Jan. 9, 2003

Location: Bozeman Leadership Conference

Roll Call: (Present), Jean Howard, Ann Blotcamp, Tony Riehl, Lisa Scott, Peggy Lynn, Verne Schlepp, Linda Simonsen

Visitors: Jim Hamling, Jenny Combs

Welcome: Meeting opened at 10:00 AM.

Alternates -- Anne - MaryJo O'Brian, Peggy - Janice Carsley, Tony - Linda Horst, Verne - Charles Diescher, Linda - Jennie Leubeck, Lisa - Angel Greenly

Treasurer's Report: (see e-mail from Cliff)

SIMMS Update: Board wants to see the Kendall-Hunt contract before a motion be made to accept it. A previous motion was made giving Cliff and Gary authority to negotiate details. Cliff will be directed to create the wording needed for a motion to accept the contract. Board will vote on line.

The COMPASS Grant (Sept. 1, 2002) for dissemination of SIMMS materials goes to MSU. MCTM is no longer the sub-awardee so MSU has control over budget line items.

Leadership: The maximum attendance (104) was filled. Lisa will be the future Board liaison. Angel Greenly and Allison Mike will be the new co-chairs. A conference site chairperson is still needed. There were questions as to whether DDE monies, No Child Left Behind or Goals 2000 monies could be used to cover expenses. Some schools will need to show 'need.'

MEA/MFT: Jenny Combs and Pam Koterba are the MCTM co-chairs. Carl Wieman (Physics Nobel Peach PrizeWinner) is the Keynote. Big drawprizes will be awarded Friday afternoon to keep people around. "Preferences" for presentation time slots will not be given in order to allow more flexibility in scheduling. MCTM meeting, Awards and Luncheon (approx. $7.50/person) on Thursday. No Dance. Dinner with Keynote Thursday Night (board members need to notify Jenny if attending). Keynote address on Friday.

Poster sessions: Held in one room, change topic/level every 2 hours. Board members present; look for others to present K-3, 3-6, 6-8, 9-12.

Reserve a block of rooms for Board at Convention Headquarters.

Website/Slogan: Ideas for content: 1) Calendar of events, meetings, contest, and registration forms 2) History of organization, membership benefits, bylaws 3) Sales of products, handbooks, position statements 4) Scholarships, presidential awards 5) Links to state department, NCTM How often updated? How to be used to entice membership? Budget for expenses? Level of complexity for design? Name? Our own? Server? Sponsors? (Show proof of hits). No responses for a slogan.

Election Process: Jim Hamling requested a prioritized list of nominee suggestions. Jim also asked that nominee suggestions be communicated with before he calls them (i.e. by the spring meeting). Verne moved, Anne seconded to accept Jim's resignation from the election committee. Motion carried. Jean would like a 5-member election committee. Peggy moved, Anne seconded Jim Hamling be nominated for President-elect. Motion carried. The ballot will require the following: Region 1 (replace Vickie), Region 2 (replace Deb), At-large (replace Tony) and President- Elect.

Tony will write an article for the newsletter about the election process, including a map and ballot design. Instructions will be to vote for 3 directors (listed alphabetically) and one President-elect.

MPAW/PDA: The purpose of PDA is to affect what is happening in the classroom. See the attached Project Proposal for MPAW. Peggy moved, Anne seconded to accept the proposal. Motion carried.

Visions and Reality Conference (Long-Range Planning): See attached proposal. Linda moved, Tony seconded to accept the proposal for Vision Conference. Motion carried. School principals will be asked for names of leaders to invite. Candidates for board of directors should also be invited. MMASS is hosting the last T^3 conference in Montana in June.

Regional Events: Region 3: Linda - promote MCTM at ProMath Workshops Peggy - calculator raffle Anne - membership raffle at curriculum meeting Region 4: Tony - Saturday morning brunch in September Lisa - Sat. morning brunch Region 5: Verne - calculator raffle Tony moved, Lisa seconded to fund regional events up to $500/region. Submit a proposal to Cliff for costs.

Handbooks: By Laws need to be changed by a vote of the membership. Annual meeting will be used to vote on language changes.

Policy changes will be voted on in March Meeting. Sections 1.2.x, 1.5.x, 2.1.1, 2.1.3, 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 3.2.1, 4.1.1, and 4.3.1 had proposed changes.

Specific persons will be contacted for input on changes to the Procedures manual. Changes will be discussed at March meeting, finalized at June meeting.

Budget: Peggy will head the budget committee. Committee is to have a proposed budget for 2003-2004 by the June meeting.

Announcements: Thank-you from Karen Longhart for Dean Preble Award. NCTM in San Antonio - Linda and Anne will attend the delegate assembly NCTM Leadership Conference - Jean and Lisa (?) NCTM Representative - addressed after elections