The History of the

Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics

1966 - 1967

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conducted a Western Regional Meeting October 8-9, 1965 at Winter Park, Colorado. Invited from Montana were: Darlene Olson and James Stratton from the Billings Regional Mathematics Club; Adrien Hess and William Stannard representing the Montana Science and Mathematics Association; and Donald Kamp, State Mathematics Supervisor. As a way to increase membership in NCTM the Council presented a plan to finance an organizational meeting to form a Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics if a request was made for funds. Don Kamp, assisted by Adrien Hess, made a request and a grant of $750 was made.

Invitations were sent out in January from the Mathematics Supervisor's Office to a number of interested persons. Don Kamp arranged a meeting for February 19, 1966 at the Holiday Inn in Helena. A program was arranged and, as Montana's NCTM Representative, Adrien Hess was selected as presider. Thirty-two persons attended the meeting. Persons attend were:

William Brose, Sister Ann Jeannette, William Stannard, Peggy Calk, Donald Kamp, James Stratton, William Callas, Ray Kimball, Jack Swan, Terry Cypher, John Mueller, Don Swenson, Leonard Deloughery, A. J. Murray, Allen Tompkins, Sister Mary Eugene Frances, Alan Nicholson, Leroy Torgerson, Harvey Feller, Darlene Olson, Lee Von Kuster, Art Freier, John Peterson, Frances White, Adrien Hess, Oliver Peterson, James Wood, Joe Israel, Loy Robinson, Robert Zimmerman, Howard Jacobsen, and James Smith.

This group constituted the Steering Committee for the formation of the Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Adrien Hess was elected president for two years. With the approval of the Steering Committee interim vice-presidents were appointed:

Western District - Loy Robinson
North Central District - Allen Tompkin
Southwestern District - Howard Jacobsen
Northeastern District - Lee Von Kuster
Eastern District - James Stratton.
Also appointed were:
Darlene Olson - Secretary
James Wood - Treasurer

John Peterson was elected Membership Drive Chairman and he was commissioned to prepare a membership brochure. NCTM assumed half the cost of the brochure. The Steering Committee voted to hold a co-sponsored meeting in Great Falls September 30 and October 1, 1966.

A Constitution Committee and a Nominating Committee were appointed. Members of the Constitution Committee were: Oliver Peterson, Chairman, Alan Nicholson, Sister Mary Eugene Frances and Peggy Calk with Don Kamp and Adrien Hess as ex-officio members. Members of the Nominating Committee were: Alan Nicholson, Chairman, Harvey Feller and Bob Zimmerman. Dues were set at $3.

The President was directed to apply to NCTM for a "Name-of-Site" meeting to be held in Billings August 24-26, 1967.

The first issue of the MCTM Newsletter was put out by the President in March 1966, followed by a second issue September 1, and a third issue October 1, 1967.

For the co-sponsored meeting in Great Falls NCTM through the Committee on Affiliated Groups gave MCTM $200 and agreed to underwrite the total expenses to the extent of $400 more. In conference with Art Freier and Don Kamp, the president planned the program, secured speakers, arranged for facilities and publicized the meeting. The Conference was held on the College of Great Falls Campus. Out-of-state speakers were: Frank Allen, Arthur Freier, Paul Trafton, John Wagner. In-state speakers and panel members were: William Ballard, Harriet Miller, Mrs. Donald Jacobson, Oliver Peterson, Raymond Shackleford, James Shirley, Willis Vandiver and Eldon Whitesitt. Over 300 persons attended the Conference.

A business meeting was held Saturday noon. Oliver Peterson presented a proposed constitution and it was approved. Alan Nicholson presented the slate of all present interim offices and to include William Stannard for President- elect. Since there were no nominations from the floor the slate was elected by acclamation. The President was directed to make application for affiliation with NCTM.

The President attended an NCTM Leadership Conference at Mt. Gabriel, Montreal, Canada October 7-9, 1966.

Following the Great Falls Conference applications were made to NCTM for affiliation and for a Name-of-Site meeting in Billings August 18-22, 1969. The President was notified by a letter dated March 6, 1967 that the NCTM Board of Directors had approved the application for affiliation.

Forrest Fisch, Chairman of the NCTM Meetings Committee spent a day at Eastern Montana College under the able guidance of William Stannard. The MCTM President was notified by a letter dated April 24, 1967 that the Board of Directors of NCTM had approved the Name-of-Site II Meeting on the EMC Campus for August 18- 22, 1969. NCTM appointed William Stannard as General Convention Chairman and Adrien Hess as Convention Program Chairman.

Allen Tompkin resigned at the end of January 1967 as President of the Northcentral District. Rudy Sabo was appointed to fill out the term.

Donald Kamp, State Mathematics Supervisor arranged a Mathematical Conference at Wolf Point May 7, 1966. Others appearing on the program were: James Wood, Lee Von Kuster, and Adrien Hess, all MCTM officers.

During the summer of 1967 Donald Kamp resigned as State Mathematics supervisor. Lee Von Kuster succeeded him as State Mathematics Supervisor. In this position he was an ex-officio member of MCTM Directors. George Johnson was appointed to fill out Von Kuster's term as President of the Northeastern District.

1967 - 1968

The President called an MCTM Directors meeting in Lewistown on September 2, 1967. Progress of the MCTM and plans for the future were discussed. It was decided that each District President should appoint an assistant to the President. Those appointed were:
Western District - Werner Held
Southwestern District - Leroy Casagranda
Northeastern District - Frances White
Eastern District - Sister Mary Eugene Frances
North Central District - Ed Peresseni.

Two nominating committees were appointed. For the Eastern District the members were: Joe Israel - Chairman, Norman Anderson, Ray Kimball, Sister Mary Eugene Frances and David Stabio. For the North Central District the members were: Dean Wester - Chairman, Bruce Early, Sister Mary Monica Reardon, Leroy Torgerson and Lud Jun. James Wood was appointed as Chairman of the Election Committee. For President of the Eastern District the following were nominated: Thad Harris, Sister Mary Eugene Frances and James Stratton. For President of the North central District the following were nominated: Kenneth Meske and Rudy Sabo.

The second annual meeting of MCTM was held on the EMC campus October 19-21, 1967 during the MEA Convention. This was in conformity to the Constitution. Adrien Hess arranged the program and William Stannard was in charge of local arrangements. Out-of-state speakers were: Louis Cohen, Jack Forbes, and Calvin Long. In-state speakers were: Louis Barrett, Howard Reinhardt and Glenn Ingram.

A joint dinner meeting was held with the Montana Science and Mathematics Teachers Association. At the business meeting William Stannard presented to the President, the Charter for MCTM that he had received at the Annual NCTM Meeting in Las Vegas. James Wood announced that James Stratton and Rudy Sabo were elected President of their respective districts - Eastern and North Central.

A number of proposed changes in the constitution were presented and ratified. The immediate past president was to be a member of the Board of Directors. The State Mathematics Supervisor and the State NCTM Representative were made ex-officio members of the Board. The decision was made to hold a series of conferences about the state.

According to the Constitution the Nominating Committee for President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer consisted of the President, the incoming President (President elect) and three other members. Appointed to this committee were: Werner Hold, Bruce Early, Frances White. Nominated were: President Elect - James Wood; Secretary - Darlene Olson and Sister Mary Eugene Frances; Treasurer - Mary Murphy, Raymond Shackleford, Charles Hackman and James Burrington.

Nominating Committee for the Northeastern District were: Elton Overby - Chairman, Albert Albertini, and Richard Buehler. For the Southwestern District the members were: Lee Von Kuster, Jack Cohn, and Walter Goodman. For the Western District the members were: Loy Robinson, Bayliss Cummings, Lawrence Kaber.

The Election Committee was composed of Oliver Peterson, Chairman, Maurice Evans and Peter Stecher.

Early in 1968 Howard Jacobsen resigned as President of the Southwestern District. Leroy Casagranda was appointed to fill out his term.

A number of conferences were held in the fall of 1967 and early in 1968. The first conference was held in Butte December 2, 1967 with Leroy Casagranda and Leonard Deloughery in charge. The second one was held in Sidney January 13, 1968. James Wood, George Johnson, Elton Overby and George Hansen made the arrangements. The third conference was held in Missoula January 20, 1968. Loy Robinson and Werner Held made the arrangements. The fourth conference was held in Laurel February 3, 1968. James Stratton, William Stannard and Keith Thompson arranged for the conference. At the Billings 1967 meeting the President was directed to apply to the Committee on Affiliated Groups for funds to conduct the conference. The CAG granted MCTM $400 to carry on these conferences.

Lee Von Kuster was appointed the official delegate to the April 17-20, 1968 Annual NCTM Meeting in Philadelphia.

On July 8, 1968 the Montana Association of Secondary Principals presented to the State Board of Regents a plan to reduce the high school graduation requirements on mathematics from two years to one. A number of officers and members of MCTM, as well as several other interested persons, wrote letters to the State Board of Regents protesting this move. The State Board of Regents did not adopt the recommendation and encouraged the Principals Association to begin development of a new curriculum to meet the changing needs of Montana students.

A Directors Meeting was held in Lewistown August 31, 1968. Attention was given to the August 1969 Name-of-Site Meeting in Billings. It was decided that new officers should take over September 1.

New Officers elected were: James Wood - President elect, Darlene Olson - Secretary, Raymond Shackleford - Treasurer, John Peterson - President, Western District, Leroy Casagranda - President, Southwestern District.

New assistants to District Presidents were: Lorence Sturm for Western District and Jack Cohn for Southwestern District.

Lorence Sturm was appointed Editor of the Newsletter.

The Directors called for approximately four editions per year with the letters to be more meaningful along the lines of mathematics.

A committee of James Wood, Larry Sturm and John Peterson were appointed to investigate various facilities for publishing the Newsletter and to report back to the Directors. William Stannard was appointed to look into the question of bonding the Treasurer since nothing was mentioned in the constitution.

It was decided to continue with Regional Conferences.

It was decided that the President take under advisement the feasibility of having a state meeting independent of the Montana Education Association in the Spring of 1970.

James Wood handed in his resignation as President-elect, effective at the will of the Council but not later than September 1, 1969. He was First Vice-president of the MEA Eastern District. The Council decided to hold the resignation in abeyance until an election next spring.

1968 - 1969

On September 1, 1968 the following were officers of MCTM.
President - William Stannard
President Elect - James Wood
Past President - Adrien Hess
Secretary - Darlene Olson
Treasurer - Raymond Shackleford
District Presidents:
Eastern - James Stratton
Northeastern - George Johnson
North Central - Rudy Sabo
Southwestern - Leroy Casagranda
Western - John Peterson
Assistant to the District President: Eastern - Sister Mary Eugene Frances
Northeastern - Frances White
North Central - Ed Peresseni
Southwestern - Jack Cohn
Western -Lorence Sturm
Ex-officio officers - Montana Mathematics Supervisor - Lee Von Kuster
Editor of Newsletter - Lorence Sturm.

On September 7, 1968 a number of persons attended the planning meeting at Eastern Montana College for the August 18-20, 1969 Name-of-Site Meeting to be held on the EMC campus. Attending from outside of Montana were: Tom Slaughter - NCTM; Jim Whitney - NCTM Program Committee; Lauren Woodby - NCTM Board of Directors; Leland Sabby - North Dakota; Boyd Henry - Idaho; Tom Martin and Rollie Cox - Wyoming. Attending from Montana were: William Stannard - Convention Chairman; Adrien Hess - Program Committee Chairman; Lee Von Kuster and Jim Wood - Members of the Program Committee; Marilyn Bjornson - Hospitality Committee Chairman; Ed Dolney - Sales of NCTM Materials Committee Chairman; Maurice Evans - Equipment and Supplies Committee Chairman; Sister Mary Eugene Frances - Student Pages Committee Chairman; Richard Forrester - Registration Committee Chairman; Ernest Harvey - Billings Chamber of Commerce; Joe Israel - Sightseeing and Tours Committee Chairman; Larry Newell - Publicity Committee Chairman; Darlene Olson - Luncheon and Banquet Committee Chairman; Oliver Peterson - School Exhibits Committee Chairman; Ray Shackleford - Films and Filmstrip Committee Chairman; and Keith Thompson - Newsletter Committee Chairman.

A number of mini-conferences were held in the fall of 1968. On September 21 a mini-conference was held in Glasgow and one was held in Butte. George Johnson and Frances White were in charge of the one in G1asgow and Leroy Caagranda and Leonard Deloughery were in charge in Butte. A third mini-conference was held in Conrad September 28 with Rudy Sabo and Ed Peresseni in charge. A fourth mini-conference was held in Hysham October 5 with Glenn and Ray Kimball in charge of local arrangements.

The State Department of Public Instruction called a meeting in Helena on October 12, 1968 of representatives from Montana Association of Secondary School Principals, Montana Association of School Administrators, Montana council of Teachers of Mathematics, The University System, Vocational Technical Schools, and the Department of Public Instruction to formulate recommendations for the improvement of mathematics instruction in Montana Secondary Schools. Twenty-seven of the thirty-two members appointed attended the meeting. The recommendations were listed under three headings: Administration, Instructional Procedures, and Preparation of Instruction Personnel.

The third annual meeting of MCTM was held at the C. M. Russell High School in Great Falls October 24-26, 1968. Out of state speakers included Lola May, Max Beberman, Richard Andree and Vernon Hood. In state speakers and panel members included Bayliss Cummings, Lorence Stura, William Vogt, Gloria Hewitt, Earl Fellbaum, Don Loftsgarden, James Simpson and Grace France.

Nominating committees appointed were: Northeastern District - Albert Albertini, Chairman; Jack Hane, Ruth Putz, Elton Overby and Patricia Wahlstedt; Eastern District - Oliver Peterson, Chairman, Marilyn Floberg, Roger Brewer, Norman Ostby and Keith Thompson; North Central District - Howard Gussas, Chairman, James Jobuke, Leroy Torgerson, Bill Fornall and James Smith. Elections were conducted in May.

The March 1969 issue of NCTM Bulletin For Leaders gave the total membership and a membership quotient for each of the fifty states. A membership quotient (M.Q.) of 1.0 represented average membership with respect to the membership potential within the state. For the seven western states of Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming only Oregon with an M.Q. = 1.11 was ahead of Montana with an M.S. =.97.

A number of members of MCTM attended the March 20-22, 1969 Salt Lake City, Utah NCTM Meeting and advertised the Billings Name-of-Site Meeting. A number of members also attended the 47th. Annual NCTM Meeting in Minneapolis April 23-26, 1969 and did an advertising of the Billings Name-of-Site Meeting.

The 1969 Spring MCTM election resulted in Rudy Sabo -President elect, Dwight Moose -Northeastern District President, Sister Mary Eugene Frances, Eastern District President and Kenneth Meske, North Central District President. As State Mathematics Supervisor Lee Von Kuster was ex-officio member of the Council.

The first NCTM Name-of-Site Meeting in Montana was held on the EMC campus August 18-20, 1969. William Stannard was Convention Chairman and Adrien Hess was Chairman of the Program Committee. Eighty sections were scheduled which included sections for elementary, junior high, high school, vo-tech, teacher education and general interest as a number of General Sessions and a banquet. Speakers for the General Sessions and the banquet were: Charles Allen, Robert Davis, Howard Fehr, Jack Forbes, Calvin Long, David Page, and Vernon Price. In addition to these speakers there were 42 out-of-state speakers and 23 Montana speakers. At least 500 persons registered for the meeting. H. Vernon Price, NCTM President-elect was very favorably impressed with the friendliness of the people and the scenery of Montana, and with the arrangements for the convention and the convention itself.

1969 - 1970

A number of mini-conferences were held in the fall of 1969 and winter of 1970. The first one was hosted by Bozeman Senior High School October 10. The second one was held at Wolf Point October II with Dwight Moose in charge. The third one was held in Missoula October 24 with John Peterson in charge. The fourth one was held in Joliet November 8 with Joe Israel in charge of local arrangements. The fifth one was held in Butte January 24 with Leroy Casagranda in charge.

Early in the fall of 1969 Rudy Sabo resigned as President-elect for personal reasons. Loy Robinson was appointed to fill out his term. Leroy Casagranda, Director of Butte's Federal Education Program applied to E.S.E.A. for Title III money to finance an in-service institute for Butte and Montana's General Mathematics Teachers. It was designed to be a laboratory approach.

The MCTM Annual Meeting was held April 17-18, 1970 on the College of Great Falls campus. Eleven sections were scheduled. These included: General Sessions, a Business Session and sections for elementary, high school and general interest. Out-of-State speakers were: Forrest Fisch, Harold Frazier, Vernon Hood and De J. Prekeges. In-state speakers were: Clark Fowler, Dennis Haley, Allen Hoffer and Herman Tushause.

A number of amendments to the constitution were approved. The inclusion of the past President and State Mathematics Supervisor as ex-officio members of the Board of Directors was made official. An NCTM representative was to be elected and to be a member of the Board.

William Stannard, past President of MCTM, was appointed to NCTM Meetings Committee.

The Board of Directors voted to make an application to NCTM for another Name- of-Site Meeting for either 1972 or 1973. Invitations for application for sites were sent to Adrien Hess, Bozeman, Allen Hoffer, Missoula, Al Murray, Helena and Leo Wohler, Billings. The following nominations were made for MCTM Officers: President Elect - Larry Newell, Treasurer - Pat Cormier, Richard Sanford, Secretary - Ray Shackleford, Virginia Speck, NCTM Representative - Gordon Bennett, Allen Hoffer, Southwestern District President - Jack Cohn, Roland Wiens, Western District President - Werner Held

The election committee consisted of William Stannard, Frances Krum and William McKinley.

Officers elected were: President - Larry Newell, Treasurer - Richard Sanford, Secretary - Ray Shackleford, Western District President - Werner Held, Southwestern District President - Jack Cohn, NCTM Representative - Gordon Bennett

The next state MCTM Meeting was set for April 23-24, 1971 in Great Falls at one of the high schools.

Bozeman was selected for the next Name-of-Site Meeting.

1970 - 1971

Officers as of September 1, 1970 were:
President - Loy Robinson
President Elect - Larry Newell
Past President - William Stannard
Secretary - Raymond Shack1eford
Treasurer - Richard Sanford
District Presidents:
Eastern - Sister Mary Eugene Frances
North Central - Kenneth Meske
Northeastern - Dwight Moose
Southwestern - Jack Cohn
Western - Werner Held
NCTM Representative - Gordon Bennett
State Mathematics/Science Supervisor - Alan Nicholson
Newsletter Editor - William Stannard.

Alan Nicholson became State Mathematics-Science Supervisor September 1. Lee Von Kuster continued work on his Doctorate at the University of Montana.

A number of mini-conferences were held early in the fall. On September 19 a mini-conference was held in Helena with Jack Cohn in charge of local arrangements. A mini-conference was held in Bozeman October 2 followed by one in Butte October 3. William Connors was in charge of local arrangements in Butte.

In the October MCTM Newsletter the MCTM President stated goals for the year. These were:
1. Develop and begin implementation of a Professional Standards Policy.
2. Provide every Montana Mathematics Teacher with an opportunity to attend a professional mathematics conference.
3. Provide a Mathematics Newsletter.
4. Provide an effective link through the state mathematics supervisor between the mathematics teachers and the Department of Public Instruction.
5. Provide channels for communication between the various levels of Mathematics Education from primary to graduate school.

A Professional Standards Committee was appointed. Members were Sister Mary Eugene Frances, Dwight Moose, Larry Newell, Alan Nicholson (Chairman), William Stannard and Leo Wohler.

William Connors, Project Supervisor of the Butte "MAGIC" program (Mathematics Activities Generating Interest and Creativity) reported that the new math guide developed during the summer of 1970 by teachers from Butte, Anaconda, Missoula and Pocatello, Idaho were to be field tested in Butte classrooms during 1970-71. This project was financed by ESEA Title III Grants. Much credit was due Lee Von Kuster and Leroy Casagranda for securing the grant.

Lee Von Kuster was appointed to the NCTM Commission of Pre-Service Education of Teachers of Mathematics. The purpose of the Committee was to study pre- service and in-service training for teachers, supervisors and para-professionals from pre-school through college mathematics.

Two mini-conferences were held during the winter of 1971. The first one was held in Sidney February 6. Dwight Moose arranged the program. The second one was held in Shelby on March 6. John Holzberger was in charge of local arrangements.

The Fourth Annual MCTM Meeting was held at the C. M. Russell High School in Great Falls April 23-24. 1971. The MCTM Executive Board named this annual meeting "The Adrien L. Hess State Meeting". The program consisted of ten sections and a business meeting. Out-of-state speakers were: John Trivett, F. Stanley Bezuska, and Sid Sharron. In-state speakers were: Alan Nicholson, William Connors, Byron McAllister, John Stoltenberg and Lee Von Kuster.

The Professional Standards Committee presented "Recommendations for Improving Mathematics Education" to an open meeting of MCTM. Much discussion followed. The "Recommendations" were ratified and were then made ready for distribution from Alan Nicholson's office.

1971 - 1972

Officers as of September 1971 were:
President - Loy Robinson
President Elect - Larry Newell
Past President - William Stannard
Secretary - Raymond Shackleford
Treasurer - Richard Sanford
District Presidents:
Eastern - Pat Cormier
North central - Gary Bauer
Northeastern - Dwight Moose
Southwestern - Jack Cohn
Western - Werner Held
Montana Mathematics/Science Supervisor - Alan Nicholson
NCTM Representative - Gordon Bennett.

Larry Newell and Raymond Shackleford from MCTM and Pat Cormier and Bob Lane from Billings Regional Math Club participated in the NCTM Leadership Conference in Salt Lake City November 13.

Two MCTM State meetings were held in 1972. In response to a questionnaire the MCTM membership had voted by a large majority to have the MCTM's state meeting in conjunction with the October MEA Convention. The Board of Directors felt that the time was too short to organize a good meeting for the 1971 October MEA Convention. Therefore a meeting was planned for April 28-29, 1972 in Great Falls. Larry Newell was in charge of the Program Planning for the Billings meeting in October 1972.

The date for the Bozeman Name-of-Site Meeting was set for June 13-15, 1974. William Stannard, NCTM Meetings members was quite instrumental in the selection of the site. Adrien Hess was named Convention Chairman by NCTM, upon recommendation by MCTM. Raymond Shackleford was named Program Chairman.

The NCTM Commission on Pre-service Education of Mathematics Teachers, of which Lee Von Kuster was a member, met in Columbus, Ohio October 23-24. The Commission presented the guidelines for the first public viewing at the Annual NCTM Meeting in Chicago. A number of officers and members of MCTM attended this annual meeting.

Jack Cohn announced plans for mini-conferences in Bozeman and Livingston before Christmas and one in Butte after Christmas. Pat Cormier announced tentative plans for a mini-conference to be held in Yellowstone County. Alan Nicholson announced that NSF had awarded $45,200 to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to conduct a statewide in-service Institute in Mathematics. The institute was to be embedded in a larger effort to assess and enrich the K-12 Mathematics Curriculum in participating schools. Alan Nicholson acted as director of the project and coordinated efforts among cooperating institutions.

MCTM and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction co-sponsored a Mathematics Leadership Conference in Helena December 3-4. Twenty-one mathematics educators attended the meeting. Discussed were such issues as: role of the council in development of a resource guide for elementary schools, leadership in teacher preparation, development of certification standards, professional growth, and promotion of sound professional standards in schools. The conference recommended a number of standing committees as a means of achieving more widespread member involvement in MCTM. Ken De Kam and Al Murray were appointed Co-chairmen of a committee to work with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction in the development of certification standards.

In January 1972 Leo Wohler was appointed as Treasurer to replace Richards Sanford who resigned.

Following the 1971 Spring MCTM Meeting in Great Falls Dan Dolan met with teachers and the administration of the Columbus Elementary Schools to discuss implementation of some of the ideas and devices presented by John Trivett in his workshop.

After a meeting in Helena between Alan Nicholson and Bob Polsten and Dan Dolan Alan Nicholson agreed to conduct a two-day workshop in Columbus. The summer was spent manufacturing lab materials. In the fall a number of in- service workshops were held.

The Eastern District of MCTM held an Elementary Mathematics Conference on the EMC campus February 19, 1972. Titles of the talks were: It Ain't Necessarily So; Individualizing Instruction; Establishing A Foundation In Grades 1-4; The Lab Approach to Elementary Math; Geometry In The Elementary Grades; and Trends in Elementary Mathematics.

The Annual MCTM Meeting was held at North Junior High School in Great Falls April 28-29, 1972. Out-of-state speakers were: Jess Forte, Norman Ladd, Sid Sharon and James Smart. In-state persons organizing sections were: Gordon Bennett, Lee Von Kuster and Alan Nicholson.

The Nominating Committee consisted of Pat Cormier, James Detteman, Larry Newell, Loy Robinson, and William Stannard. The nominees were: President Elect - Raymond Shackleford, Secretary - Larry Kaber, Treasurer - Leo Wohler, NCTM Representative - Margaret Banning.

1972 - 1973

Officers as of September 1. 1972 were:
President -Larry Newell
President Elect - Raymond Shackleford
Past President - Loy Robinson
Secretary - Larry Kaber
Treasurer - Leo Wohler
District presidents:
Eastern - Pat Cormier
North Central - Gary Bauer
Northeastern - Richard Buehler
Southwestern - Jack Cohn
Western - James Burrington
State Mathematics Supervisor - Alan Nicholson
NCTM Representative - Margaret Banning
Newsletter Editor - William Stannard

The Board of Directors Meeting was held in Lewistown September 6, 1972.

An NSF In-service Project was conducted at 11 sites across Montana during the school year. This project offered participants a choice of one of two courses each quarter. Approximately 300 teachers participated in 36 classes. Course offerings were:
1. Mathematical Applications and Model Building
2. Mathematics Laboratory for Underachievers
3. Special Mathematical Topics
4. Geometry From a Transformational Point of View
5. Mathematics in the Elementary School
6. History and Philosophy of Mathematics

Alan Nicholson, Math-Science Supervisor, had written the proposal for the grant and he served as project director. This was the first NSF project of its kind in the United States.

The Sixth Annual MCTM Meeting was held at Billings West High School October 19-20, 1972. Larry Newell was General Chairman and William Stannard was Program Chairman. Out-of-state speakers were: Brother Alfred Brousseau. Donovan Johnson, Bob Kansky, Lyle Fisher, R. E. Woolsey. In-state speakers were: Alan Nicholson, John Mueller, Lee Von Kuster, Glenn Allinger, William Stannard, Shlomo Libeskind. Oliver Peterson, Dean Chinn and Donna Conklin.

At the business meeting Raymond Shackleford presented the Articles of Incorporation and the revised constitution. These were adopted by the members. These had been prepared by a lawyer. One of the major reasons for this action was that this allowed MCTM to enter into contractual relationships with organizations such as the State Department. The first such contract was for the disbursement of funds for the NSF In-service Project. The new constitution called for the election of Board of twelve Directors.

Standing committees appointed were:
Membership: William Callas, Chairman, James Dettman, William Eikes, Patricia Mahlsteadt, and William McKinley.
Program: Lee Von Kuster, Chairman, Glenn Ailinger, Theresa Messick, Darlene Olson, and Ryan Overbeck
Publicity: Dan Dolan, Chairman, Gordon Bennett, Daryl Bertelsen, Verlyn Stahlecker, and Tony Vetter.

Raymond Shackleford and Adrien Hess attended a pre-planning meeting for the Bozeman June 13-15, 1974 Name-of-Site Meeting in Washington" D. C., January 12-13, 1973. William Stannard had a large part in the planning meeting in Washington, D. C.

Many MCTM members attended the Spokane Name-of-Site Meeting March 8-10, 1973.

The 1974 Nominating Colmnittee was made up of Jack Cohn, Larry Newell and Raymond Shackleford. Leo Wohler was chairman of the Election Committee.
Nominees for trustees were:
3 year term (three to be elected): Bob Landis, Glenda Tinsley, Shlomo Libeskind, and Otis Thompson
2 year term (four to be elected): Jack Bradford, Larry Kaber, Dan Dolan, and Raymond Shackleford
1 year term (four to be elected): James Burrington, Kenneth Monroe, Richard Buehler, and Larry Newell

Margaret Banning was the MCTM delegate to the NCTM annual meeting in Houston, Texas April 25-28, 1973.

A planning meeting for the June 13-15, 1974 Bozeman Name-of-Site Meeting was held at Montana State University May 4-5, 1973. William Stannard, Chairman of the NCTM Meetings Committee was in charge, assisted by Harold Taylor representing the NCTM Washington Office. Others attending were: Larry Newell, Leroy Casagranda, Margaret Banning, Rodney Hansen, Adrien Hees, Terrance Cypher, Gary Bogar, Gary Smith, Patricia Peckenpaugh, Verlyn Stahlecker, Raymond Shackleford, Dean Mikkelson, Edith Wright, Gary Bauer, Theresa Messick, Donna Conklin, Ruth Putz, Alan Nicholson, and Jack Cohn. The general format for the conference and the approximate number of various sections were agreed on.

1973 - 1974

Officers as of September 1, 1973 were:
President - Larry Newell
President Elect - Raymond Shackleford
Past President - Loy Robinson
Secretary - Larry Kaber
Treasurer - Leo Wohler
District Presidents:
Eastern - Dan Dolan
North Central - Jack Bradford
Northeastern - Richard Buehler
Southwestern - Jack Cohn Western - James Burrington
NCTM Representative - Margaret Banning
Newsletter Editor - Adrien Hess

The Board of Directors Meeting was held in Great Falls September 7. The Seventh Annual MCTM Meeting was held at Lewis and Clark Grade School in Missoula October 18-19, 1973. This was the first annual meeting following incorporation. General Chairman was James Burrington and Program Chairman was Lee Von Kuster. Out-of-state speakers were: Sister Loretta Ann Colbert, Terry Shoemaker, Jeanne Kelly, Calvin Long, Salman Usiskin, Donald Kamp, Edward Blakeway and Howard Rogers. In-state speakers were: David Sletta, Dan Dolan, Robert Banaugh, Glenn Allinger, Shlomo Libeskind, Fred Proebstet, Gary Smith, Goerge McRae, Jeffrey Livingston, Verlyn Stahlecker, Larry Hickethier, Raymond Shackleford, Alan Nicholson, and Lee Von Kuster.

Dues were increased from $3 to $5 effective January 1, 1974 for teachers of grades 9-12. Grades K-8 the dues remained at $3.

Raymond Shackleford was the MCTM delegate to the NCTM Annual Meeting held in Atlantic City April 17-20, 1974.

Columbus Junior and Senior High School received a $1000 Teacher Training Center Grant from NCTM. MCTM pledged both financial and resource aid to the Center. Dan Dolan was Director of the Project.

The first election under the Articles of Incorporation was held in May, 1974. Leo Wohler, Chairman of election committee announced that the following twelve trustees were elected:
3 Year Term: Ruth Putz, Bob Landis, Shlomo Libeskind, and Otis Thompson.
2 Year Term: Jack Bradford, Dan Dolan, Larry Kaber, and Raymond Shackleford.
1 Year Term: James Burrington, Richard Buehler, Kenneth Monroe, and Larry Newell.

Montana's second Name-of-Site Meeting was held on the MSU campus June 13-15, 1974. General Session speakers were: William Bart, Joseph Scandura, Robert Davis, Ingrid Weise, and E. Glenadine Gibb.

Besides the General Session speakers there were some 30 out-of-state and 30 in-state section speakers and panel members. Some sixty sections and general sessions covering a wide range of interests were included in the program. Program Chairman was Raymond Shackleford and General Chairman was Adrien Hess. NCTM President Glenadine Gibb honored Adrien Hess and Oliver Peterson with letters of commendation at a General Session.

1974 - 1975

At the May 25, 1974 Trustees' Meeting at Fergus High School in Lewistown the following officers were elected:

President - Raymond Shackleford
President Elect - Dan Dolan
Secretary - Otis Thompson
Treasurer - Kenneth Monroe
District Presidents:
Eastern - Dan Dolan
North Central - Jack Bradford
Northeastern - Richard Buehler
Southwestern - Kenneth Monroe
Western - James Burrington
Ex-Officio: Mathematics/Science Supervisor - Alan Nicholson
Newsletter Editor - Adrien Hess
Other Trustees: Ruth Putz, Bob Landis, Shlomo Libeskind, Larry Kaber and Larry Newell.
NCTM Representative: Shlomo Libeskind

A publication "The Math Enthusiast" devoted primarily to items of interest to elementary teachers, but to be sent to all members was to be published September, November, January, March and May. The Newsletter was to be published three time~ a year. This was later changed to the first of each of October, December, February and April. Minutes of the Board of Trustees Meetings are to be published in the Newsletter.

At the Annual NCTM Convention held in Atlantic City in April 1974 the Montana Council was awarded one of the four $1000 NCTM Grants to establish a Teacher Center. This was established at Columbus with Dan Dolan in charge. The Grant was renewed for 1975.

The Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics agreed to administer the financial portion of the Montana Mathematics-Science Cooperative Grant awarded the State Department of Public Instruction through the efforts of Alan Nicholson. The Grant was for $190,000. The treasurer consulted a CPA in setting up the project. The salary was set for the treasurer. During the summer of 1975 two three-week Mathematics Workshops were conducted at Eastern Montana College, Northern Montana College, University of Montana and Montana State University. Over two hundred fifty Montana teachers benefited from the workshops financed through the Grant. Approximately 200 of these teachers were teachers of K-6 grades.

The Board decided to finance a Math Mobile from the Columbus Teaching Center. It was decided to rent a trailer and to place Center materials in it. The Math-Mobile has been in a considerable number of Montana cities. The interest has continued to be high. The Board has continued this project for 1975-1976.

The Board of Trustees met June 13, 1974 in the MSU SUB during the Name-of- Site Meeting.

The next Board Meeting was September 13-14, 1974 in Lewistown. Members of the Montana Commission on Mathematics Education were present and gave reports. Dwight Moose reporting for the sub-committee on Elementary Education recommended that MCTM should provide for dissemination of information for Mathematics education at that level and should use its influence for the creation of regional math consultants for elementary teachers. Glenn Allinger reporting for the sub-committee on Secondary Education recommended that MCTM should use its influence to strive for the creation of a full time Mathematics Supervisor and should develop guidelines for the Curriculum in seventh and eighth grade mathematics, general math and geometry. Richard Berg reporting for the sub-committee on Vocational-Technical Education recommended that elementary and secondary teachers should not try to teach more mathematics, but to teach better what is being offered and to make the subject matter relevant to the real world. The sub-committee on Kindergarten Education, chaired by Betty Wolcott recommended that MCTM publish the "Kindergarten Math" guidelines and to make it available to Montana kindergarten teachers and to sponsor in-service workshops specifically designed for kindergarten teachers. Raymond Shackleford reporting for the sub-committee on Computer Education recommended that a conference should be organized to discuss the past and future of computer education in the Montana schools. Lee Von Kuster, reporting for the sub-committee on certification recommended that MCTM should attempt to bring about consistency and uniformity in courses and credits in mathematics for teacher certification in elementary and secondary mathematics.

Raymond Shackleford was directed to make arrangements to have the Montana Commission on Mathematics Education give a presentation at a meeting of each of: School Administrators, State School Board and a joint Board of Regents- Board of Education.

Alan Nicholson was appointed chairman of a committee to gather facts and figures regarding the ratio of students in mathematics education to those in pure math and of math educators to pure mathematicians in the colleges and universities in Montana offering degrees in education.

Dues for membership in MCTM was made $5 annually for teachers at all levels. Student membership remained at $1.

Alan Nicholson stated that the State Department would publish and distribute the "Kindergarten Math" guidelines.

Larry Kaber, who had been appointed chairman of a committee to gather in- formation and to make recommendations regarding the teaching of geometry in Montana schools reported that a questionnaire had been distributed to many Montana Secondary Schools.

Bob Landis, who had been appointed chairman of a Legislative Committee to draft bills and to lobby for their passage, reported that his committee had considered writing three bills to implement some of the recommendations of the Montana Commission on Mathematics Education.

James Burrington, who had been appointed chairman of a committee on Computer Education, organized a meeting at Big Sky January 10-11, 1975. This conference was sponsored jointly by MCTM and. the State Superintendent's office.

The District Presidents were directed to arrange sectional meetings at the various MEA sites for October 24-25, 1974. These meetings held at Sidney, Billings, Great Falls and Missoula were well attended and the programs were excellent and well received.

The Board of Trustees met in Great Falls December 13-14, 1974.

Larry Newell, membership chairman reported that as of December 10 there were 144 paid memberships. Gary Bauer was made chairman of the membership drive.

Members of the MCTM were quite concerned about the Mathematics-Science Super- visor vacancy resulting from the resignation of Alan Nicholson. The concern was expressed to the State Superintendent's office about having one person fill two full-time positions. MCTM offered assistance in selecting a replacement.

An NCTM Curriculum Committee meeting was held at Big Sky in January. This group recommends policy in curriculum concerns for NCTM. The Committee visited the Teaching Center at Columbus.

Rick Billstein was appointed as Montana's NCTM representative to replace Shlomo Libeskind who had left the U.S. and to replace Shlomo Libeskind on the Board of Trustees.

The National Science Foundation awarded a $131,649 grant to the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the continuation of the teacher-centered project in implementing specific new course materials and curricula in science and mathematics programs in local school districts. Teacher preparation projects were conducted at Eastern Montana College, Northern Montana College, Montana State University and the University of Montana during the summer of 1975. Co- directors were: William Stannard, James Smith, Glenn Allinger, and Lee Von Kuster respectively.

A Computer Seminar with James Burrington in charge was held January 10-11, 1975 at the Bozeman Ramada Inn. It was supported financially by the State Department. The Seminar was well attended. A committee of 15 was appointed to carry out the objectives agreed on. This committee consisted of: Bob Banaugh, James Burrington, Dan Chandler, Dean Chinn, Loren Johnson, Lou Lucke, Kenneth Meske, William Stannard, Bob Nicholson, Ernest Nielsen, Merle Olson, Loy Robinson. Raymond Shackleford, Pete Stabio and Vern McDermott.

The objectives were to define goals and/or needs of Computer Education in the particular area the committee person represented and to come up with a general computer education outline which would be useful to any school in Montana regardless of the size.

On February 19, 1975 four members of the Montana Commission on Mathematics Education- Raymond Shackle ford, Betty Wolcott, Lee Von Kuster, and Glenn Allinger met with Phil Ward, Clark Fowler, John Voorhis, and Alve Thomas of the State Department Office. Discussion centered around the areas of computers, workshops, certification and rre-school experience.

President Shackleford Reported the Following List of Council's Activities the Past Year:
1. Sponsoring a Math Teaching Center
2. Publishing the "Math Enthusiast", a one page publication to provide ideas that can be used in the classroom.
3. Publishing "The Newsletter" to inform our members of the Council's activities.
4. Organizing a State Math Conference for all levels of Math Educators.
5. Ad Hoc Commission reporting to the various state agencies about concern in math education.
6. Participating in Fall Workshops.
7. Participating in MEA Conference time by sponsoring Math Conferences at the various sites.
8. Attempting to provide some direction in Computer Education by hosting a conference and dissemination of findings.
9. Working closely with the State Office in the financial administration of the National Science Foundation Grant.v 10. Developing a Mathematics Kindergarten Guide to be disseminated by next fall.
11. Participating in research regarding geometry in the secondary schools.
12. Printing the MAGIC materials so they can be distributed at a marginal cost to interested school districts.
13. Making application for grants to assist in Computer Education. Leader- ship Training, and material dissemination.
14. Developing appropriate legislation to further Math Education in Montana.
15. Sponsoring a Math Mobile that is traveling to various towns to assist in providing In-Service Courses.

The Ninth Annual MCTM Meeting was held April 11-12, 1975 at North Junior High in Great Falls. Gary Bauer was general chairman and Johnny Lott was Program Chairman. Other Committee Chairmen were: Commercial Exhibits - Marvin Strom; Evaluation - James Kunka; Facilities-Supplies and Equipment - Mike Dietz; Hospitality - Glenda Tinsley; Program Printing -J ames Burrington, Publicity - Ray Meyers; Registration and Membership - Kenneth Meske; Signs - Robert Crnkovich. Out-of-state speakers for the meeting were: Ruth Hoffman, Donald Kamp, Doyal Nelson and Eldon Egbers. In-state speakers were: Donna Conkltn, Lloyd Ellingson, Tom Teegarden, Kyle Boyce, Glenn Allinger, Howard Reinhardt, Larry Kaber, Ruth Putz, Betty Wolcott, Terry Mills, James Burrington. and George McRae.

A nominating committee consisting of Dan Dolan, Chairman; Larry Newell and James Burrington presented nominations for officers to replace Larry Newell, James Burrington, Richard Buehler and Kenneth Monroe. These were: Terrance Cypher, Stan Hassman, Glenda Tinsley, John Trangmoe and Betty Wolcott. Oliver Peterson was appointed chairman of the judges for the election.

The Board of Trustees met in Great Falls April 12-13, 1975. The five District Presidents were directed to organize mini-workshops in their districts for 1975-76 with financial support from MCTM, and to decide involvement of MCTM with MEA for Workshops and programs in mathematics for the fall MEA Conventions.

Continued financial support was approved for the Math-Mobile, The Newsletter, The Math Enthusiast and the Computer Seminar.

Concern was expressed about a set of recommendations made by the Montana Secondary Education Supervisor for changes in standards of accreditation of Montana Schools, which pertained to requirements for graduation from high school. One of these was "To require one unit of Mathematics" instead of the present two units.

The Board of Trustees met at the Bozeman Ramada Inn May 3O-31, 1975. New trustees introduced were: Terrance Cypher, Glenda Tinsley, John Trangmoe, and Betty Wolcott.

Following the Treasurer's report the President presented a proposed budget. As director of the NSF Grant Raymond Shackleford was given a salary. Kenneth Monroe was retained as acting Treasurer for the administration of the NSF Grant for 1975-76 and his salary was set.

MCTM agreed to financially support OSPI fall workshops in mathematics. Title III funds will be used to print MAGIC materials.

Gary Bauer was appointed chairman to coordinate the membership activities for MCTM for 1975-76.

1975 - 1976

Trustees and Officers as of September 1, 1975 were:
President - Raymond Shackleford
President Elect - Dan Dolan
Secretary - Otis Thompson
Treasurer -
District Presidents:
Eastern - John Trangmoe
North Central - Glenda Tinsley
Northeastern - Ruth Putz Southwestern - Terrance Cypher
Western - Larry Kaber NCTM Representative: Rick Billstein
NSF Financial Officer: Kenneth Monroe
Publication Editor: Adrien Hess Other Trustees: Jack Bradford Bob Landis

The previous year Rick Billstein had received a $1000 Grant from Health . Education and Welfare to design a course for teaching the Metric System using multi-media methods. He received a second grant during the current year to develop a metric course for Montana residents who do not have access to University faculty.

The next MCTM Board of Trustees meeting was held in the Bozeman Ramada Inn September 12-13, 1975.

Funds were allocated to finance a future computer education committee meeting.

The Board decided to call the 1976 MCTM Annual Convention in Billings April 2-3, 1976 "The 1976 MCTM Dekameeting".

Dan Dolan, who had earlier been appointed chairman of a committee of math educators from Montana, Wyoming and Idaho to write a tri-state plan of metric implementation, reported that he had contacted Idaho and Wyoming concerning the meeting. Led by William Stannard and supported by MCTM representatives from Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming submitted a proposal to the Office of Education for a grant of $104,000 to train 295 portal leaders in Metric and Metric education. These leaders were then to return to their communities and serve as metric workshop leaders, speakers and resource personnel in the project. The proposal was submitted under the sponsorship of MCTM with Dan Dolan as project director. If the proposal is funded co-directors will be: Boyd Henry - College of Idaho; Mel Rexroat - Idaho State University; Gwen Kelley - University of Idaho; William Stannard - Eastern Montana College; Verlyn Stahlecker - Northern Montana College; Rick Billstein - University of Montana; Ted Reed - University of Utah; Joe Elich - Utah State University; Bob Kansky - University of Wyoming.

Alberta, Canada mathematics teachers invited Montana to join them to host an NCTM Regional or Name-of-Site Meeting.

Funds were allocated for training a select group of elementary teachers in the use of hand held calculators. November 14-15, 1975 a workshop was held in Bozeman for teachers who were to be involved in the Calculator Project. Teachers from Belgrade, Bozeman, Great Falls and Missoula attended. Dan Dolan and Johnny Lott were in charge. The next meeting was December 8, 1975. The calculators had been in the classroom for a period of three weeks. The calculators were used in two fourth grade classes, two fifth grade classes, five sixth grade classes and one special education class. All participating teachers reported a great increase in interest and motivation. In at least one case the machines had been used to provide students with problems of greater difficulty and with larger numbers than would ordinarily be done. When used with decimal numbers a greater understanding of decimals and place value and the reading and writing of decimal numbers resulted.

The MCTM Computer Committee consisting of James Burrington, Kenneth Meske, Vern McDermott, Dan Chandler, Lou Lucke, Bob Banaugh and William Brumley met in Bozeman November 14-15, 1975. It was recommended that MCTM support a proposal presented by James Smith to help bring low cost computer power to several schools along the hi-line.

Rick Billstein, Montana's NCTM representative prepared a resolution to be presented at the Twenty-Seventh Annual Delegates Assembly April 21-24, 1976 in in Atlanta, Georgia. "Be it resolved: That NCTM adopt a policy of compensating NCTM representatives for travel expenses within their particular region for the purpose of promoting Mathematics education and NCTM Membership."

The MCTM Dekameeting is scheduled in Billings April 2-3, 1976, Bob Landis as General Chairman and William Stannard as Program Chairman. The meetings were to be held in the Billings West High School.

1976 - 1977

Trustees and Officers for 1976-1977 were:
President - Dan Dolan
Vice President - Otis Thompson
Secretary - Glenda Tinsley
Treasurer - Bob Landis
Past President - Ray Shackleford
District Presidents:
Northeastern - Ruth Putz
Western - Lee Von Kuster
Southwestern - Terrance Cypher
North Central - Glenda Tinsley
Eastern - John Trangmoe
Jack Cohn
Donna Silverman
N.C.T.M. Representative - Rick Billstein
Publications Editor - Adrien Hess
Membership Coordinator - Ray Meyers
Financial Officer for Grants - Kenneth Monroe
State Mathematics/Science Supervisor - Larry Thomas

The Dekameeting was held in Billings. April 2-3. 1976. General chairman - Robert Landis and program chairman - William Stannard arranged an excellent conference, which was attended by 275 mathematics teachers. Over 50 speakers and presiders conducted 46 sectionals and workshops. Among the out-of-state speakers were Jim Gates - NCTM, Floyd Downs - San Mateo, California, Curtis Bring - Moorthead State College, and Robert Johnson - Northern Colorado University.

One hundred twenty-six persons attended the luncheon at the Ramada Inn. Jim Gates was the featured speaker. Five lucky persons won calculators donated by Hart Albin, Monroe, The Calculator Company, Peterson Office Supplies, Sound World, and La Belle's. The winners were: Terry Cypher, Dennis Ellingson, Joe Israel, Steve Shenik, and Don White. Jack Bradford won a music box donated by Pepsi-Cola. Carpenter Paper Company donated paper for the program and Colburn School Supply Company donated folders.

At the trustees meeting in Billings, April 2-3, President Shackleford called for a report by the Nominating Committee consisting of Glenda Tinsley - chairperson, Terry Cypher, and John Trangmoe. The chairman reported that there existed five vacancies on the Board of Trustees --one two-year term to replace Betty Wolcott (deceased) and four three-year terms to fill positions vacated by Ray Shackleford, Dan Dolan, Larry Kaber, and Jack Bradford. Nominated were: Ray Shackleford, Dan Dolan, Larry Kaber, Larry Moye, Jack Cohn, Quincy Godby, Donna Silverman, and Marian Dunnwebber. Lee Von Kuster was nominated from the floor. Adrien Hess was appointed election judge, Gary Bauer, membership coordinator, gave a report which showed that as of March 7, 1976 MCTM had 360 members. Bauer asked to be replaced as membership coordinator and Ray Meyers was appointed to succeed Bauer. By the end of the school year 1976-1977, the membership was above the 500 mark.

Under the direction of Jim Burrington, the Computer Committee had completed a year's work. A major thrust of the committee was the initiation of the High Line Computer Network centered at Northern Montana College under the direction of James Smith and William Brumley. The MCTM supported this with a grant of $674.

The committee sponsored a statewide study of the use of hand calculators in grades 3-6. Johnny Lott directed the study with the assistance of teachers in six school districts and a graduate assistant.

Douglas Ferkin and Dan Dolan reported that the Butte MAGIC materials packets had been arranged according to content area. The materials were reproduced by the State Office of Public Instruction and were available to teachers through MCTM.

President Shackleford announced that MCTM had submitted a request to NCTM to host a Name-of-Site meeting for 1977-1978 to be held in western Montana.

During the fall of 1976, The Kindergarten Math Booklet, developed by MCTM was printed and distributed by the State Department of Public Instruction. Plans for a statewide kindergarten conference were initiated by members of MCTM.

The MCTM-sponsored Math Teaching Center continued operating the Math Mobile during the 1976-1977 school year. During the two years of operation the trailer had traveled from Libby to Glendive and many points between. The Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics had received a $1000 renewal grant from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. MCTM did not make any further awards. A fee schedule was adopted to enable MCTM to maintain the Math Mobile.

In the first two years over 1500 teachers and students had visited the trailer and used the materials. For 1976'-1977 the mobile home began operation in the south central portion of the state and worked north. Otis Thompson was in charge of arrangements for obtaining the mobile home. The Math Mobile was described in an issue of the Metric Bulletin in Apri11976. It was also the subject of an article and picture in the February 1977 issue of The Mathematics Teacher. Because of this article the MCTM received congratulations and requests for additional information on the project from schools in Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts and Michigan.

The United States Office of Education awarded MCTM a $75,000 grant to further metric education in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. Under the direction of MCTM ten universities and four State Departments of Public Instruction were to work together to train 500 regional metric leaders in the four states area. These leaders were to train local teachers to better use the metric system in their classes as well as to present local informational workshops as requested.

William A. Stannard, Eastern Montana College, was nominated for the Board of Directors of NCTM. MCTM sent a mailing to all NCTM members in the western region supporting Stannard's nomination. In the spring of 1977 he was elected to a three-year term.

The Eleventh Annual MCTM Meeting was held in Bozeman, April 1-2, 1977. The meeting had originally been set for Helena, but was changed to Bozeman because of the possibility that the legislature would still be in session. Terry Messick was the general chairperson and Glenn Allinger was the program chairman. Despite the inclement weather 279 persons attended the meeting. Featured speakers were: Grayson Wheatley, Purdue University, Harold Jacobs, Los Angeles, and Pete Hansen, Cal State.

The Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics Metric Committee sponsored a contest in all Montana schools to help "Make Montana Metric." William Hall was chairperson of the Metric Committee. Over 100 entries were received from students in grades 1-9. Awards were given for posters, community awareness projects, or class projects, which helped Montana move to the metric system. Calculators and Celsius thermometers were given to individual winners and class metric kits were awarded to winning classes in each division.

Ray Shackleford was honored for his services as president of MCTM and as director of the NSF statewide inservice projects. Ruth Putz was honored for 43 years of outstanding service to the Montana's Mathematics students and teacher with a certificate and a corsage. She was an outgoing member of the Board of Trustees. Max Baucus, Montana Congressional Representative was the luncheon speaker.

Ruth Putz and John Trangmoe, Board members from the northeastern and the eastern districts organized three workshops in those areas. Approximately 100 teachers attended the workshops.

MCTM provided an excellent consumer service to schools in Montana by contracting with Omron Corporation to make quality calculators available for schools at a greatly reduced price. During the year, schools purchased 700 calculators. MCTM was awarded a Name-of-Site meeting by NCTM for March 1978 at Missoula. Rick Billstein and Jim Burrington were appointed general co-chairmen and Lee Von Kuster was appointed program chairman. The Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics completed its contribution to the NCTM Building Fund.

Four Newsletters were published during 1976-1977. The MCTM Council had decided in May, 1974 to publish "An Idea Newsletter for Elementary Teachers" called the Math Enthusiast. The first issue was published in October 1974. The materials for each issue were prepared by different members of MCTM - a procedure which has been continued ever since. Six issues were published during 1976-1977.

1977 - 1978

Trustees and Officers for 1977-1978:
President - Dan Dolan
Vice President - Otis Thompson
Secretary - Glenda Tinsley
Treasurer - Bob Landis
Past President - Ray Shackleford
John Trangmoe, Jack Cohn, Lee Von Kuster, Linda Berg, Marian Dunnwebber, Donna Silverman
State Mathematics Supervisor - Gary Hall
MCTM Representative - Rick Billstein
Publications Editor - Adrien Hess
Membership Coordinator - Ray Meyers
Financial Officer for Grants - Kenneth Monroe

The Board of Trustees gave considerable attention to changing the bylaws to assure that all geographical and educational levels would always be represented on the Board. It was decided to appoint a committee of three to compile the proposed changes to the bylaws, to circulate them to the Board members and to report at the next Board meeting. It has also been suggested that the president and president-elect be elected directly by the members rather than chosen by the Board of Trustees. President Dolan appointed Gary Ball, Lee Von Kuster and Marian Dunnwebber to the committee. Dan Dolan was appointed to the NCTM Commission on Education For Teachers for a three-year term. During 1979-1980 he was chairman and guided the Commission on Education of Teachers during the revision and publication of the MCTM Guidelines for preparation of teachers of mathematics.

Because of the late notification date by USOE, the training of metric leaders did not take place during the summer of 1977. William Stannard, Eastern Montana College, Rick Billstein, University of Montana, and Verlyn Stahlecker, Northern Montana College were busy during the spring recruiting teachers to serve as metric consultants. Metric leadership training programs at ten sites had a total enrollment of 540.

In September 1977 MCTM published the statement on "The Use of Calculators in Schools." The statement was adopted by the Board in May and was released to all schools and the press during the fall Office of Public Instruction workshop.

The highlight of the year was the Name-of-Site meeting in Missoula March 16-18, 1978. Over 1400 teachers registered for the conference. The conference had an interdisciplinary air with sections and workshops for grades K-12 on such topics as physics, astronomy, reading and science and their relationship to mathematics. Outstanding out-of-state speakers such as John Egsgard - NCTM president, Lola June May, Bob Wirtz, Don Kamp, Betty Beaumont, George Immerzeel, Fr. Stanley Bezuska, Vere De Vault, and Boyd Henry gave talks and workshops as well as talks and workshops given by over 100 other speakers. Rick Billstein and James Burrington were general co-chairmen, Lee Von Kuster was program chairman and Johnny Lott was publicity chairman.

At the Butte March Meeting the nominating committee with Otis Thompson, chairman, Donna Silverman and Ray Shackleford reported that 16 persons had been invited to run for the four positions vacated on the Board of Trustees. The following ten agreed to run: Dan Dillworth, Terrance Cypher, John Trangmoe, Terry Messick, Donna Nesset, Helen Gelardin, Quincy Godby, Pete Stabio, Glenda Tinsley, and Kyle Boyce.

Adrien Hess was appointed election judge and was directed to mail out ballots with the Math Enthusiast. In the election 108 ballots were cast out of over 500 sent out. Elected were: Glenda Tinsley, John Trangmoe, Terrance Cypher and Terry Messick.

Eight issues of the Math Enthusiast and three issues of the Newsletter were published 1977-1978. The MCTM Board met in Bozeman, April, 1978. At this time the Board adopted a "Position Paper on Competency Testing in Education." Dan Dolan and Gary Hall presented the MCTM position to the State Board of Education sponsored hearing in May.

1978 - 1979

Trustees and Officers for 1978- 1979:
President - Otis Thompson
Vice President - John Trangmoe
Past President - Dan Dolan
Secretary - Linda Berg
Treasurer - Bob Landis
Jack Cohn, Terrance Cypher, Marian Dunnwebber, Teri Messick, Ray Shackleford, Donna Silverman, Glenda Tinsley, Lee Von Kuster
State Math Supervisor - Gary Hall
NCTM Representative - Rick Billstein
Publications Editor - Johnny Lott
Publicity Chairman - Teri Messick
Membership Chairman - Donna Silverman

The trustees met at the Bozeman Senior High School May 19-20, 1978. The election of officers for the 1978-1979 year was conducted. Elected were:

Donna Silverman was appointed the membership chairman. The Board felt the need for more publicity of the work of MCTM. Teri Messick was appointed publicity chairman.

Dan Dolan reported that the United States Office of Education had awarded a Metric Grant of $91,500 to the Tri-State Metric Consortium of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. The objectives of the grant were (1) to advance the portal leader training, (2) to work with the extension agencies, (3) to work with special education through Eastern Montana College. Indirect funds for MCTM were to be in excess of $2000.

A Publications Committee to consist of four persons; two persons for a three-year term, one person for a two-year term, and a temporary chairman for a one-year term was organized. The committee was to publish a maximum of six Newsletters and three Enthusiasts per year. The committee was to develop other possibilities for small publications and monographs for sale; to mail out vitae and ballots; to obtain a mailing permit; to pursue a publication concerning program and curriculum evaluations; to set up editorial guidelines. Johnny Lott was appointed editor. Marian Dunnwebber was liaison person from the Board to the committee. Other members of the committee were Kyle Boyce, Margaret Grant and Sue Burrington. It was announced that Rick Billstein was named to the MCTM External Affairs Committee on Legislative Affairs to represent MCTM as a Government Relations Representative.

The Montana State Kindergarten Conference was held in Great Falls October 19-20, 1978 at the time of the MEA Convention. The MCTM Council underwrote this conference for $750.

The Board of Trustees met on October 20 in Great Falls. The MCTM Metric position paper was presented and approved. A Grants Committee of Dan Dolan, chairman, Gary Ball and Ray Shackleford were appointed to find out what is going on for grants -NSF and others -to set up guidelines, and to function as a clearing house for information on grants.

The Nomination Committee was appointed with William Stannard, chairman, Ruth Putz and Loren Johnson. Glenda Tinsley passed out copies of the Math Contest of the North Central Regional Mathematics meeting, which was to be held March 24, 1979 at the C.M. Russell High School, Great Falls. She also passed out copies of the Kindergarten Conference Schedule, which was in session in Great Falls. She said they were very appreciative of being sponsored by MCTM.

President Thompson informed the trustees that he had submitted an invitation to NCTM for the MCTM to host a Name-of-Site Meeting in Great Falls in the fall of 1980 or spring of 1981. Glenda Tinsley and Gary Bauer had agreed to serve as general chairmen and Adrien Hess had agreed to serve as program chairman. It was announced at the annual meeting in Havre that there was to be a Name-of-Site meeting in Great Falls in March 1982.

The Eleventh Annual MCTM Conference was held in Havre, March 30- 31, 1979. William Callas was general chairman and Verlyn Stahlecker was program chairman. The general session speaker was Rita Gronbach, Science Research Associates. Another out-of-state speaker was Jim Prekeges, Eastern Washington University. Other speakers were: James Ritey, Monte Brekke, Jane Thrash, Nina Willimuth, Diane Burrell, Lee Von Kuster, Larry Ellerbruch, Vern McDermott, Sandy Staudinger, Sheryl Stean and Christine Brumwell. The Board of Trustees held meetings on both days. Marian Dunnwebber gave the Nominating Committee report. Nominated were: Cynthia Bauman, Daryl Bertelsen, Larry Ellerbruch, Helen Hetrick, Ray Pelton, Robert Teeples, Diane Burrell, and Leo Wohler. Johnny Lott was appointed election judge and he was directed to send vitae and ballots with the next Newsletter. Donna Silverman gave a membership report. She reported 201 members as compared to 330 members as of May, 1978.

The committee on revision of the constitution chaired by Lee Von Kuster presented a number of changes, which were accepted by the MCTM membership. The following summarizes important changes. The number of trustees is to be changed to eight from nine. The term of office of each trustee shall be three years. Each of five regions in the state is to be always represented by at least one representative. The trustees shall also be chosen in such a way that each level elementary (K-6), Junior High (Middle School)(7-9), Secondary (10-12) and higher education (13 and up) shall be represented by no less than one trustee at all times. No member of MCTM may serve more than one elected term unless a time of five years has elapsed between terms. The following officers shall be chosen by the Board of Trustees from among the membership at the trustee's meeting following the annual election: secretary, treasurer, and an NCTM representative. The membership of the association shall elect from its members a president-elect who shall assume the office of president after one year. The term of office as president shall be for two years. The past president shall hold office for one year. A person cannot serve more than one term as president. An Election Committee of five persons, each from a different region and a different grade level shall be named by the president two years in advance of the election. The Election Committee shall propose two candidates for each vacancy. The revised bylaws were to go into effect with election in the spring of 1980.

A tentative date of October 18-19, 1979 was set for the state MCTM meeting. This date was chosen to avoid conflict with the annual meeting of NCTM, which was to be held in Seattle in April of 1980. At a later date Bozeman was selected as the site of the meeting.

MCTM mailed out information to counselors on what mathematics is needed by students for college.

Johnny Lott, editor of the Newsletter and the Enthusiast reported that attempts were made to combine the two publications whenever it was possible. Editorial guidelines had been discussed by the committee. It was voted that the president should keep a log of activities, or should see that such a log was kept.

A one-day math conference was held in Williston, North Dakota March 24, 1979. Approximately 175 educators from western North Dakota and eastern Montana participated in several sessions and workshops. William Stannard, NCTM director, was a featured speaker. Other Montana speakers included David Davison, Verlyn Stahlecker, Lee Donnelly and Donna Nesset. Publicity in Montana was handled by William Stannard and John Trangmoe.

MCTM drafted a position paper on "Statewide Minimal Competency Testing" which appeared in the April and November, 1978 Newsletters.

An MCTM Trustee's meeting was held Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19, 1979 at Bozeman High School, Bozeman, Montana.

The first item of business was the certification of the election in which 47 votes were cast. Elected were: Cynthia Bauman, Daryl Bertelsen, Robert Teeples, and Leo Wohler. The following officers were elected: John Trangmoe, president, Daryl Bertelsen, vice- president, Linda Berg, secretary, Bob Landis, treasurer, Terrance Cypher, NCTM representative, Cynthia Bauman was appointed membership chairman. Appointed president of Region 1 was Robert Teeples, Region 2 - Glenda Tinsley, Region 3 - Leo Wohler, Region 4 - Teri Messick, and Region 5 - Marian Dunnwebber. The Kindergarten Conference held in Great Falls in the fall of 1978, which MCTM had granted $750 returned approximately $372 to MCTM.

A report on the spring MCTM meeting held in Havre stated that in attendance were: 71 affiliated group members, 22 speakers and presiders, 11 students and 2 plato representatives. This made a total of some 106 persons in attendance. MCTM cleared about $256 on the conference.

1979 - 1980

Trustees and officers for 1979-1980:
President - John Trangmoe
Vice President - Dary1 Bertelsen
Secretary - Linda Berg
Treasurer - Robert Landis
Past President -Otis Thompson
District Presidents:
Region I - Robert Teeples
Region II - Glenda Tinsley
Region III - Leo Wohler
Region IV - Teri Messick
Region V - Marian Dunnwebber
Membership Chairman - Cynthia Bauman
NCTM Representative - Terrance Cypher
State Math Supervisor - Gary Hall (Bob Gibson)
Publication Editor - Johnny Lott
Nominations Chairman - Lee Von Kuster

The Board of Trustees met in Bozeman May 18-19, 1979. John Trangmoe advanced to the presidency and Otis Thompson became past president. It was decided to hold the annual MCTM meeting in Bozeman October 18-19, 1979 due to the Name-Of-Site meeting in Seattle in April of 1980. The main thrust of the conference was to meet the needs of secondary mathematics teachers. Ray Meyers was appointed general chairman and Marian Dunnwebber was appointed program chairman.

Kenneth Monroe reported on the federal grant monies for MCTM. He also announced his retirement. A certificate was presented to Kenneth for his services to MCTM.

The members of the Board divided into four groups for a discussion of four items.

1) Publications: Marian Dunnwebber reported that there were to be the following publications for the coming year:
August 15- Description of the OSPI workshops.
October 1- A program which was to include the fall meeting.
November - Monday before Thanksgiving with a description of the candidates for Board offices.
January 28 - To include a ballot.
March 17 - Ready for Teacher Center Meeting plus materials on mathematics for the counselors.
May - A Newsletter to include names of officers. A summer monograph on calculators for grades 4-8 to be published in the summer of 1979. Sue Burrington was put in charge. The monograph was to be for sale. Johnny Lott was reelected editor of the Enthusiast and the Newsletter.

2) Mini Computers: were to collect information about all of the systems used, list the schools which had them, give the pros and cons of the various systems and discuss a curriculum in which the computer would belong. William Stannard, Vern McDermott, Daryl Bertelsen and Ken Meske were appointed to the committee. A budget of $250 was set.

3) Math Teachers - Supply and Demand: A recommendation was made to conduct a survey of positions and certification of teachers in mathematics to determine if there was a shortage or an oversupply of mathematics teachers. The recommendation was tabled.

4) Math Curriculum Guide For Montana Schools: Gary Hall reported that there is a need to develop a general guide in the math curriculum in the schools in Montana. He said he would provide the necessary resources. He suggested a committee of three elementary teachers, three junior high teachers, three senior high teachers, one higher education member and one administrator. Preliminary work should have the material ready for screening at the October 18-19 meeting in Bozeman. Further revision would follow. Linda Berg and Leo Wohler were appointed as co-chairmen to assist Gary Hall. A budget of $1000 was requested.

Gary Hall reported on the math teacher needs assessment. He outlined in some detail the steps to be taken and things to be considered in carrying out such a study. Each Board member was requested to bring to the October meeting a need of a teacher and the outcome desired by that need.

Glenda Tinsley reported that about 500 students participated in the Math Regional Contest held in Great Falls in March. A future goal was to have five or six regional sites and then a state meet.

Gary Hall discussed a textbook and evaluation guide for textbook selection. Each member on the Board was asked to provide him with any information about evaluation of textbooks with which they were familiar.

Appointed to the nominating committee were: Region 1 - Helen Hedrick, Region 2 - Leah McCracken, Region 3 - Dan Dolan, Region 4 - Donna Silvermann, Region 5 - Lee Von Kuster.

A new status of membership was established for retired MCTM members. This membership was to be without charges and renewed yearly.

It was announced that the OSPI workshops to be held in the fall were to be in Wolf Point, Hamilton, Glendive, Columbus and Ronan. MCTM membership brochures were to be distributed at each of these meetings. The Enthusiast was to also be distributed at each meeting site. Cynthia Bauman prepared an information pamphlet on the MCTM.

On August 31,1979 Ray Meyer, general chairman for the October 16-19, 1979 annual MCTM which was to be held in Bozeman informed the directors of MCTM that the October 18-19 fall convention had been cancelled. The committee had been unable to confirm a complete list of speakers. The committee felt that the time to organize all of the details and to secure speakers was much too short.

A one day conference was held Saturday, November 3,1979 in Baker. The MCTM, in cooperation with the NCTM and the councils of Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota, conducted the conference. Don Dilworth was chairman. Speakers from Montana were: David Davison, Gladys Clark, Donna Nesset, William Stannard, Elaine Davis, Dan Dolan, Jim Williamson, and Bob Lewis. Other speakers were: Jim Prekeges, Marilyn Hale, Pauline Davies, Mike Smith, Jack Swan, William Lardy and William Massy.

A Political Action Committee was appointed to interview candidates for the Superintendent of Public Instruction position. Further responsibilities were to survey legislative candidates on various educational topics. Appointed to the committee were: Glenn A1linger, Ray Meyers. Ray Shackleford and Jan Wenderoth. The Political Action Committee was instructed to wait until after the primary election to send out a questionnaire.

The MCTM cooperated with the Teacher Center in Missoula when a math conference was conducted on March 1. The Board of Trustees met and finalized plans for the Annual MCTM Conference to be held in Billings October 16-17, 1980. Vern McDermott was appointed general chairman and Jim Williamson was appointed program chairman. Glenda Tinsley was appointed to the NCTM External Affairs Committee in 1980.

Lee Von Kuster reported for the Nominating Committee that Glenda Tinsley and Terrance Cypher had been nominated for president. Johnny Lott was instructed to send to all paid up members a letter with the vitae of the two candidates. Ballots were to be sent later.

The Computer Committee, headed by William Stannard, met in March and finalized a position paper on curricular recommendations for computers in Montana schools.

Johnny Lott informed the Board that he was retiring as editor of the Enthusiast and the Newsletter.

Adrien Hess was appointed historian for MCTM. His duties were to gather and keep a set of minutes and a set of Newsletters and Enthusiasts. At the end of each calendar year a brief summary is to be written for the year and published in the Newsletter.

About 50 MCTM members attended the Annual NCTM Meeting in Seattle April 16-19, 1980.

It was announced that Glenda Tins1ey had been elected president of MCTM.

It was decided to have the Spring Board Meeting May 2-3, 1980 in Bozeman.

1980 - 1981

Trustees and Officers 1980-1981:
President - Glenda Tinsley
Secretary - Teri Messick
Treasurer - Robert Teeples
Past-President - John Trangmoe
Cynthia Bauman, Daryl Bertelsen, Terrance Cypher, Johnny Lott, Teri Messick, Robert Teeples, Glenda Tinsley, John Trangmoe, Leon Roland
Editor - Glenn Allinger
Membership Chairman - Cynthia Bauman
NCTM Representative - Terrance Cypher
Math-Science Supervisor - Gary Hall
Historian - Adrien Hess
Leo Wohler

At the May 2-3,1980 Board meeting action was taken on a number of items. Glenn Allinger was appointed editor of the Enthusiast and the Newsletter to replace Johnny Lott. Glenn resigned from the Political Action Group and Dick Seitz was named to replace him. The Board approved a plan to sponsor and fund a statewide math contest. Barry Pollington was appointed director of the contest. Eleven sites across the state were invited to hold regional contests. Ten events at each the junior high school and high school were set up.

The MCTM Statewide Minimal Competency Testing position paper was republished in the October 1980 Newsletter since the Board of Public Education was considering again to study the question.

The 1980 Annual MCTM Conference was held in Billings October 16- 17. General chairman was Vern McDermott and program chairman was Jim Williamson. Despite the inclement weather, some 300 persons attended the conference. Shirley Hill, past president of NCTM, was the featured speaker. She made it to the conference despite bad weather and upset travel arrangements. Shirley Frye, who was a featured speaker, was not able to overcome all travel hazards and did not get to Billings. Other out-of-state speakers were from Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. These were: Lois Winegar, Jack Robertson, Calvin Long, Joe Stepans, Joe Elich, Jack Swan and Ron Dalla. There were at least 35 speakers from Montana.

At the Board Meeting held at the conference action was taken on a number of items. The dues year was changed to coincide with the school year. All paid-up members were declared valid until August 31, 1981.

The 1981 Fall MCTM Conference was announced for Helena for October 15-16. Ted Fleming was appointed general chairman and Tina Veroulis was appointed program chairman. Treasurer Bob Teeples reported that there were 194 MCTM members plus 24 students.

The Nominating Committee presented the candidates for the upcoming election of trustees. These were: president-elect - Richard Seitz and Jim Williamson. Trustees - William Ball, Ralph Lenhardt, Johnny Lott, Leah McCracken, Ryan Overbeck, Barry Pollington and Donna Tarantino.

William Stannard made a lengthy report in the December, 1980 Newsletter on "Recommendations Regarding Computer Science K-12." His committee consisted of: Sue Dolezol, Leah McCracken, Mike Myrhow, Barry Pollington, Dave Stabio and Mike Wood.

Gary Ball was given MCTM support to conduct a K-12 statewide needs assessment in mathematics education. Dan Dolan reported that MCTM continues to benefit from indirect funds related to federal grants.

One printing of the Math Enthusiast or the Newsletter was mailed to editors of NCTM affiliates in the United States. Adrien Hess was appointed election judge for the 1981 MCTM general election. Approximately $1,000 was appropriated by MCTM to help collect, publish and disseminate a State Mathematics Curriculum Guide through the office of Gary Ball.

Two annual awards were established, one to recognize a first or second year teacher and the second to recognize one experienced teacher in Montana. Nominations for 1980-81 were to be in by May 1, 1981.

By a special proclamation of the MCTM Board of Directors, Thursday, October 16 was named "Ken Monroe Day" and Friday, October 17 was named "Bill Stannard Day." Each received a plaque. Their years of experience and service to mathematics education were delineated in the December, 1980 Newsletter. Past conventions have accorded honor to Adrien Hess and Oliver Peterson. The MCTM Board approved the expenditure of $350 for President Glenda Tinsley to be an official delegate to the NCTM Delegates Assembly in St. Louis. An extra Board of Trustees Meeting was set up for November 21 and 22 in Helena for the purpose of developing an official position on the issues that were being confronted in the adoption by the Board of Education of revised accreditation standards.

A number of important decisions were made at a special meeting held in Helena, November 21-22. It was decided to establish a master file of all mathematics teachers in the state. It was to be started by Editor, Glenn Allinger with Gary Hall supplying the starting list.

The Board decided the MCTM would support and subsidize to the extent of $150 the development and dissemination of two or three computer newsletters for the ensuing year. Leo Wohler resigned as representative of Region III and Leon Roland was appointed to fill out the rest of his term. It was to be mailed to all MCTM members and computer users supplied by William Stannard and Leon Roland. It was decided to carefully monitor the actions of the Board of Education with MCTM paying the expenses of a representative at each meeting of the Board of Education if the president decides the agenda warrants such representation.

The chairman of the Grants Committee, Dan Dolan, was instructed to write a proposal with the help of William Stannard, Daryl Bertelsen and other members of the committee for an information dissemination grant for computers to include some money for retraining computer portal leaders.

Johnny Lott, Rick Billstein, Glenn Allinger, and Teri Messick were appointed to a committee to develop criteria for judging, naming the award, getting out publicity, selecting and presenting the awards approved at the October meeting for outstanding teachers.

Ted Fleming, general chairman, and Tina Veroulis, program chairman, reported that plans were being made to conduct the 1981 Annual Meeting October 15-16 in cooperation with the MEA Meeting at the same site. They were able to get the Helena School Board to rescind their proposed fee for use of facilities by MCTM and MEA. Daryl Bertelsen, president for Region 4, was instrumental in these negotiations. He will serve with Ted Fleming as co-chairman. It was decided to contact and cooperate with other curriculum groups to protect MEA days, which were being considered for elimination by the legislature.

Programs for the gifted and talented were to be endorsed by MCTM.

A document was developed specifically addressing the position of MCTM on proposed changes in the accreditation standards that would affect mathematics education. Lee Wohler resigned as trustee and Leon Roland was appointed to complete his term. MCTM membership increased from 145 in May to 268 at the end of the year.

The Grants Committee applied for two grants. The first one was not approved due to change in the eligibility rules. The second one - a computer grant - seemed favorable for approval.

The first year of the Math Contest had approximately 2,100 participants. The MCTM trustees carried on negotiations to achieve some favorable conditions with NCTM and the Great Falls School District which will allow Great Falls teachers to have a PIR Day March 10, 1983 and the registrants to have a reasonable registration fee.

President Tinsley appointed Larry Newell and Ruth Putz to the Archive committee to assist the historian in his work. The Meetings Committee of NCTM notified MCTM President Tinsley that Montana had been awarded a Name-of-Site in Great Falls, March 17-19, 1983. Gary Bauer was named general chairman and William Stannard was named program chairman. Because of a conflict with a state basketball tournament being held in Great Falls at that time, the dates were changed to March 10-12,1983.

The spring meeting of the Board of Trustees was held in Helena at the Office of Public Instruction May 15-16. The new Board members were introduced. These were: Jim Williamson - President-elect , Barry Pollington, Johnny Lott, William Ball, Leah McCracken. Cynthia Bauman - membership chairman, reported a membership of 268. Gary Hall reported that OPI will now have a mathematics consultant and a science consultant.

1981 - 1982

President - Glenda Tinsley
Pres Elect - James Williamson
Secretary - Barry Pollington
Treasurer - Robert Teeples
Enthusiast Editor - Eldon Whitesitt
Directors: Daryl Bertelsen, William D. Hall, Johnny Lott, Leon Roland, Leah McCracken, Cynthia Baumann
Membership - Cynthia Baumann
Dues $8
Math Contest - Barry Pollington

Held Oct 15-16 at Helena

March 18: multidisciplinary meeting with NDCTM in Glendive April 2: computer conference held in cooperation with OPI in Billings

Second annual Math Contest at 10 sites during April. Approx 3000 student participated.
Five year history was completed by Adrien Hess (1975-81)

1982 - 1983

President - James Williamson
Past Pres - Glenda Tinsley
Secretary - Barry Pollington
Treasurer - Keith Thompson
Enthusiast Editor - Glenn Allinger
Directors: Don Dilworth, William D. Hall, Helen Hetrick, Johnny Lott, Leah McCracken, Dick Seitz
Dues $8
Math Contest - Barry Pollington

Held in Billings and Missoula, Oct 21-22

NCTM Name of Site Mar 10-12 in Great Falls

Completed second year of a two year NSF Micro-computer Information Dissemination Grant. 15 Regional computer consultants conducted 14 dissemination workshops throughout the state. Second year conducted follow-up workshops.
Third annual Math Contest at 10 sites during April.
Negotiated a purchase agreement with Apple Computers under which MCTM members could purchase Apple products at 25% discount.

1983 - 1984

President James Williamson
Pres Elect - Glenn Allinger
Secretary - Barry Pollington
Treasurer - Keith Thompson
Enthusiast - Jean Abel
Directors: Don Dilworth, Helen Hetrick, Johnny Lott, Leah McCracken, Donna Nesset, Dan Dolan (ex-officio)
Membership - (Dick Seitz) Oct - 282
Dues $8 (1 year) - $2 (student)
Math Contest - Barry Pollington

Held at Lakeside (a church camp) on Oct 20-21. "Math in the Woods" with emphasis on lab/outdoor activities and applications



Committee on Teacher Education produced a position paper on pre-service teacher
Preparation, undergraduate student clinical experiences, and education of experienced teachers. Distributed to math and education colleges, Board of Public Ed., and other curriculum organizations.
Submitted EMME (Excellence for Montana Mathematics Education) grant to NSF for $760,000. Inservice training for K-8 teachers.
Established the Joan Dolan Memorial Scholarship with donations from members.
Fourth annual Math Contest, grades 7-12. $600 Joan Dolan Memorial Scholarship to top senior.
Continued purchase agreement with Apple. 30% discount to MCTM members. Sold diskettes at bulk rate as service to members.
Elected 2 teachers of the year, one from K-8and one from 9-University.

1984 - 1985

President Glenn Allinger
Past Pres - James Williamson
Secretary - Donna Nesset
Treasurer - Keith Thompson
Directors: Don Dilworth, Helen Hetrick, Dick Seitz, David Davison, Larry Kaber, Donna Shepherd, Dan Dolan ( ex-officio )
Membership - Dick Seitz Oct - 400, May - 650
Dues $8
Math Contest - Barry Pollington

Held at Billings, Oct 18-19 in conjunction with MCCE (Montana Council of Computers in Education) and MAST (Montana Association of Science Teachers)

Border Conference at Glasgow, Feb 23.

Submitted IMPACT (Integrating Mathematics Programs and Computer Technology) grant for $423,092 to NSF. Provides inservice leadership training for 7-12 teachers.
Received approval of EMME grant ($660,000). Three year project.
Position papers on Integrating Technology in the Math Curriculum and one on Handheld Calculators in the Curriculum.
Joined forces with Wyoming Council of Teachers of Math to produce 5 Enthusiasts. Began a Math Disk swap for public domain software.
Began a Writing Contest for grade K-12 in conjunction with Math Education week. Larry Kaber in charge.
Math Contest had about 3000 participants.
Awarded outstanding teachers of the year in K-8 and 9-University.
Co-sponsored MATHCOUNTS in the state.
Revised position paper on Calculators in the Classroom originally issued in 1978.

1985 - 1986

President - Glenn Allinger
Pres Elect - Dick Seitz
Secretary - Donna Nesset
Treasurer - Keith Thompson
Newsletter/Enthusiast - Jean Abel
Directors: David Davison, Kimberley Girard, Lance Johnson, Larry Kaber, Donna Shepherd, Pam Smith, Dan Dolan (ex-officio)
Membership - Jean Howard Oct - 450; Jan - 534; May - 595
Dues $8
Math Contest - Barry Pollington
Writing Contest - Larry Kaber

Held in Missoula, Oct 17-18.

MEIM conferences in Billings (Evan Maletsky), Helena (Jerry Johnson), Bozeman (Frank K. Lester, Jr), Great Falls (John Dossey)

EMME program began summer 1986 and ran for 3 years.
First TOTOM (Teachers of Teachers of Mathematics) conference was held. Out of this came the MEIM (Mathematics Education lnservice for Montana).
Lance Johnson and Dan Dolan edited materials from the Columbus Project. MCTM published them under the title Columbus Returns.
A new logo for the organization was to be developed. Continued Apple Purchase agreement.

1986 - 1987

President - Dick Seitz
Past Pres - Glenn Allinger
Secretary - Donna Shepherd
Treasurer - David Davison
Directors: Dan Dolan (ex-officio), Kimberley Girard, Lance Johnson, Larry Kaber, Sue Mueller, Wendy Lindvig, Bente Winston
Membership - Jean Howard Feb - 785, May - 845
Dues $12 (1 year), $20 (2 years), $6(Student), $500 (life)
Math Contest - Kimberley Girard
Writing Contest - Larry Kaber
Held in Bozeman, Oct 16-17 as a joint conference with MEA. Special awards presented to Adrien Hess, Ken Meske, and Barry Pollington.


Second TOTOM conference.
Held Montana Mathematics Curriculum Development Conference, the day before the fall conference.
IMPACT program began summer 1987.
Last year of the Apple purchase agreement. Continued sale of math disks - up to six.
Math Contest has 11 sites and 4811 participants. Began giving two scholarships--one to top senior girl; one to top senior boy. Math Writing contest continues.
Worked on wording in minutes to break ties in election of directors and as to when election balloting would be done. Also, treasurer, secretary, and NCTM rep would not have to be elected members of the board. Changed the fiscal year to run June 1 to May 31.
Adopted multiple year membership (could join for 2 years at a time). Split Teacher of the Year Awards to three categories: K-6, 7-8,9-12. Worked at selling Columbus Returns monograph. New logo for MCTM adopted.
Had a meeting of the past presidents of MCTM

1987 - 1988

President - Dick Seitz
Pres Elect - Larry Kaber
Secretary - Wendy Lindvig
Treasurer - David Davison
Newsletter - Dan Dolan
Enthusiast - Dave Thomas
Directors: Lyle Anderson, Kimberley Girard, Sue Mueller, Lance Johnson, Bente Winston, Dan Dolan (ex-officio), Linda Meier, Shahid Ahmed, Jean Howard
Membership - Jean Howard Sept - 909; Jan - 590
Dues $12 (1 year), $20 (2 years)
Math Contest - Kimberley Girard
Writing Contest - Larry Kaber

Held in Billings, Oct 15-16, as a joint conference with MEA

NSF funded Challenge of the Unknown conference

Third TOTOM conference.
Modems purchased for board members who didn't have them. MCTM used bulletin board (Goliath) through OPI to stay in touch.
Teacher of the Year awards went back to K-8 and 9-College. The winner each year gets $100 worth of NCTM materials (winners choice).
Math Contest second scholarship named for Adrien Hess, who turned 80 in January. Math Contest continued, over 5800 participants. Additional changes to By-Laws. mostly just wording. Term of membership runs from Sept 1 to Aug 31.
Dale Seymour purchases Columbus Returns.

1988 - 1989

President - Larry Kaber
Past Pres - Dick Seitz
Secretary - Wendy Lindvig
Treasurer - Bente Winston
Enthusiast - Dave Thomas
Directors: David Davison, Linda Meier, Dan Dolan (ex-officio), Jan Howard, Shahid Ahmed, Sue Dolezal, Lyle Andersen, Ruth Brocklebank, Sue Mueller
Membership - Jean Howard Oct - 680; Jan - 563
Dues $12 (1 year), $20 (2 years) Math Contest - Kimberley Girard
Writing Contest - Ruth Brocklebank

Held small conference in Helena, Oct 20-21, in conjunction with MEA.

NCTM Regional in Helena, March 2-4. In spite of snow storm the attendance was good.

Math Writing Contest continues with Ruth Brocklebank in charge. Exxon Grant, Integrated Math Project.
Math Contest has 11 sites.
TOTOM met in Sept.
Reorganized MCTM publications. Established Montana Mathematics as the newsletter .
Hired 10 members to put together IMP ACT graphing materials. Result was IMPACT's Windows on Graphing.

1989 - 1990

President - Larry Kaber
Pres Elect - Gary Bauer
Secretary - Darlene Baugh
Treasurer - Bente Winston
Directors: Dan Dolan ( ex-officio ), Bruce Peterson, Karen Longhart, Jean Howard, Ruth Brocklebank, Sue Dolezal, Lyle Andersen, Linda Meier
Membership - Jean Howard
Dues - $12 (1 year); $20 (2 years)
Math Contest - Kimberley Girard
Writing Contest - Bruce Peterson
Montana Mathematics newsletter - Ruth Brocklebank
The Montana Mathematics Teacher (TMMT) - Sue Dolezal
Calculator Sales - Darlene Baugh

Held in Great Falls in conjunction with MEA.

Writing Conference held in June in Missoula. This was for K-12 with intent of providing articles for the journal.

Math Contest had 7000 participants.
Writing Contest continues with Bruce Peterson in charge.
Karen Longhart appointed to the Board to replace Shahid Ahmed who moved to Washington.
Plans began for an annual Leadership Conference.
Applied for NCTM Regional Meeting in Billings. Dean Preble and Darlene Baugh, general chairs; Ruth Brocklebank and Mary Ann Miller, program chairs.
IMPACT Writing Project completed and publishers pursued.
EXXON Grant and MSEB Grant (Leading Mathematics Education into the 21st Century) Professional Concerns and Guidelines presented to Board. Head to begin filing with the IRS.
Montana Math Coalition established. 90 people attend initial meeting.

1990 - 1991

President - Gary Bauer
Past Pres- Larry Kaber
Secretary - Darlene Baugh
Treasurer - Bente Winston
Montana Mathematics - Ruth Brocklebank
The Montana Mathematics Teacher Journal) - Sue Dolezal
Directors: Mary Buck, Maurice Burke, Sue Dolezal, Jean Howard, Lynda Kay Johnson, Bruce Peterson, Bente Winston
Membership - Jean Howard/Lynda Kay Johnson Sept - 485; Jan - 400; June - 534
Dues - $12 (1 year), $20 (2 years)
Math Contest - Kimberley Girard
Writing Contest - Bruce Peterson

Held in Bozeman in conjunction with MEA. Lee Von Kuster retires and is honored at the conference. Sol Garfunkel of COMAP led an MEIM conference on For All Practical Purposes following the conference.

Writing Conference in Missoula produced articles for a journal on probability and statistics.

Re-certification credits allowed for fall conference.
Successful campaign to get Dan Dolan elected to Board of Directors for NCTM. Windows on Graphing sold to Sunburst for $20,000.
NSF grant, Systemic Initiatives for Montana Mathematics awarded.
Graphing calculator sales continued as service to members.
Produced Mathematics Matters in Montana, booklet of Responsibilities of Montanans in developing our students' math literacy to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Dan Dolan spends 6 months at MSEB in Washington, DC and decides not to return to Montana. Jim Williamson fills in for him for 6 months but then Math Specialist position is left vacant for 1 year.
Lynda Kay Johnson takes over as membership chair in January.

1991 - 1992

President - Gary Bauer
Pres Elect - Kimberley Girard
Secretary - Darlene Baugh
Treasurer - Dick Seitz
Montana Mathematics - Kalispell crew
The Montana Mathematics Teacher Journal) - Sue Dolezal, Lee Brown and Terri Dahl
Directors: Lee Brown, Mary Buck, Maurice Burke, Sue Harding, Lynda Kay Johnson, Karen Longhart, Bruce Peterson
Membership - Lynda Kay Johnson Sept - 549; Jan - 536
Dues - $12 (1 year), $20 (2 years)
Math Contest - Sherry Horyna
Writing Contest - Bruce Peterson
Calculator Sales - Karen Longhart

Held in conjunction with MEA in Billings. A reception held to honor Dan Dolan.

First Leadership Conference, Bozeman, January 1992. Organized by Dick Seitz and Earlene Hemmer. Speaker Ruth Parker on Assessment
Grant Writing Conference held to produce an outline of a teacher enhancement proposal. TOTOM held in Helena.

Revamping of TMMT journal production.
Developed a royalties distribution for any future monies earned from SIMM materials.
Campaigned successfully to have Earlene Hemmer elected to the NCTM Board.
MCTM worked to secure a math Specialist at OPI. Established a Native American Scholarship.
Helped fund a committee established by the Board of Public Ed to review applications for grandfather endorsements in Computer Science.

1992 - 1993

President - Kimberley Girard
Past Pres - Gary Bauer
Secretary - Karen Longhart
Treasurer - Dean Preble
Directors: Mary Buck, Maurice Burke, Lynda Kay Johnson, Lee Brown, Sue Harding, Roger Patterson, Diana Oldham (OPI ex-officio)
Membership - (Lynda Kay Johnson)
Math Contest - Sherry Horyna
Calculator Sales - Karen Longhart
Montana Mathematics - Kalispell crew (Karen Longhart)
The Montana Mathematics Teacher (journal) - Maureen Jones, Cliff Bara and Dixie Metheny

Held in Helena in conjunction with MEA.

TOTOM held in Fairmont.
Leadership Conference held in January in Bozeman. Organized by Earlene Hemmer and Gary Bauer. Speaker Shirley Frye on NCTM's Professional Teaching Standards.

Established a teacher scholarship for members to attend professional meetings.
Eleventh annual Math Contest with over 7500 participants.
Adult Basic Education students participate in the Writing/poster Contest for the first time.
Began work on a Procedures and Policy Manual for MCTM.
Tony Riehl appointed to represent Region 4 to fill out Dean Preble's term (Dean moved to Bozeman).
SIMM became SIMMS, the final S standing for Science.

1993 - 1994

President - Kimberley Girard
Pres Elect - Mary Buck
Secretary - Karen Longhart
Treasurer - Dean Preble
Directors: Lee Brown, Sue Barding, Karen Longhart, Roger Patterson, Tony Riehl, Kathje Dalton, Mike Pierre, Jim Trudnowski, Diana Oldham (ex-officio, OPI)
Membership - Lynda Kay Johnson
Math Contest - Sherry Horyna
Writing Contest - Deb Wickum
Calculator Sales - Karen Longhart
Montana Mathematics - Kalispell crew
The Montana Mathematics Teacher Journal) Maureen Jones, Cliff Bara andDixie Metheny

NCTM Regional in Billings. Dean Preble and Darlene Baugh, general chairs; Ruth Brocklebank and MaryAnn Miller, program chairs. Ken Tiahrt retires and is honored by MCTM.

TOTOM held in Polson.
Primary Conference for K-3 teachers sponsored jointly by OPI and MCTM. Held in 3 locations: Missoula, Bozeman and Billings. Speaker Dr. Larry Lowrey.
Leadership held in Helena in February. Organized by Gary Bauer and Cynthia Baumann. Speaker Evan Maletsky on Visualization.

SIMMS indirect funds reduced.
Helped revise the Montana Teacher Education Standards. MCTM Policy Manual adopted.
A committee led by Jim Trudnowski developed an MCTM Position Paper on Using Symbolic Manipulators.
MSEB sponsored a nationwide video conference. MCTM members participated in Billings, Bozeman, and Missoula.
Sought commercial publisher for SIMMS materials. Rejected proposals available at the time and decided to continue publishing ourselves.