Agenda – MCTM Board Meeting – 28 June 2003

Minutes – MCTM Board Meeting – 18 – October, 2006

                             Lincoln Center Billings, MT


q       10:18 a.m. – Called to order by President Lisa Scott

q       Members Present:   Lisa Scott (President ), Jim Hamling (Past - Pres.),  Cliff Bara (Treasurer), Charles Deisher, David Erickson, Terri Dahl, Jennie Luebeck, Linda Horst, Angel Greenley,  Lisa Wood, and Jodi Ruff

Guests present:  Terry Souhrada


q       Minutes –

q       The following items were voted on via e-mail following the May meeting.

q       July 11th, the board voted unanimously to put Jennie Luebeck as an authorized signature on the COMET grant

q       August 14th, the board voted to move the printing of the newsletter from Great Falls to Billings, as the printer in Great Falls had gone out of business. Billings School District 2 print shop will handle the printing and mailing of the newsletter.

q       August 28th a computer was purchased for the Math Contest after e-mail discussion occurred August 14th-28th

q       August 29th, a vote was made to change a PHH note to a CIT bond

q       September 26th, it was voted on to donate $150 lifetime membership to the MLC & MPTF Silent Auction

q       Charles Deisher moved, Linda Horst 2nd minutes to be accepted

q       MEA/MFT Conference Keynote – (Lisa Scott) – Gary Bauer will be the keynote speaker for the conference on Friday at 10:00 to replace Gabby McMillan. Johnny Lott and Lisa Scott had made several calls to find another person do the keynote, but were unsuccessful to find someone to take her place. Gabby had to cancel due to health reasons.

q       Treasurer Report – (Cliff Bara) – See attachment A

Cliff handed out a Profit and Loss statement. In the “Odds and Ends” portion, there is an insurance policy with Cogswell Agency, which is a fraud policy, which went from $726 last year to $1100 this year. Cogswell Agency is looking into the price increase.

We currently have $30,000 in the checking account and MCTM has not had to use investments for the past 3 years.

David requested a report that reflects everything that is happening with the treasurer, but Cliff said that the investments are a separate entity from the        treasurer’s report. Cliff will start to include a starting balance and ending balance of the checking account on his treasurer’s reports.

On January 6, 2006 the checking account had a balance of $34,607.66; on September 1, 2005 the checking account had a balance of $32,251.37.

Cliff will look into putting the money from checking into a savings account, so that we may start to receive a small percentage of interest.

Cliff is not receiving all of the information in a timely manner. He would like all checks coming to him to have a note attached saying what the check is for. Angel Greenley’s address will be the MCTM address in Billings, since the Billings School District has many different names listed under MCTM.

MCTM Booth – see attachment B – Cliff has given instructions for taking money at the MCTM Booth at the upcoming MEA/MFT conference. He has also made envelopes for each fund and would like to stress that the money needs to go into each appropriate envelope.

Indirect Rates: MLC is receiving 11.37% as their indirect rate. David suggested the need to get an accountant to set an indirect rate for MCTM. Cliff thought it might cost between $5000 - $7000 to acquire an indirect rate.

David will work on getting an estimate of the cost for getting an indirect rate and find the name of an accountant that would be willing to establish the rate.

q       SIMMS Blitz  - (Terry Souhrada)  - See Attachment C

The following prizes will be available for the upcoming SIMMS Blitz: an ipod shuffle, calculators from T.I., and Geometer’s Sketchpad. Terry created a trivia contest to help encourage conference attendees to look at the new SIMMS textbooks more closely. There are 8 SIMMS sectionals, each time a person goes to one of these sectionals; they will get an extra entry into the prize drawing contest. Presenters of these sectionals have been given a question/answer sheet with responses to possible questions that they may be asked by participants. Terry has labels pre-printed for each presenter, so they just have to peel it off and put it on the back of the trivia contest sheet. The trivia contest will be advertised at booth the MCTM booth and in the Math Hospitality Room.

Charles moved to give a 2 year membership to the SIMMS Blitz. Terri Dahl seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Plastic wristbands will be given out instead of tickets this year for the luncheon. One wristband will be marked with a permanent marker. The person with this wristband will win a prize at the General Meeting on Thursday.

T-shirts were purchased as part of the SIMMS Blitz. Yellow t-shirts will be worn on Thursday and green t-shirts will be worn on Friday. The t-shirts have the saying “SIMMS is back” on them.

q       Budget – (Cliff Bara) – See Attachment D and E

Cliff handed out a Profit/Loss statement that covers the previous 3 years. Charles took that information and categorized everything into 3 areas: Student Programs, Teacher Programs & MCTM Operations.

David also made a projected income and expense budget for the year of 2007. The MEA/MFT income needs to be changed from $4200 to $1000. Linda Horst stated that the Math Contest expense may be higher this year, as the pencils need to be replaced, plus there may be other expenses as well.

Item of substitute pay, the pay is there, if needed, but has not been used very often.

SIMMS Royalty Income is 10% of the Royalty Income to MCTM. The other 90% goes to the writers, universities and main SIMMS people. SIMMS has recently been adopted in Washington State. So MCTM will get some royalties off of these adoptions.

The $5300 in student scholarships can be taken from investments, but MCTM has not had to use investments to cover the scholarships. Instead, the money has been taken out of the checking account.

Changes to the budget include the following: it is necessary to add $100 on the expense to the webpage line item. Also the $260.95 from SIMMS needs to go to the teacher program category. The Equipment repairs line item needs to be changed to $1200.

The computer equipment line item is a roll-over type account. We spent more to replace a computer this year than is in the budget.

Lisa Wood discussed the fact that in the past, board members received an MCTM polo shirt when they came on the board. She would like to see this re-instated. Lisa Scott discussed the fact that Alsco in Billings Is currently creating an MCTM silk screen. They have offered to donate the set up fee for the large silkscreen setup and charge MCTM for the small silkscreen. Lisa Scott is working on getting shirts made up for the board member for Leadership Conference in Bozeman.

Linda Horst stated that our t-shirt supply is running low. Discussion centered on the idea of getting polos and fleece items available to sell at conferences that are sponsored by MCTM.

A new committee was formed to find items that may be made to sell. The committee members include: Jennie, Linda and Jodi Ruff.

All board members need to look at the proposed budget handed out and give your comments to the budget committee before the next meeting.

Cliff handed out Duties for the budget committee (see Attachment F) to be put into the procedure manual. Cliff stated it is important for the budget committee to do the budget themselves – he will give the figures requested to the committee.

Terry Souradha suggested that the need for a budget should be in the by-laws or policy manual.

Linda moved that the following be put into policy: Policy 5.0.x – The budget committee shall propose a budget at the October meeting. The board will vote on the budget at the January meeting for that fiscal year.  Lisa Wood seconded the motion. There was no discussion.

Cliff pointed out that in Policy 5.1.4; it is incorrect since we do not have Galusha doing audits any longer. Jennie suggested that all names should be removed from policy. In order to remove names from policy, we would need the membership to vote on every entry that has a name attached to it.

Also, on Policy 5.1.8, Cliff has never paid a business owner policy, as is stated. He will check on this policy and find out what is going on with it.

The budget committee will get the updated duties to Angel, so that she can put them into the procedure manual.

q       NCTM Leadership Conference – (Lisa Wood & Jodi Ruff) – see Attachment G

Jodi and Lisa attended the conference this past August. One thing they learned about at the conference was that Nebraska does a workshop for pre-service teachers. Lisa thought MCTM should look into doing this type of workshop to encourage pre-service teachers to become in MCTM from the start of their teaching careers.

Jennie though that MSU’s math department may have some financial assistance to help support this type of workshop.

It was suggested to charge $15 for each participant. This would give $5 back to MCTM to help cover the cost and include an $8 membership for the participant. Charles suggested that the workshop could include 1st year teachers, as well.

Terry S. thought that holding the conference in September would be a good timeframe. He also discussed that there are already educational advisors at the colleges that are specifically assigned to work with pre-service teachers. Cindy Maldahl is at MSU and Jayna Lutz is at the U of M.

Lisa Wood suggested having the workshop at MLC, to help defray costs, because we can use our comped time there. She also suggested it be a ½ day class (from 10-2).

There is also a possibility that the colleges could include the workshop as part of their classes.

A Pre-service committee has been formed. Jennie, David, Lisa Wood and Jodi will serve on the committee. They will report back to the board at the next meeting with ideas.

Lisa Wood also stated that the rest of the Leadership Conference was very worthwhile. She was able to visit with Skip Fennel at the conference. Lisa suggested that we consider sending someone from the board each year, instead of every other year, as is current practice. After looking at policy, it was determined that policy already says that the board will send someone to the conference annually. Charles will add a new line item to the budget of $2000 to send someone each year.

q       Membership – (Lisa Wood) – The membership is at 625 members, with approximately 200 people due to renew in 2006. The membership drive has begun. David reported that he was able to create a distribution list for his region from the report sent out by Lisa. The other regions have not yet created such a list.  

q       Nominations – (Lisa Wood) – The following people have agreed to run for the open directors’ positions on the board. Deanna Reynolds (Glasgow) and Sharon Carroll (Ekalaka) have agreed to run for the Region 5 director. Kathy Hill (Bissell) and Anne Keith (Bozeman) have agreed to run for the 5th – 8th grade opening.  Lisa Wood (Billings) has agreed to run for President-Elect.

Jim Hamling has agreed to handle the elections this year, since Lisa Wood is on the ballot for President-Elect.

There will be nominations taken from the floor at the general meeting tomorrow.

q       Leadership Conference – (Angel Greenley)  - See Attachment H

This year’s topic is writing in the content area. Applications have already been submitted. Billings High Schools has had finals during the scheduled conference the past 2 years. This requires that they get special permission from the superintendent to attend the conference.

The committee will discuss the possibility to move the conference from January to the first week of February.

q       Procedures Manual – (Angel Greenley)  - see Attachment I

Each director will take their assigned portion of the procedure manual and look it over closely to find errors in the manual. They will report their findings to Angel by December 1st.

·         Jim Hamling – Board of Directors

·         Cliff Bara – Treasurer, Dean Preble and NCTM Representative

·         Angel Greenley – Secretary

·         Lisa Wood – Membership Chair

·         Terri Dahl – NCTM Regional and Newsletter

·         Lisa Scott – Leadership Conference

·         Linda Horst – Math Contest

·         David Erickson – Native American Scholarship

q       Dean Preble Award – (Cliff Bara)  - see Attachment J

Gary Bauer will receive the award this year. There was 1 elementary nomination and 4 high school nominations received.

Cliff suggested some changes to the Dean Preble award:

·          Eliminate the grade bands

·          Award one per year

·          Increase the monetary amount

·          Provide a lifetime membership to MCTM

Cliff discussed the need to make the award as more than a “great teacher” award, but that the person has contributed to the Montana math community in some way.

Terry S. suggested that the nominations of the people who did not receive the award should be kept and reconsidered again next year.

Jodi Ruff moved to award the Dean Preble to one person per year, with a $300 award attached to it, a plaque and a lifetime MCTM membership. Lisa Wood seconded the motion. Motion passed with one dissenting vote.

Cliff will change the current procedure and e-mail it to Angel to be put into the procedure manual.

q       Nomination Committee – (Lisa Scott) – Lisa Scott suggested that the committee procedure be re-written. Currently procedure states that the chairman of the committee not be a member of the MCTM board. Lisa Wood said that the chair’s responsibility is time consuming, and if that person is not a current board member, it is asking a lot of that person. Charles Deisher moved to strike the words “Not currently on the board” from the procedures manual. Terri Dahl seconded the motion. The new procedure will read: “The chair person selected should be a current MCTM board member.” The motion passed with 1 dissenting vote.

q       Presenter’s List – (Lisa Scott) – We currently have 2 applications for the Professional Development Presenter’s List. The application has been posted on the web page and put in the last newsletter. They will also be available at the MEA/MFT conference and at the MSTA/MCTM Leadership Conference. It is important the directors push this list and encourage people to apply.

q       Teacher Scholarship (Jim Hamling) – So far, 3 awards have been given out. 2 are in state and 1 is for an out of state conference. It seems that there are people who have been awarded the scholarship for consecutive years. Since MCTM has been unable to award all of the money in the past, this is not an issue at this time. Any person applying that meet the criteria will be awarded the scholarship money.

q       Montana Learning Center – (Jennie Luebeck) – Programs at the MLC have brought in 64 new or renewed MCTM memberships from BITL; 450 combined MSTA/MCTM memberships from T3, and 12 MCTM memberships from COMET.  The board meets during the 2nd week of November. The Innovation Camp is being offered in July.

q       COMET – (Jennie Luebeck) COMET is officially complete. They have written a new grant, similar to COMET. This grant is not affiliated with MCTM since they were not receiving an indirect. This decision was made to eliminate paperwork for Cliff, as well as the bookkeeper at MLC. The new grant includes 24 middle school teachers from Bozeman, Helena and Glacier County. It is named Gallatin to Glacier. The teachers are using the Connected Math Program.

q       Math Contest – (Linda Horst)  – See Attachment K

Sue Moore from Polson and Sandy Johnson from Missoula have both retired. There is no replacement for either site yet. Charles Deisher and Sharon Carroll have also retired, however Art Perleberg from Broadus has agreed to be the new site director. Jennifer Brackney is the new director for the Billings site. Tony Riehl and Linda Horst will continue in transitioning phase to help with Billings' site and assume state level duties.

The 2007 Contest will have online registration for all sites this year. There will also be late x free pencils, to avoid allergies.

Linda requested that the budget for the Contest Dinner Meeting be changed from $500 to $700.

q       Test Writing – (Linda Horst)  - see Attachment L

Due to the fact that there has been a difficult time getting people to write for the math contest, Linda proposed that participating schools send in test questions and the summer workers meet to choose which questions are appropriate.  She suggested the number of questions submitted by each school is varied according to the number of math teachers at the school. Lisa Wood suggested that this scale is unfair, because even though there are 14 math teachers at Senior High, only 5 people participate in the math contest.  David suggested that the submission of the questions should be voluntary and not mandated.

Charles also pointed out that since the site directors already do a lot, we do not need to put more of a workload on them.

Jennie suggested that we stop creating our own test questions and find pools of questions. Some suggestions were to use the MAPAW question bank and the WASL released items.

Jodi said that she found that the $75 stipend that is offered is just not reasonable or profitable for her to continue doing this.

Linda reported that the computer that was purchased has arrived and is working well.

MCTM site directors have always received a plaque, regardless of their length of service.

q       PDA – (Linda Horst) –  See Attachment M

The technology workshop had a total of 9 participants. Jacquie and Tony have requested that jump drives be purchased prior to the PDA next summer. Currently Jacquie and Tony will each receive $1100, regardless of the number of participants. Kathy Hill has been quoted the sliding scale.

The number sense workshop had 29 participants.

This summer’s workshop will be TNT in Billings for grades 7-12 and A Problem Based Approach to Teaching and Learning at MLC. Jim will facilitate the PDA held at the MLC and Lisa Wood will facilitate the PDA held in Billings.

q       MEA/MFT Conference – (Lisa Scott) – According to procedure, the Program Chair role is a 3 year commitment. Kathie Daviau and Rose Steiner will do this role again next year. The general chair role is needed for next year. The conference is in Belgrade. Jodi will find someone to fill this role.

Jim suggested that we work on getting Cathy Seeley (past NCTM president) as a keynote for next year. He has been corresponding with her via e-mail. He believes that she will do it for travel expenses, without a stipend. Jim will follow up on the previous correspondences that he has had.  

q       OPI – (Jim Hamling) – Nothing has occurred in the past year. Lisa has been in contact with OPI. Jim will contact Dick Treweis to let him know the status of the P.D. Presenter’s List.

q       Computer Inventory – (Cliff Bara) – See Attachment N



q       NCTM Focal Points – (Lisa Scott) – Each director received a copy of the focal points. Lisa requested that we each look them over and think about MCTM’s role with the focal points. The focal points were created by having people from all over the U.S. looking at the state standards and then deciding what is important at each grade level.

There has been some controversy as to whether the focal points are a “Back to the Basics” approach. The focal points are more stringent than what most districts or the Progress Towards Standards is requiring.

Terry S. discussed the fact that teachers may know that students won’t have the background knowledge needed to meet the focal points, so teachers will need to build some of the background knowledge needed to meet the focal points.

Cliff voiced concern over the focal points because of their lack of usefulness to the average or new teacher.

The national and state standards have helped districts and people to look at what was taught when and at how often. They have also been used to help convince teachers the importance of teaching certain concepts.

q       Annual Meeting – (Lisa Scott)  - See Attachment O

There will be 30 minutes available at the meeting for each regional director to meet with teachers from their region. During this time, they will hand out PDA flyers, Leadership Registration forms and Newsletter surveys.

The newsletter survey was developed to get input on the articles and items that regularly appear in the newsletter. The purpose of the survey is to determine if the articles are useful to the readers.

q       NCTM Annual Conference – (Lisa Scott) – Three rooms have been reserved at the Super 8 in Atlanta for March 21st through the 24th. 2 of the rooms are reserved specifically for MCTM Board members. The 3rd room is reserved for the contest winner.

Linda Horst and Cliff Bara will attend the conference. Lisa Scott is going as well, but her expenses will be paid for out of a different grant.

q       MCTM Permanent Address – (Lisa Scott) – In policy, Cliff’s post office box is listed as the permanent address. Lisa suggested that we change the address to the MLC, in case we need a physical address for indirects. Jim said that the green house at MLC has MCTM’s name on it, so we could use that. Cliff would like the address change to go into policy, but that no mail is sent to MLC, to avoid delays.

This is a question to be asked of the accountant when we are trying to establish an indirect rate. If they say we need a physical, permanent address, then we can vote on the address change.

q       Native American Scholarship Committee – (Jennie Luebeck) – Trivian Rides the Bear, a high school teacher, will be on the selection committee.

Currently on the committee are David Erickson and Jennie Luebeck. Questions that need to be answered include:

o        How are we going to get the committee up and running?

o        How are we going to award the scholarship?

o        What are the scholarships?

David and Jennie will look at the procedure and re-write it. They are working to make this a viable, working scholarship.

Linda suggested that we call is something other than scholarship, because this will detract from the winners financial aid award, since all scholarships need to be reported as income.

q       Regional Winners – See Attachment P

o        Region 1: Pam Oakland – PDA stipend; KaCee Ballou and Lisa Lorang – 2 year membership

o        Region 2: Janet Henning – PDA stipend; Raisa Richards and Kelley Bushong – 2 year membership

o        Region 3: Lori Chapman – PDA stipend; Holly McGraw and Lynn Sorenson – 2 year membership

o        Region 4: Darcy McClenahan – PDA stipend; Deb Wippert and Jody Larsen – 2 year membership

o        Region 5: Cheryl Whiteman – PDA stipend; Lou Dobitz and Verne Schlepp – 2 year membership

The procedure for this contest needs to be put into procedure. Linda Horst will e-mail it so that it gets into procedure.

q       Newsletter – (Lisa Scott) – We have recently switched newsletter printers. Lisa S. was able to get a non-profit status for the bulk mailing. Currently Kurt will e-mail the newsletter to the Billings print shop. However, Terri said that from past experience, it is necessary for someone to proof the newsletter once it has been sent to the printer.

To avoid this extra step, Kurt can save the newsletter as a PDF file and then send it electronically OR he can send a camera ready version to the printer. Lisa will talk to Kurt to see which of these options is easier for him.

Linda Horst suggested that we send a thank you to the printers in Billings for their willingness to do extra work for the council. Lisa Scott will send the thank you.

Newsletter obligations:

o        Feature Article – Gary Bauer – SIMMS

o        Dean Preble Congratulations – David Erickson

o        NCTM Contest – Lisa Scott

o        Leadership Application – Angel Greenley

o        P.D. Presenter’s Application – Angel Greenley

o        Congratulations to winners – Lisa Scott

o        Thank you’s – Lisa Scott

o        Lesson Plan – Elementary (Angel Greenley); Middle School (Jim Hamling); High School (Lisa Wood)


Meeting was adjourned at 4:25 by President Lisa Scott.



Jim H.

1.      Edit directors’ duties in procedure manual

2.      Talk to math contest directors about writing math questions

3.      Facilitate PDA at MLC

4.      Check with Cathy Seeley regarding next year’s conference

5.      Talk to Dick Treweis regarding the P.D. Presenter’s List

6.      Election Committee Reporter



1.      Type up October minutes and send to board

2.      Revise committee list and send to board

3.      Update the procedure manual and send to directors

4.      Elementary lesson plan for November newsletter

5.      Submit P.D. Presenter’s List for November newsletter

6.      Submit Leadership Conference registration for November newsletter

7.      Send May minutes to post on the web site


Lisa S.

1.      Check on the SIMMS books

2.      Look over the budget and report to the committee

3.      Look over policy to review for next meeting

4.      Look over Leadership procedure and send changes to Angel by Dec. 1st

5.      Contact Jean Howard regarding Vision & Reality Conference

6.      Contact Kurt regarding newsletter formatting

7.      Give the Alsco catalogue to the clothing committee

8.      Send a thank you to the Billings print shop

9.      Look over the focal points and think about their impact on our council



1.      Assist with getting information for the indirect

2.      Check on moving money from checking account to savings account

3.      Check on the Berrington firm

4.      Get budget procedure sent to Angel

5.      Look over and change the Preble Award procedure and send to Angel

6.      Look over treasurer’s procedure and send any changes to Angel by Dec. 1st

7.      Create a new travel voucher for 2007

8.      Look over the focal points and think about their impact on our council



1.      Communicate  with clothing committee for possible clothing options

2.      Look over budget and send revisions/suggestions to the committee

3.      Verify policy and procedures

4.      Look over the focal points and think about their impact on our council

5.      Revise the writing items

6.      Book flight to the NCTM conference

7.      Talk to Tony regarding using the PDF for the newsletter

8.      E-mail PDA scholarship information to Angel


Lisa W.

1.      Look over budget and send revisions/suggestions to the committee

2.      Verify policy and procedures

3.      Communicate with the pre-service committee

4.      Edit the Membership and Nominations procedure and send revision to Angel by December 1st

5.      Encourage people to apply for the P.D. Presenter’s List

6.      Look over the focal points and think about their impact on our council

7.      Submit a high school lesson plan to newsletter

8.      Facilitate the Billings PDA



1.      Look over budget and send revisions/suggestions to the committee

2.      Verify policy and procedures

3.      Look over the focal points and think about their impact on our council

4.      Contact the PDA winners



1.      Look over budget and send revisions/suggestions to the committee

2.      Verify policy and procedures

3.      Look over the focal points and think about their impact on our council

4.      Communicate with clothing committee

5.      Communicate with the pre-service committee

6.      Find a general chair for the MEA/MFT conference

7.      Find an elementary alternative for the board of directors



1.      Search for who did MLC's indirect rate; estimate cost for us to use same accountant to get an indirect rate for MCTM and ask about having a permanent mailing address vs. address that changes with the change of the Board officers

2.      Update budget – provide working draft before January mtg.

3.      Go through policy handbook and edit, such as 5.1.8

4.      Pre-service committee member – will report back at January meeting

a.      Jenny, Lisa W, Jodi, and David

b.      Provide Fall ’07 conference/meeting in Helena, right after school / college starts

c.      Both elementary and secondary to engage passion

5.      Write page of procedures and send revisions to Native American pages if any to Angle by 12/1/06

6.      NCTM focal points – look over and share opinion on MCTM role

7.      Write congrats to Dean Preble Winner by 10 November for newsletter – send to Kathje Dalton



1.      Contact Kathje Dalton regarding keeping hard copies of the newsletter

2.      Look over budget and send revisions/suggestions to the committee

3.      Look over policy

4.      Verify NCTM and newsletter procedures

5.      Look over the focal points and think about their impact on our council

6.      E-mail Gary Bauer regarding his newsletter article