Minutes – MCTM Board Meeting – 20 October 2004

Montana Learning Center @ Canyon Ferry Lake



q       9:20 a.m. Meeting called to order

q       Attendees: Jim Hamling (Pres.), Jean Howard (Past Pres.), Cliff Bara (Treas.), Carl Anderberg, Satinee Lightbourne, Linda Horst, Ann Blotcamp, Lisa Scott, Charles Deisher, Libby Krussel, and Peggy Lynn

q       Visitors: Maurice Burke, Dick Seitz and Gary Bauer


q       Minutes –Charles moved, Linda 2nd minutes be accepted as corrected.

q       Treasurer – See attached Profit & Loss for Fiscal Year 2003-2004, P&F for FY 2004-2005 (to this point) and Budget Sheet. There was discussion about changing the fiscal year to the calendar year, which would require a one-time IRS filing for June to Dec. for approx. $1200. Cliff will try to get a better prediction for possible reduction in costs for filing a calendar year return and bring information to next meeting.

Charles moved, Satinee 2nd, that in MCTM Policy 5.3.4 “except for October” be removed and delete section 5.3.5. These changes will be voted upon at the next meeting. There was a reminder that reimbursement for travel is at ‘state rates.’ Carl volunteered to do a cost analysis for mileage for budget consideration.

q       Investments – See attached investment report from Dick Seitz

q       Dean Preble Award – There were several nominations for Jr./HS but none for elementary. The criteria needs to be clarified to include recognition for service to MCTM/Mathematics teaching (the nominee does not have to be a teacher). The nomination form should be included in every newsletter.

q       Native American Scholarship – Libby will work with Lyle Anderson to revise the letter to open the scholarship to any level of teacher with a math emphasis (the letter now reads ‘secondary level’).

q       SIMMS – Maurice presented the attached Revision Amendment for the revision of the SIMMS materials. Need the final okay from Kendal/Hunt.

q       COMET Grant – Jean H. reported that the following schools were ‘partners’ for the project and given priority for filling the available slots for teachers attending the professional development workshops (opportunities will be made available to other schools if space allows): Troy, Heart Butte, Lodge Grass, Helena, Browning, Pryor and Hardin. See attached statement of purpose and application form.

q       PDA – Linda H. reported the plans for the summer PDA to be held at the MLC. It will be a K-6 Number Sense Workshop with presenters Nina Miller and Angel Greenley. See attached application form. The application is also available on the MCTM website. Jim H. presented ideas to help the summer PDA’s be more successful – see attached list.

q       STARs – Jean H. reported STARS is alive and well with plans for workshops in Kalispell and Missoula, as well as repeat performances at the MLC in December and February.

q       MEA/MFT  -  Reminders: MCTM t-shirts will be available at the booth for $10, $12 for XXL; anyone working the booth must keep track of what funds are for that are received; and we need to spread the word that the Hospitality room is for everyone.

Suggestions were made for Program Chair and General Chair for the 2005 Conference in Missoula. (Later it was determined that Deb Johnson will take on the task of Program Chair and General Chair will be shared by Cole Maxwell and Lee Brown).

q       Region reports – it was proposed that at the annual meeting Jim announce what MCTM has done relative to the suggestions made in the regional breakout sessions at the 2003 annual meeting.

Cliff handed out the new brochures for MCTM membership with board member info updated.

q       Montana Learning Center – See attached request proposal for funds. The board had a long discussion about why MCTM was asked to provide the most support for the MLC. Most members wanted some type of monetary return for the $50,000 either in hard dollars or facility use discounts. The biggest concerns were the sustainability (in funding as well as enthusiasm of leadership) for the future. There was a question of liability if the MLC is not successful.

Charles moved, Peggy 2nd, that information from the MLC (mission statement, by-laws, policy and business plan) be disseminated to MCTM board members before a decision is made. It was suggested that counterproposals be made including alternative amounts ‘donated’ or ‘loaned’ with various payback methods to MCTM. The board will come to a consensus by Nov. 15 via email.

See attached information and application forms for the T^3 Regional Conference and Grant Writing Workshop already scheduled for the MLC.

q       Leadership Conf. – Lisa reported that the current committee was working well together and should continue to plan these conferences (Angel Greenley, Alyson Mike, Ellen Miller and Lisa Scott). The theme for this year’s conference is ‘At Risk Students’ with keynote speaker Freta Parks, author of the book Framework for Understanding Poverty. There will also be five breakout sessions. Location is the Bozeman Holiday Inn. Application forms will be available at the MCTM and MSTA booths and hospitality room.

q       Elections – Nominations were taken for President-Elect: Satinee Lightbourne and Lisa Scott. Nominations for board members were also made: Kathie Dalton (Reg. 2 HS), Linda Ransford (Reg. 3 Elem.), Angel Greenley (Reg. 4 Elem.), Jenny Luebeck (Univ.) with possibilities of Jody Ruff and Mary Jo Hamling.


q       Policy and Procedures/Joint Membership Fee vote – Charles moved, Jean 2nd, to accept Section 2.2.1 joint MCTM/MSTA membership dues change to $30. Charles moved, Satinee 2nd to accept Section 5.1.9 treasurer payment for services options.

q       Budget discussion – Carl A. suggested we needed a process for handling money requests to MCTM to aid in short term/long term budget planning. Cliff suggested we split the budget into three main categories: Operating budget, Professional development/services, and Miscellaneous Out of the Blue. Other discussion included developing a process for grant writing (i.e. MCTM’s role), a conflict of interest policy and just what is the bottom line for MCTM’s investment account?

q       Computer purchases – Cliff proposed MCTM develop a 4-5 year rotation plan for computer replacement. See the attached current inventory. Charles moved and Peggy 2nd to include computer replacement as a budget line item for 2005-2006 @ $1200. This amount would be carried over to the following year if not spent.

Policy change proposed for Section 5.4.3 as to which members of the board (and staff) are supplied with computer technology.

q       Newsletter Editors – Satinee will pursue possibilities for newsletter editors in Great Falls and Lisa Scott will pursue possibilities in Billings, reporting back to Jean.

q       K-16 Network Conference – The fall conference began with 15 attending, decreasing to 5 by the end of the session. A general consensus was to change the direction of the conference from creating a list of core mastered skills that have to be done at every grade level (since this may not match individual school’s curriculums) to ‘unpacking’ the Montana State Standards. They looked at the content standards and benchmarks to develop a description of the spirit of the standard, list core skills required and provide examples of assessment. This material could be used by a teacher to make a set of posters for a classroom to be referenced for core skills. There were three sessions scheduled at MEA to get feedback on DRAFT materials. The big questions is “Do we continue this process?” and how to involve OPI in the big picture.

q       The next MCTM board meeting will be Jan. 6, 2005 in Bozeman. The summer meeting will be held at the MLC June 13, followed by two days of long range planning.



q       Newsletter item for :  November, January, March, May

q       MEA/MFT fall conference – additional volunteers were solicited for working at the MCTM booth. Cliff and Charles will check off current members for luncheon attendance.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm.