Minutes – MCTM Board Meeting –  19 October 2005

                             Administration Office Room 214 – Missoula, MT


q       10:00 a.m. – Called to order by President Jim Hamling

q       Members Present:   Jim Hamling (Pres.), Lisa Scott (Pres. Elect), Linda Horst, Angel Greenley, Charles Deisher, Lisa Wood, Jennie Luebeck, Satinee Lightbourne, Libby Nott,  Carl Anderberg and Cliff Bara

Guests Present: Jean Howard, Terry Souhrada

q       Reimbursements – It was clarified that for this meeting, MCTM board members will be reimbursed for the following: mileage, 1 night lodging, dinner Tuesday evening and breakfast Wednesday morning.  


q       Minutes –

q       Lisa Wood moved, Charles 2nd minutes to be accepted as corrected (corrections on responsibility page)

q       Treasurer – Cliff reported that MCTM currently has $39,489.66 in the checking account. (See attachments A & B – MCTM Treasurer’s Report; Current Value of MCTM Investments)

q       MCTM paid out $86,035 to 44 people in miscellaneous income for work on PDA, STARS, etc.  (See attachment C – Vendors Misc. Income) In order to get paid for a project, Cliff needs an expense voucher. This is not always happening, which is causing delayed payments.

q       Cliff also requested that when there is an MCTM sponsored project (such as STARS, PDA, etc.), it is important to have checks made out to MCTM, not the organization where it is held.

q       IRS requires a 10-99 form for miscellaneous income of $600 or more per year.  Cliff currently sends 10-99’s to anyone who is receiving money from MCTM. According to the accountant, it was suggested to send 10-99 to people earning over $600. The board agreed with this recommendation.

q       Linda questioned whether the $825 cashed by MLC was taken off of the PDA invoice from MLC. Cliff is checking with Jean to find out what is happening with this. He will not send the check to MLC until this is clarified.

q       SIMMS Update – Terry Souhrada, chair of the SIMMS committee reported (See attachment D – SIMMS Committee Report)

q       Simms is in revision for the 3rd edition, it is to be released in Spring, 2006.

q       There is no cost to MCTM for SIMMS, except the cost of time for Cliff to print and send out checks.

q       Warm-ups are present at all levels now

q       Teacher Editions are much more user friendly, thanks to the 16 teachers that worked on the revisions.  It will be a wrap around format to resemble other TE’s

q       Gary was the marketing force for SIMMS because the sales personnel are presenting it without teaching from it.

q       Coreplus, IMP & SIMMS are the only 3 NSF projects that are still available.

q       Georgia state adoption is going all integrated math, so SIMMS is hoping to get into the state of Georgia.

q       Key Curriculum has contacted Terry regarding getting ancillary activities using Fathom or Sketchpad and other technology.

q       Kendall-Hunt now has their first K-12 series with SIMMS

q       The big question is, “Are we going to get SIMMS back in Montana? How?” This is a question that still comes up as Kendall Hunt is marketing SIMMS.

q       MCTM will get 10 sets of SIMMS materials. Terry recommends that MCTM gives the copies to each of the universities in the Montana system. Right now, Montana pre-service students see COREPLUS as the only innovative program while in teacher prep.

q       Cliff suggested that at MEA Conference next fall, we should have a “SIMMS BLITZ”

q       Show people what it looks like at the MCTM booth

q       Have 6 sectionals on SIMMS with teachers presenting how they use SIMMS in their classroom

q       Lisa W. suggested Jacquie McDonald to be one of these presenters. Jennie suggested to bring someone from another state to present, possibly someone from a failing school that is making SIMMS work in their school.

q       Jim Hamling received an email from Gary Bauer (see attachment E – email letter). We have $1545.33 as extra money. This money is left over from teachers who didn’t pilot the program as expected due to different circumstances. The money was never intended to be a profit to MCTM. Gary’s suggestion was to give this money to Cliff for all of his hard work in promoting and getting SIMMS to the point that it is today.

q       Satinee moved that we give $750 of the SIMMS money to Cliff, with the remaining funds going towards the SIMMS BLITZ at the 2006 MEA/MFT Teacher’s Convention.

q       Discussion – Charles suggested $1000 goes to Cliff; Carl that thought the remaining funds would give the council significant monies.

q       Linda called the motion. Motion carried.

q       The SIMMS committee will be in charge of getting the Blitz organized and will have a report and plan ready to present at the January, 2006 meeting.

q       Budget Committee – (see attachment F – MCTM Draft Budget 2006)

q       Cliff reported that the Income and Expense Columns are the proposed budget for 2006. The “This F.Y.” columns are the actual incurred items from January 1, 2005 to present.

q       Satinee pointed out that Math Student Scholarship should be $5400 rather than $5300.

q       Cliff has sent out letters to ask for $10,000 corporate sponsorships. He has sent to Albertson’s, Northwest Energy, Les Schwab and others. He will email a copy of the letter that is being sent out to Jim Hamling.

q       Clarifications made:

q       Computer services is for  a modem

q       Marketing is for the annual cost of printing the MCTM tri-folds (500 tri-folds were printed)

q       There are 3 choices to look at while dealing with the budget deficit

q       Chisel the budget

q       Leave the budget as is, knowing that we have a positive balance in the checking account

q       Use dividends to balance the budget

q       Linda suggested we talk about mailing the newsletter electronically versus paper mailing. Lisa W. said that we are all in districts that have upgraded technology; not all districts have that capability.

q       Carl suggested looking at raising the price of membership.

q       Lisa W. feels that membership will increase if reminders are sent out annually.

q       Satinee reminded us that a lot of people will renew during the MEA conference.

q       Jim pointed out that NCTM sales at the MEA conference will be $0 this year as supplies were not ordered for the conference.

q       Teacher scholarships have not been accessed. Jim has requested that copies of the application be available at the Friday general meeting. Libby will take care of this.  Jennie will be in charge of writing an article for a newsletter that explains the teacher scholarship.

q       Professional Fees is budgeted at $2000; but unless there is a need for a lawyer, it will only be $1500.

q       Satinee suggested that on Math Contest, the budgeted amount should be close to $2517; not the $5200 budgeted.  She suggested that the budget should be changed to $4200 for the January report.

q       Linda has requested to see the last 3 years of expenses on one sheet to which line items can be reduced.

q       MAPA line item - $500 to each of the awardees that did not receive the national award. Cliff will contact Larry Kaber regarding the following issues:

q       Where the money given to MAPA goes

q       What recognition MCTM gets from the money given

q       What recognition the winners get and who orchestrates it

q       Dick Seitz suggested that the budget should be + or – 3% of balanced. Cliff stated the budget committee will make an executive decision on what a balanced budget is and bring it to the January, 2006 meeting.

q       MEA/MFT line item – Lisa S. reported that everything on the MEA budget goes to MEA and they pay all expenses. There is a $1000 collaboration fee, so MEA should be a $1000 profit for MCTM each year. Cliff should not be paying any bills in regards to MEA conference.  This has changed in the past three years.

q       Jean will write up a step-by-step procedure for completing a budget for the Fall conference, so that MCTM can put it into policy and procedure.


q                   COMET -  Jean Howard reported

q       23 High school teachers, 20 middle school teachers & 27 elementary teachers attended; there were 25 teachers budgeted at each level.

q       MCTM memberships were purchased by COMET for participants.

q       It is important for regional directors to encourage the participants to stay involved in MCTM.

q       There is an article coming out in NWREL magazine (which is available free on-line at nwrel.org). The article mentions MCTM frequently.

q       At this year’s conference there are 2 separate things happening; a Friday sectional will be a panel of people presenting information regarding their involvement in COMET and Friday from 1-3 all COMET participants will meet and do a K-12 connectivity activity.

q       COMET will be applying for a replication grant. The directors are also trying to find ways to make COMET a self-supporting program, rather than having to rely on grants.

q       This summer will be a 5 day follow up.

q       MLC – Jean Howard (see attachment G – MCTM)

q       MLC was responsible to provide MCTM with $2000 in programs plus a $2000 check. The check will be dispersed at the end of the year.

q       Cliff requested that checks being submitted from MLC have the title of the event on the check.

q       Jean submitted a rebate from NCTM for the new memberships that COMET provided. Cliff will check with NCTM regarding this rebate.

q       MCTM still owes MLC $6663 for PDA this summer.

q       Sherry Hingley is a recommendation for the PDA workshop held during the summer of 2007 on K-6 Technology

q       The archives still need to be moved to MLC. The area is ready. Cliff will choose a weekend in November to transport the archives. Jean will have people there to help move the materials.

q       The silent auction is from 6:30-8:30 on Thursday night of the MEA/MFT conference. People were elicited to help with the auction.

q       MLC has the following events scheduled:

q       T3 conference March 24th & 25th, 2006, with an Algebra pre-conference on March 23

q       7-12 PDA

q       World in Motion

q       Jean proposed that in order to keep a close relationship between MCTM and MLC it would be advantageous to have an ex-officio member from MLC. It was clarified that this would different from having a committee member at a board member, because the ex-officio member would be a functional member of the board. The ex-officio would not vote; but would attend all meetings, not just portions of the meetings.

q       Lisa S. stated that it would be beneficial to MCTM to have both organizations represented at a board meeting.

q       Currently in the MCTM bylaws, Article 3, section 4 states that the state Math Supervisor is an ex-officio member. It was suggested that the MLC representative would take the place of the Math Supervisor. Because it is a by-law, a vote by the general membership is needed.

q       Carl will write up something for the by-laws keeping the following points in mind:

1.      What are the ex-officio’s responsibilities to the board?

2.      What are the responsibilities of the board to the ex-officio member? (fiscally, reporting, etc.)

3.      Keeping in mind the definition of an ex-officio member.


q       Membership – Lisa Wood reporting

q       Lisa has created a database which contains all information from May, 2005 – past and present

q       $5272 has been brought in for membership since September.

q       There have been many people requesting information and questioning why their checks have not been cashed. This should be all taken care of now.

q       Deb Wickum has given Lisa a list of 54 people to be added to the list. Lisa will contact these people via email explaining the delay and mix up.

q       Lisa requested that the board purchases a flash drive for her so that she is able to transfer data from the laptop to her school computer easily. Lisa is to purchase the flash drive and then send a receipt to Cliff for reimbursement. It will come out of the President’s Discretionary Fund.

q       Lisa has contacted anyone from the past due list to remind them to renew their membership. She will send us an updated list after conference.

q       Concern: MEA renewals will be sent to Deb Wickum because her name was on the MCTM registration form in the MEA/MFT conference catalogue. Lisa will follow up with Deb regarding this.

q       Election Committee – Lisa Wood reporting

q       During this year’s election, the MCTM board needs representatives from Region 1, Region 2 and one at-large director. The following people have agreed to run for the MCTM board this year.

q       Region 1: David Erickson, Linda Ransford, and Cole Maxwell

q       Region 2: Teri Dahl, Marcia Anderson and Mary Wren

q       Region 3: Jody Ruff

q       The regional winners for PDA scholarship & 2 year membership to MCTM were announced. They are as follows:

q       Region 1:  none reported

q       Region 2: Debby Fitsgerald & Kathy Schmitt (2 year membership); Doug Mack (PDA scholarship)

q       Region 3: Kathy Dummer & Colleen Kaste (2 year memberships); Leanne Yenny (PDA scholarship)

q       Region 4: Becky Grey & Kay Berry (2 year memberships); Henry Lemieux (PDA scholarship)

q       Region 5: Susan Kuntz & Denise Harvey (2 year memberships); Stephanie Soderquist (PDA scholarship)

q       Linda reported on the PDA scholarship guidelines. (See Attachment H – Professional Development Academy scholarship guidelines). The only change was to add a deadline of March 31st to notify MCTM if the winner is unable to attend. This is in place so that the alternate can be notified and given ample notice.

q       Leadership Conference – Angel Greenley reporting

q       44% of the people attending Leadership in 2004 also attended Leadership in 2003.

q       The conference is January 13th & 14th and has been moved back to the Comfort Inn this year.

q       We are in need of a new topic for the next year. Lisa Scott asked board members to report what their 5 year plan was focused on. Here were the suggestions:

q       Increasing student achievement of all students

q       Reading and writing in the content areas

q       Answering constructed response questions

q       Satinee would be willing to present on reading in the math classroom.

q       Native American Scholarship – Libby Nott reporting

q       Karma Nelson is also a member of the committee

q       There was no information sent out the past year regarding the scholarship

q       The committee could open the scholarship to elementary education students with a math concentration. The committee will discuss this and report back to the board during the January meeting. This is a scholarship we would like to award, but have had trouble in the past.

q       Presenter List – Lisa Scott reporting

q       The presenter list committee met one morning. Lisa handed out the rough draft of the guidelines and application. (See attachment I – Mathematics Professional Development)

q       Changes suggested:

q       Description that is submitted should list objectives of the workshop.

q       Under section IV, include a biography and a photograph to be submitted

q       Under section IId add consortiums and SPEC’s (Special Education Cooperatives) to the groups to provide lists for.

q       Under IVa, iii, change to previous or present employer

q       It will be stated on the application that $50 will be paid to MCTM for each presentation that was a direct result of the referral list. Evaluation forms will be sent to presenters and they will give them out at the workshop. When they return the evaluation forms, the $50 will be submitted at the same time.

q       The committee will work on a cover letter for the application process and bring it to the January meeting.

q       MCTM Scholarships – Jim Hamling reporting

q       The scholarships are currently deadlined at October 10th.  After much discussion, it was decided that the procedure needs to be revised.  Charles will re-write the procedure on page 34 of the procedure manual and present it at the January meeting. Things to consider while revising the procedure:

q       Application due 30 days prior to the event

q       Article to be submitted in the August newsletter

q       Change amounts to $200 in state and $400 out of state

q       Remove the rubric

q       Charles will contact Mike as he is revising this procedure.

q       PDA – Linda Horst reporting

q       Tony Riehl & Jacquie McDonald will be presenting this summer on Technology for grade levels 7-12.

q       Nina Miller & Angel Greenley will be presenting this summer on Number Sense for grade levels K-6.

q       Since we are branching out into 2 different areas, it is necessary to standardize the registration fees and what people are charged for.

q       It was decided that PDA’s held at MLC will be charged $435 plus participants will be given an option of staying at MLC for an additional charge of $150.

q       Other locations will charge $325 for registration. Participants will be responsible for providing their own food and lodging. A block of rooms will be blocked at a hotel in the hosting city. The difference in prices stems from the fact that at MLC food is included in the price of registration. This is not true at other sites.

q       There was discussion on raising the stipend for presenters. It is currently $1100 for 3.5 days of presenting. This is below the fee of what presenters typically get for a presentation. It was decided to set a base stipend of $1100 and then if PDA is highly attended, presenters will be given additional money. Linda will be responsible for developing a sliding scale for presenters by the January meeting.

q       The procedure and policy for PDA needs to be written up. Linda will write up a procedure. Linda and Angel will also take care of policy.

q       MEA/MFT Conference – Jim Hamling reporting

q       We need a program chair and a general chair for next year’s conference. There was a misunderstanding as to the length of the term with this year’s chairs.

q       Linda will check if Tony Riehl would like to be the program chair next year. Yvonne Gebhardt is an alternate suggestion.

q       Lisa Wood, Lisa Scott & Angel Greenley will find general chairs for next year’s conference.

q       The banner for the MEA/MFT conference was picked up by Linda Horst. The cost was $62.00 with Selby’s donating the set up fee.

q       OPI – Jim Hamling reporting

q       NAEP is doing an item analysis of their questions. It is December 6th & 7th in Baltimore. They need 1 fourth grade and 1 eight grade teacher. The registration is due by November 1st. Jim will email the application to interested people.

q       Jim had a phone conversation with Al McMilin and Margaret Bowles.

q       On the issue of highly qualified, OPI is having an active dialogue with the federal government regarding Montana’s definition.

q       The math standards are on the rotation to be revised during the summer of 2006. OPI will contact MCTM regarding choosing people to be on this committee.

q       Johnny Lott is trying to get a state licensure for Geometer Sketchpad. Jim will get more information regarding the price and qualifications.

q       Dean Preble Award – Jim Hamling reporting

q       Nina Miller from Billings Public Schools is the Elementary awardee.

q       Jacquie McDonald from Billings Senior High is the High School awardee.

q       There is no college level awardee.

q       Equipment Committee – Cliff Bara reporting

q       See attachment J – MCTM computer Inventory

q       A computer was recently purchased for Cliff.

q       Jim’s computer is in Lisa Wood’s possession for her work as the membership chair.

q       Satinee has an I book

q       The other 2 computers are in storage at MLC. Linda Horst moved that we declare the 2 computers at MLC obsolete and Cliff is responsible to dispose of them. Lisa Wood seconded. Motion passed.

q       Cliff has upgraded his software so that he can submit federal reports.

q       Business

q       Annual Meeting needs to be written up for procedure. Lisa Scott will get this taken care of.  It should include the following information:

q       Scheduled Thursday of the MEA/MFT conference from 12-2 with no other sectionals scheduled.

q       Luncheon tickets will be distributed at the MCTM booth during the conference.

q       Budget – how to write it up, collaboration fee for MCTM

q       Also added to procedure is the fact that MCTM scholarships (Policy 5.2.2) are available and should be advertised with each MCTM sponsored event. Lisa Scott will handle this.

q       History of MCTM – Cliff Bara reporting

q       Cliff is bringing the history materials to MLC in November.

q       They need to be organized.

q       Pictures of the president need to be updated.

q       St. Louis – NCTM – Lisa Scott reporting

q       3 rooms have been reserved in St. Louis for $169 per night. The reservations are at a Residence Inn and have kitchenettes.

q       The rooms are reserved from Tuesday, April 25th – Saturday April 29th.

q       The 3 rooms are designated for the following purpose, 1 for males, 1 for females and 1 for the contest winner.

q       Policy states that MCTM pays travel expenses for 2 board members to go. Jim Hamling and Satinee Lightbourne will attend this year.

q       NCTM Grant possibility – Lisa Scott reporting

q       See attachment K. (NCTM Affiliate Grants Guidelines) Lisa handed out MET grant guidelines. Board members are to read through them and be ready to discuss it at the January board meeting.

q       Fiscal Year

q       The by-laws need to read, “The fiscal year shall begin January 1st and end December 31st.” This needs to be voted on at the general meeting on Friday.

q       Meeting was adjourned at 5:38 by President Jim Hamling.



Newsletter items due November 10th

Jim H.

1.      Check on corporate sponsorships

2.      Email Dan Dolan regarding membership

3.      Email Satinee & Angel re: NAEP question revising

4.      Contact OPI regarding advertising the PDA in their newsletters that go out

5.      Check with Johnny Lott regarding Sketchpad state licensure

6.      Middle school lesson for newsletter



1.      Edit minutes and submit to Tony Riehl

2.      Find general chair for 2006 MEA/MFT conference

3.      Read grant information

4.      Update policy and procedure for PDA

5.      Elementary lesson plan for November & January newsletter

6.      Vocabulary corner for November & January newsletter

7.      Type up minutes and send to board members


Lisa S.

1.      Contact Dale Seymour regarding IMPACT materials

2.      Organize SIMMS Blitz

3.      Turn in a T3 application for presenters

4.      Update procedure and policy for MEA, directors and newsletter

5.      Feature article for newsletter

6.      Complete MET grant application for IMPACT



1.      Transport archives to MLC

2.      NCTM: check on rebates from COMET participants; double check that Lisa Wood is listed as membership contact

3.      Email corporate sponsorship letter to Jim

4.      Put together a 3 year expense sheet for January meeting

5.      Contact Larry Kaber regarding MAPA

6.      Dispose of computers at MLC

7.      Continue working on obtaining corporate sponsorship

8.      Work on budget to be presented in January

9.      Microsoft Office for Satinee’s computer

10.  Complete MET grant application for IMPACT

11.  Check on money discrepancy for PDA



1.      Write up ex-officio position for by-laws

2.      Take tickets at the general meeting

3.      Submit Blues Brothers column for November & January newsletter

4.      Submit High School lesson for January newsletter

5.      Submit Feature Article on state CRT’s for January newsletter



1.      Teacher scholarship article for March newsletter (after revisions are made)

2.      Check with Dick Seitz regarding MLC responsibilities






1.      Thank you card to Tony Riehl and Selby’s

2.      Redo flyer for PDA and get to Tony for website

3.      Update policy and procedure for PDA

4.      Contact Tony Riehl and Marsh regarding being program chair for 2007 MEA/MFT Conference

5.      Get a high school teacher to submit a lesson for newsletter

6.      Middle school lesson for January newsletter


Lisa W.

1.      Organize elections

2.      Biographies of nominees to the newsletter

3.      Purchase flash drive & battery for computer

4.      Input new members into membership database and send out



1.      Rewrite procedures for Teacher scholarship

2.      Submit Jokes & Quotes to newsletter



1.      Meet with Native American committee to make changes to the scholarship. Send information to Jim.

2.      TMME – talk to Barth regarding writing a blurb for the e-newsletter



1.      Type up and send out newsletter responsibilities

2.      Contact people regarding NAEP opportunity

3.      Contact Havre contest director

4.      Submit Dean Preble application to newsletter