORTS, cont.


K-16 Networking Workshop - to be an annual event, in September


Leadership Conference - MCTM will pay board members registration. New registration fees are $150 for non-members, $125 for members (extra pays for a 2-year membership). Carol Commodore (same keynote from last year) will be speaking on a new theme.


EMSS - free membership to mentees. Their names are included in the drawing for trip to Philly.


Membership Drive - Winner will be announced at Leadership Conf. Alternates chosen in case the winner declines. If the winner is not a member of NCTM, they must pay the extra registration.


Big Sky STARS Project - Grant will cover the following: Pilot Workshop Oct. 24-25; Assessment Training Dec. 5-6 and Feb. 20-21; scoring and revision of Piloted materials in late March. NCTM requested permission to reprint selected assessment items from the STARS Project in an upcoming publication - MCTM granted permission.




MEA/MFT - General Meeting agenda handed out. During Regional meetings, regional directors asked to promote STARS Project workshops and gather suggestions as to what MCTM can do for its members. Pam Koterba and Jenny Combs reported that 77 sectionals were scheduled (6-9 each hour which include all 3 grade levels). Keynote expenses will be shared with MSTA. Pam and Jenny have volunteered to be Co-Program Chairs for 2004 at Helena High School.


Montana Math Specialists Project - Dick Seitz, Gary Bauer, Margaret Bowles, Eric Burke and Jean Howard met to discuss what to do about NCLB criteria for 'highly qualified teachers.' It was suggested that training and testing occur at Canyon Ferry Institute in order for teachers to meet state qualification standards.  There would be a series of five sessions for each grade band (K-5, 6-8, 9-12) for an approximate cost of $500,000. A team of six college and six K-12 teachers needed to lay out ideas for proposal by early November. Carl moved, Satinee 2nd, that MCTM support initial meeting for this project.




Jenny Combs asked for last minute help with MEA conference - 'manning' MCTM booth and a few other details.


Reminder to directors to be writing newsletter articles and recruiting candidates.



Meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM.